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Many of you will remember Laura Simpson, the Animal Communicator who worked with Global Psychics for so many years. I am happy to tell you that she is with the angels now, but sad that we will miss her bright and loving spirit here on earth. Laura passed in Nov of 2014 of a heart attack after a long battle with both her mental and physical health.

Laura was funny and fey, and very special… I will never forget our ten days at the Royal Winter Fair together, the perfect partner for such a marathon of work…We had a very special connection that was obvious when we worked together on a case.. I learned so much about animals and communicating with them through her and will always be grateful for her friendship and love.She is an old soul who chose a hard path this time round… I know you will all join me in withing her peace, love and laughter. I am sure that in her way she contnues to shine her bright light on all of nature.

In her memory…. This is what Laura would want you all to know at this time of year:

Summer Comfort for You and Your Pets

Laura Simpson gives some simple, common sense advice to make this a great summer for everyone in your household!

Laura’s Advice for a Stress-Free Summer with Your Pet

With summer here it’s time to make sure that your pet can handle the stress and heat. You must provide fresh cool water to your outdoor pets twice a day. Remember that bugs are drawn to the water as well as birds and other animals wandering in your neighborhood, so take some time to wash out that water dish, often!

Make sure your pets have shed their winter coats. Brush those critters out! It’s hard enough to stay cool in the summer. It’s a huge handicap to have your winter coat all matted up as well. That will allow you to meet and interact with his fleas, check for skin infections, pull off tics and burrs. Now doesn’t that feel better?

For the Complete Article and access to many more by Laura, click here.

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