In more than 30 years of practice as a psychic, I know I have helped many clients get their relationships get back on track.

The way a psychic can help your relationship is to offer insights and advice that will help you see yourself, your partner, and the connection between you more clearly. Psychics help you see the subtle and unseen influences in your relationship. With this “inside” information, psychics can suggest useful strategies for geting the relationship back on track, and predict whether you will be able to, and even when. Psychic advice helps you  make better decisions about how to work together – or not.

As soon as you are being asked for more money for spells or clearing or any such work, you are being scammed. You can’t pay anyone to make a relationship work… it is just that simple. You can’t make someone love you, nor would you want to!

And you can’t just override core issues in a relationship with “healings” – while energy work may help by clearing a space for the problems to be dealt with, it takes real work to confront and clear the obstacles in your partnership.

Sad to say, when relationships get into trouble, some folks will do just about anything to make it right, including paying exorbitant prices for spells and psychic clearings…

I started seeing a local psychic to help me with my relationship. She did an energy cleansing for me and my boyfriend which in total cost $1000. The process has been finished and things in the relationship are better – but when I saw him this past weekend, I felt myself that there is something still awry with him, like something was “off.” She has also told this to me without me saying anything to her about it. I am just concerned because now she wants to do an aromatherapy process on us which will cost total $300. I balked at the price because I’m a student and I truly don’t have a lot of money – I spent the $1000 from my summer internship money. She said that the “small gap” between us should have been healed a couple weeks ago but it hasn’t yet and she is concerned about it. However, she said that the gap can heal itself over time. I asked her if she thought it would be harmful to wait. She said no, that we could wait, and that I should contact her in 10 days to see the status of the gap and if it has healed at all. Please let me know what you think. Stephanie

I feel this psychic is taking the hand out of you, meaning I don’t feel she is true which I do apologize for saying but I do feel very strongly that this person is trying to take as much as she can of you as in money and this is so wrong.

For this woman to have told you she is concerned that the healing process hasn’t healed; that I feel speaks for itself. I would like to suggest that upi not go back to this woman as I feel she won’t stop until she has got all the money she can take from you (although this is my personal opinion and feelings) and this decision has to be totally up to yourself… I wish you all the very best of luck and hope this helps you some, sending you much love and happiness, Love & Light xxx Karen

Psychics like the one you describe here, prey on our fears and obsessions, our desperate need to be loved, and to be loved by that specific person…. when it reaches the point that you are willing to pay money you really don’t have – as in using your student internship funds – your need for a relationship is bordering on obsession…. rather than paying money to fix it, – trying to drive it and control it – you need to stand back from it, to drop into objective observation and notice what needs to be changed in order for you to be happy – and sometimes this means deciding that it’s OK to let it go.

Phil makes a good point in his note following mine…. we have been so conditioned to having a partner, to being afraid to be alone that we react in great fear when things aren’t working the way we imagine they should in relationship… the trouble is that we don’t trust ourselves to work things out with our partners, or to be OK about going it alone if we can’t.

That’s when we get into trouble with scams like the one this psychic is had been working on you…. please don’t pay this person any more money – it really can’t help your relationship… and accept this lesson in personal responsibility… healing must come from within… while you may have been into it, chances are your boyfriend wasn’t… and even if he were, it takes active work within the relationship along with energy work in order to really achieve a healing…

and any psychic with integrity would not charge $1000 for this service. I do hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Anyone who charges that much is clearly not working within the purest of intentions for their own Souls’ purpose. Just look at what globalpsychics charges for a reading – for what initially (or financially) seems to be our relative two-cents worth – or even the free advice like mine to you here. The money you spent probably would have been better spent on a fully accredited relationship counselor who would have no doubt charged far less, and come up with better results.

Sorry to give you such a sobering wake-up call, but some “psychics” are only in it for the money, and so their psychic “abilities” should automatically be seen as suspect.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been hovering on the brink of bankruptcy the past couple of years while holding down a full-time job. I’m not complaining at all – I love what I do and I do it freely (or next to nothing!) for friends, and even friends I haven’t met yet. It’s all about paying it forward, because quite frankly, I have no idea of the extent of the karmic debts I need to pay off, and neither does anyone else. Better be nice to everyone, even “perfect” strangers…

A final thought: the seeming necessity to be in a relationship is an intellectually lazy way to go about living, and is an essentially outmoded paradigm. Don’t get me wrong, we can learn a lot about life through being in an intimate relationship with an other person, but nothing beats the relationship we can have with ourselves – nothing. It’s a difficult work, but it’s really the only thing we’re ever born with and can completely rely upon – our selves. Getting to know our selves first is free of charge, and is really essential if we can begin to pretend to love an other human being. Peace, Phil the astrologer

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