by Cate Cavanagh

Everyone is feeling the “crunch” these days. People are finding it harder and harder to keep a budget especially if someone in the household is suddenly unemployed! So, it is not surprising that we here at Global Psychics get mail asking for help in bringing in some money to help make ends meet.

In a recent newsletter I discussed (and with Danielle on her radio program) how making a totem can bring in desired outcomes. That is one one way in one spiritual discipline. As an eclectic Witch I have studied multiple modalities in spirituality and have found some interesting things along the way. A questioner asked about prosperity and I suggested she put a parsley plant in a window. For some reason, and this is of the Spanish culture, this does bring in income via work, even if it is only part time. I gave this advice to a friend whose husband had a hard time getting work. She did this and within two weeks he got a job. Since they live is a depressed rural area this job was not long lasting but, within a couple of weeks he found another job. This continued to happen for a couple of years but he was never out of work for very long! Place the plant in a window and say “San Pancracio help me.”

This same questioner asked about golden horseshoes. Also of the Spanish spiritual and African spiritual paths the golden horseshoe (often not real) can be found in Spanish and Voudun spiritual stores. You get holy water or regular tap water and bless it in your tradition then take the horseshoe and sprinkle it around the house for luck. You can also get a real horseshoe (go to a barn) and paint it gold and do the same thing.

These stores also carry Roses of Jericho. It looks like a small dried up, thick tumble weed. You immerse it in water with coins until it “blossoms.”  Take the water and mix into a bucket with clean tap water and use a new mop and wash down your floors, even the rugs by wringing it tightly.

We cannot overlook the moon phases and it’s impact on prosperity. On the new moon, for three days, you can ask for what you need to come in. Write your wish on a piece of paper and put it in a dish with silver coins and place under the new moon for three days. Then burn the paper. Take a tea light candle. Remove the candle from the tin. In it place a touch of honey (taste it first as a courtesy). Put the coins in the tin and put the candle in then light it. Do this for at least once a week until the full moon and use the same coins. To empower this a bit more, from left to right, encircle the candle with ground cinnamon, basil and rosemary. This creates a cone of energy so as the candle burns it is more focused.  You can do this with a seven day green candle that can be removed from the glass as well. Using this type of candle will enable you to keep the work going until the next full moon.

On the first day after the full moon and for three days after, as the moon begins to disappear, you want to banish problems. So, instead of asking for money help you will ask for money problems to go away instead. You may do the same candle ritual as with the new moon ritual if you wish until the next new moon.

At all times, envision with as much clarity as you can what you ask for coming in. Always ask for what you need. Once you begin to get what you need you will see that little abundances and blessings begin to add up.

The story of horseshoes is one I have always enjoyed. Here it how it goes among Irish Catholics:

St. Aloysius was a famous and pious blacksmith. One day the devil came to him for shoes for his hooves. The pious man said sure, I will give you shoes but when he did he put them on backwards causing the devil to limp away in anguish! Some people put a horseshoe open end down and others open end down. Open end up catches evil while the open end down allows good luck to pour down on you.

Shamans of all cultures work with spirits, even of plants so, if you like plants you might be interested to know that one type of fern brings in money! It is the dark green fern with blunted leaves that does this so if you keep such a plant in your house by the door or hanging in a basket in a window at the front of your house, you can bring in some money. The other fern is often used for floral decorations in bouquets. It is a much lighter green with feathery leaves. This type of fern, just as aside, is often used in healing rituals. So if you wish you can keep one of those in your house or room as well for healthy benefits.

As Danielle and I have often agreed nothing brings blessings in more than being just plain grateful regardless of your circumstances. Being grateful sends energies out that can only bring things to us that which will make us more and more grateful.

Don’t forget to listen to Danielle every week.  At the moment I available by email or by appointment only but that will change soon.



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