Why am I here? Who am I? What am I supposed to do with my life?

These questions haunt most of us at some point  along the way. We seek meaning in our lives and circumstances, especially when we find ourselves facing significant challenges. We want to understand "why?" so we can decide how to proceed… and what we can fix, what we need to change…  then we want to know if we're on the right track, if we can succeed in our goals, if our lives are adding up to something… and what that might be.

A Life Path isn't always obvious. For some it comes naturally, easily, early in life, so they are able to relax and focus on accomplishing their goals – but there's the rub… while it might seem that they have found their path in life, there's a lot more to it than finding a work to love… or even a significant mission.

Most of us have many lessons planned along our route… we come  to pursue goals that aren't so obvious as the work we do –  we come to learn, to love, to play, to build relationships – or repair old relationships. We come to heal and to help others to heal, we come to clear old karma, and to build more good karma, to enlighten the spirit within us, to strengthen our connection with the One…. we come for experience, to feel… to grow…to expand our souls.

The value in knowing purpose is that it becomes easier to see where you're going and why.  Your circumstances begin to make sense so you can accept where you are in life which means you can work with what you've been given instead of resisting or bemoaning your fate … the path smoothes out, you encounter fewer obstacles… it becomes easier to support yourself and your family… and you are happier, more enthusiastic about your life and your choices…

Before we are born, our guides will help us set a course for ourselves – and not many of us choose a direct route… most of us make plans that are multi-faceted, and so our Life Path or purpose isn't so obvious.

Many people live with a sense of mission, but have no idea where to start looking for it… So, how do you find that Life Path you set for yourself…

 Just follow your nose…

Notice what interests you, what patterns repeat themselves in your life… notice what relationships seem unusually intense or long-lasting…. what places attract you, what hobbies, books, movies, celebrities and activities or events you are attracted to… notice "themes" in your life, causes that you are drawn to.. notice what triggers an emotional reaction in you..

My point is that is is very likely that you are already "on your path", that you have naturally been drawn to certain activities and experiences… so in taking a close look at the person you've become, you will certainly be able to discern at least some of the branches on your path – and if you follow them along, they will probably lead you to the main path…

What is important to remember is that ALL has purpose.. if you can learn to trust yourself and to keep  putting one foot in front of the other, you'll find your path – or even more likely discover that you are where you're supposed to be, where you wanted to be… on your path.

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