and what you can do about it.

We can unwittingly invite spirit into our lives – and we often don’t know who has accepted our invitation. Fear, resentment, anger, all create openings for lower energies to attach themselves to us and interfere in our lives.  One of the common ways that the doorway to spirit activity is opened is through playing with a Ouija Board. If you feel that you or your home is haunted, there is something you can do about it… Start by focusing on happy, joyful thoughts, then follow through with the suggestions made by the Global Psychics team, following here.

I think my house is haunted but im not sure. Ever since we got my dog a year ago she’s been acting weird at night. She’ll stare down the hallway and nothing is there. She wont even go down the stairs at night if the light are off or if no one is with her. Other weird things have happened too recently.  At night I sometimes hear knocking on my wall, like someone knocking on a door. my friend sees shadows go across my closet, and I’ve seen it once myself. Every so often I’ll see something out of the corner of my eye, like a shadow that goes away as fast as I see it. A bag that was on the floor moved, but all the fans were off. We didn’t see it move, but we heard it and thought it was a mouse, but there’s no mice. The weirdest thing that scared me was my tv changing the channel by itself. I was watching a movie and the remote was nowhere near anybody and it changed from channel 3 to channel 6.  Nothing like this happened in the 10 years I lived here ’til about 2 years ago when me and a friend tried to use a Ouija Board while there was a power outage. Is there a ghost in my house? Emily

What you descrive is the very reason that there are a lot of people in the psychic community who will not encourage the use of a Ouija board.  I kind of frown on it myself.  The Ouija board is like a broad band receiver and transmitter of psychic and spiritual energy. You open up door ways to places that a person has not a true idea what they are opening to.

You said the incidents did not start happening until after you and your friend “played with the Ouija board” asking it questions and to see what answers you got?   Do you remember the general gist of the questions you asked?  You might have sent out an invitation. You can reverse the invitation.  When you sense or feel a presence there, you can tell the entity to leave If you have faith in religious symbols, that helps.  Each time you hear something that is unexplainable, whisper out a prayerful request for the presence to leave and not return, you can repeat the request rising in power and authority.  Do you know any light workers in your area? You can do a cleansing ritual that has been known to help in situations, and certain quartz crystals are good for that, and so is sage burning and incantations. Michael

It does sound like you have a spirit visitor.  The dog is a key sign.  Dogs and cats can see past the frequencies of our vision, so they can spot a spirit were as we can’t.  The TV changing channels by itself, and the knocking are indicators also. The Ouija is not a toy and by playing with it, you open up a door to other dimensions.  Just like in this world there are good and bad spirits, spirits of all kinds.  Using the Ouija with your friend, more than likely, let a spirit through.  You will have to get that Ouija board back out and close it by having the plachette go to the GOOD BYE part of the board.  You will have to do this with the person you opened the board with, so contact your friend.  When you have done this, you should be rid of your pesky guest.  Keep us posted, please.  This is not fun and games.  Love, Light, & Laughter, Christopher Ree

Yep. Sure is! People do not realize only an dept should use a Ouija board. This means only those who know how to protect their home and themselves should use a Ouija and what you are experiencing is the reason why. You are lucky though in that it could have been much, much worse.

Go to a New Age store that sells incense. Get Dragon’s Blood and charcoal for burning it. Open all your windows and ‘smudge’ your home–every nook and cranny, closet and doorway. Then burn sage and do the same. Afterwards, burn a sweet grass braid. The store will know what these are. After doing this sprinkle salt around you house as I told you above.

Do not play with such boards in the future and absolutely do not dabble in any online spells or other spells! Only skilled people should be doing these things. Cate

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