I am so excited to announce that we have  re-launched globalpsychics as a simpler, more focused and much stronger website.  It is a much smaller site – the old content has been moved under lovepsychics for now – but our intention is to move a lot of the old material to a third Global Psychics site which will be opened in the next month or two.  And we will continue to add articles and blog posting to the new globalpsychics.com, so check back often, there will always be something new!

Note: due to a technical glitch, we are unable to access content under lovepsychics.com. the team at PlanetCast are working on the problem, but it is complex… as soon as the site is functional, I will let you know.  In the meantime, if there are particular articles or sections that you are missing, let me know and I will do what I can to recover them for you. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Access to lovepsychics.com is now restored!)

So much has changed with the new site… with the re-launch, we are so very pleased  to announce that Global Psychics has also implemented a terrific new telephone and online chat service through Click4Advisor. You can see our list of phone readers here and online chat readers here. To celebrate the implementation of these 2 new services, when you sign up to become a Click4Advisor User (which is required in order to purchase phone and chat readings with us), you will automatically receive 5 free minutes to put towards your first telephone or chat reading! Both chat and telephone systems are excellent in that no private information (including payment/billing) is shared. If the reader of your choice doesn’t happen to be currently available you can submit a “Callback” or “Chatback” request directly to them.

With all of these changes, I have designated Lisa Caza our Senior Psychic and Customer Service Manager.

Lisa has been a member of the Global Psychics team for more than a decade, has often functioned as my “second”. … and she is well known for being warm and loving with our clients. In addition to responding to any client questions or concerns about our phone and chat services, Lisa is responsible for hiring and managing the Global Psychics team.  I am sure you all join me in wishing Lisa great success n her new role. And, to my great delight, Lisa is also taking on a role in managing and updating our web site.

Of course, we are adding new readers to our service.. for now we want to introduce you to four amazing psychics who  have joined the Global Psychics family to help us launch our new services.. We are so very proud to introduce to you Joanna, FrancineJaneah, and Kristi.

Joanna, only available for readings via our new telephone service, has well over 20 years experience as a Professional Psychic Reader. She is a 5 star reader with an astoundingly high call back volume and an equally astounding accuracy. She is a natural Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, and has never used any form of divination tools throughout all of her professional years. She specializes in love and relationship readings. See full bio.

Francine, available for not only online chat readings but also telephone and email readings, is an amazing medium and tarot reader. Francine also offers a specialized reading based on the Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle and has a profound knowledge base/wisdom that is channeled by the Ancestors of differing cultures around the world. See full bio.


Kristi, who is available for online chat, telephone and email readings, is an angel reader, tarot reader and psychic medium who also loves the opportunity to connect souls with their spirit guides and pass along messages that may come from loved ones from the other side. See full bio.


Janeah, who is available for online chat, telephone and email readings, is a visionary psychic, tarot reader, intuitive counselor, psychic medium and dream interpreter who has well over 40 years of professional psychic reading experience. She also has the unique gift of seeing and painting people’s auras. See full bio.

So many great changes here at Global Psychics, drop in, check us out… take advantage of the 5 minutes free promotion, and  help us welcome our three new family members to the community.  This is just the beginning…. Help us keep it going, Get a Reading today!

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