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In Love, or Looking for Love?

February is heart month, a time to focus on matters of the heart. Love is perhaps one of the most significant forces in our lives…it deserves a month of attention… a loving romantic partner isn't necessarily easy to find or to keep.

As a psychic, I have counselled many individuals and couples over the years… what has surprised me is how often the same issues and solutions come up in a love or relationship reading. It seems appropriate to share some of what I have learned at this time. Whether you are looking for love, or have found it, these ideas will help you:

  1. Focus on what works, what is loving and uplifting in your life, avoid negative or pessimistic thinking… smile a lot, stay upbeat, open.
  2. Be flexible, adaptable, willing to change plans… and to let go if you see the relationship isn't working.
  3. Be attentive to the communication. Be a good listener, listen more than you talk… but don't be afraid to ask questions, and to ask the hard questions before you move in with each other. Clear up any assumptions..
  4. Take your time, give each other the time and space to be friends and to process any fears that may interfere. A relationship that is intense almost from the beginning will usually burn out before it has a chance to grow strong roots.
  5. Stay present, “in the now”, don’t be thinking of what next, nor of what came before… relax, smile, allow yourself to float for a bit, to allow the energy and the relationship to move along as it will… be a little detached so that you can see your love truly – and whether this relationship is worth your emotional investment…. when love is free to evolve naturally, at its own pace, it has a chance to grow and to last.
  6. Trust your intuition… I can’t tell you how often I have commented in a reading that “you knew this was coming, you felt something was off months ago, but you over-rode your inner knowing.” Maybe because we’re afraid we’ll never find someone better, maybe it’s because we don’t love ourselves enough, maybe because we think the other person will change with our loving support… whatever the reason, we often will ignore the amber flags, the signals that tell us whether a relationship is right for us or not…

Whether you're in love, or looking for love, these ideas will help you to attract and build on a solid working relationship… Love takes a little work, a lot of listening, and even more patience… But the effort is definitely worth it.

Loving raises one’s vibrational frequency – and as you raise your frequency, those around you will be naturally inclined to raise theirs. Thus, through the simple act of loving, you effectively change the world… Love is real Power – use it well – and often!

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