Getting a psychic or tarot reading is often met with excitement, caution, a little fear as well as skepticism. We want to to believe there is an absolute answer and a solid future that will unfold according to some grand divine blueprint. We don’t want to make the mistake of giving our power away to a psychic or tarot reader when the power is within us. Readers can see the signposts along the way and help direct us in a way that serves our highest good.

In truth, there are markers on the highway of life. These markers take the form of agreements made prior to birth. These markers are also crossroads we meet that are choice points in our lives. These points along the way are predetermined. Other ‘points along the way’ are not predestined. They unfold according to our beliefs that make up what we believe to be possible.

Getting a reading with the intention of receiving more information to help you make the best choices is a great way to best be served by a reader.

In my work as a psychic, I see the core issues and imprinting that gets in a person’s way of clear self awareness. There are programs we run on based on our past experiences, conditioning and beliefs. These beliefs take root in various ways. Our genetic programming, our past life themes as well as childhood imprinting all play a part in creating a looping effect of re-creating the same things over and over.

When I tune into a person’s energy field, their cellular records open up. The challenges and themes that play out in their lives becomes clear. Often the very themes that haunt them ongoing are the very ones being acted out in their lives at that moment. It is my job to track this to it’s source and clear the belief that sets up this karmic pattern. The pattern gets cleared by the client, not by me. I present the information and then if the individual makes the connection, the awareness alone is what initiates the shift.

I have looked at a person’  ‘future’ and seen one thing, done some awareness and clearing work with a person, checked the cards again and the forecast for the future has changed.

This is due to the person having an awareness that shifts the outcome!

That is very exciting to know that you can create the future you desire with a little clarity and change in consciousness!

It is all about empowerment and awareness.

It is all about you opening your eyes to see and your heart to feel the answer within every question.

So the next time you go for a reading, allow the reader to be a catalyst for a shift in perception. Your reader is your guidepost to show you the twists and turns in the road, where you get tripped and how you may lose yourself along the way.

The only person that can determine your future is YOU!

faery many blessings,


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  1. This is a very helpful explanation. I think it clarifies how things can change from one reading to the next.

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

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