Most kids feel misunderstood, no matter the generation. But for 20-30 years or more, there has been an even greater gap between the youngsters coming into the world and the generations ahead of them. Not just because the world is moving and changing faster than ever before, thanks especially to the world of technology, but more significantly because there is something peculiar, something very different – and easily misunderstood – about today’s young people.

Many different labels have neen attached to this new breed arriving amongst us now: “indigo”, “crystal, “rainbow”. I have called them the children  of the light, others simply call them “the new children”.  I believe that many of today’s children are born with a subtle difference in their DNA that enable them to access the deeper/higher creative and healing powers that lie dormant within each of us.

However, because these kids are often extraordinarily sensitive, they are also often hyperactive, prone to a variety of allergies and other physical weaknesses – and because they are different – to the extent of being spooky – they are often misdiagnosed, mislabeled, and misdirected.  Fortunately, most of them also come in with powerful guides at their sides who will help to protect them and keep them moving forward.  David’s story, following, is heartbreakingly typical of what these brilliant young people are coping with – and how they are able to press forward, regardless….

 My mother recently I was told by that she suspects me to be an “Indigo Child,” I’d have to say I’m not a child anymore, I’m 20 years old and thus far have accomplished more than most anybody my age. From birth I always knew I was different, I never had many friends, not that I didn’t care for anyone it was because of my very abusive father. I sort of strayed away and did my own thing because I have felt that I’ve never needed anyone. School was always a challenge for me. I could never focus and even today it’s hard to focus on certain tasks but I always managed to be an A student- a toast to whatever that adds up to. I don’t think a grade should identify a person’s level of knowledge. Ever since i got my first CD and saw my first concert i always knew I wanted to be a famous singer/musician and now I am currently in the band “dreadnought” and plan to take this band and its music to the highest level. I want people to read and hear my lyrics and apply them into their own lives and inspire them in whatever way I can. I love to write poetry and art, the beauty of such things makes me yearn for more though sometimes my depression factors in and I get sick with indecision and unbalanced thoughts within. You can ask anyone associated with me, I’m one of the most motivated and determined person but I get truly enraged when i feel my work isn’t progressing me any farther. Medically I have been diagnosed with many different things and as of one year ago I completely dropped any medication. My diagnoses are, bipolar, add, adhd, severe depression w/suicidal tendencies and severe anxiety. I say forget all that but my mind does race and when i feel at a loss I become depressed like a deflating balloon would. When it comes to feelings I have always, since I was a kid, been very in tune with myself and even others close to me. I want to say I feel everything which would be my explanation for why my body and mind feel turmoil sometimes. There have been many incidents where I’ve encountered some sort of psychic ability. A few months back my drummer and long time good friend up and left the band and me and moved to Missouri to live with his mother. He said he was finding himself and God.  I then told my other friend that I fear something is going to happen in his family, something very dramatic and ending. A couple weeks later i was told his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Either way, I’m not trying to brag but I do know that there is something special inside of me, be it classified as “indigo” or whatever. It’s nice to read on the idea and finally bring a little explanation to the heaven and hell battle I deal with daily yet am doing my best to control in hope of accomplishing my goals as a well known singer/musician and writer and to succeed greatly in this life from my birth into poverty and abuse.  To prove that greatness can come from nothing. David L.

We have lots of information throughout our web site about Indigos, but one of the most important things for you to understand is that you don’t want to label yourself… Labels are limiting. Know what you know, and trust that you are indeed special, and that your guides will take you where you need to be to do what you came here to do.. you might want to check out PMH Atwater’s works on the Indigo children … Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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