On several remarkable occasions, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Laura Simpson.  The clients we saw on those occasions were often astounded at the accuracy of our readings, and we were just as impressed, not so much with the reading work which both of us had come to expect from ourselves, but far more from the insights we gained on the nature of the work – how it is that we can communicate with animals – and the differences between a pet psychic like me, and an Animal Communicator such as Laura.  


How a Pet Psychic Works


I call myself a pet psychic and introduce Laura as an animal communicator who is also a pet psychic.  As pet psychics, we tune into the animal telepathically. I “put out a call” and based on the information the owner has given me, (pet’s name, age, breed, history) I locate the pet’s “higher self” in the ethers, then make what I call a soul to soul connection… The process is the same whether the animal is present or not…


We really don’t know how it works, just that it does and what some of the dynamics are… when we connect with the pet, they sense our presence in their space, a kind of awareness of the presence of another soul… we give them a moment to notice us, then we wait for some acknowledgment. I usually get an instant response, often in the form of images, sometimes in words, whole thoughts, even physical sensations. It is surprising how often the animal is pleased to be able to make the connection with us… so frequently, the communications are accompanied by an amazing love rush that makes my heart expand. If the animal is present, you can observe the changes in behaviour, the twitches of the tail, ears and body, the eye movements that indicate the animal is listening and responding.


Basically, once we have opened the channel in this way, we open all of our inner senses and then listen and report what we sense, see, feel, hear and smell to the owner. We ask questions, and pass on messages, from the owner to the pet, and from the pet to the owner. For example, when I was reading for one gorgeous cocker, I asked him if there was anyone he especially liked or disliked around his owner. He immediately responded with happy, excited sensations and sent a picture of a woman who seemed to look a little like his owner. When I reported this to the owner, she was able to identify this as a good friend who always had treats waiting and made a big fuss over the dog every time they visited.


As we tune in telepathically, we are also scanning the animal’s electrical field to identify any hot spots or imbalances, and listening to, noticing, our own bodies to see what signals are coming from within.  We report what we sense to the owners who can then verify – or investigate – what we sense… sometimes we are seeing old injuries that show potential of causing some future irritation for the animal, sometimes we see a problem that the owner is already aware of and we can make some suggestions about how to enhance the healing process… and sometimes we must encourage the owner to get the animal to the vet… or to give it up, to another home, or occasionally, even to the angels…


I find it interesting how easy it is to read for animals… they are so clear in their responses, so uncomplicated… and so purely loving.


What an Animal Communicator Does


As a pet psychic, I can see far more than I expected, even after all of these years of working with people, and I am able to transmit a lot of valuable information between owners and animals… but Laura, as an animal communicator, actively facilitates communications between animals and people, reading much more than the energy around a pet… She has learned a great deal about the ways that different species communicate, and then she took that knowledge a step further to understand the differences in behaviour between the breeds… she starts by understanding the way predators like dogs and cats behave as opposed to prey like horses and cows… and then understanding what characteristics are naturally bred into an animal… the willful Appaloosa responds differently than the proud Arabian, bossy Jack Russells have different behavioural issues than an easy-going but busy Lab… and both can exhibit domination issues… Parrots and cockatiels present different kinds of problems then lovebirds and budgies…. Each has their own system of communication queues that once understood, can make life much easier for both owner and pet.


One of the significant lessons that Laura teaches owners is about understanding the queues from their animals. For example, looking a dog in the eye is a direct challenge. If you force him to look at you when you are disciplining him, he cannot lower his head to show submission, and if you continue and are also yelling at him, it is very likely that he will pee – again to show submission, to let you know he gets it… then, if you discipline him for peeing, you not only humiliate him further, but you confuse him… he was just trying to let you know that he was recognizing you as boss… while there is call for what Laura calls a “back to Jesus meeting” when an animal wants to take control, there is a right way of doing it – which means you need to understand and be able to read the appropriate queues – and react at exactly the right moment with exactly the right actions.

(The Dog Whisperer. Cesar Millan is an extraordinary dog psychologist who gives perfect advice for reading and responding to these queues. Look for him on the web and check out his TV show.)


Laura has spent a lifetime learning about the special queues and behaviours of many different species and in hundreds of readings she has gained a great deal of valuable insight here.  In addition, she is a Reiki Master, trained in the use of many different forms of vibrational healing.  She uses Reiki and her knowledge of wholistic medicine and the best foods, supplements and other aids to be able to provide an owner with a complete service.


We make a pretty powerful team when we put ourselves together… a kind of oneness at work.


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  1. I learned about talking with your animals from a book called Wagging Tales by Tim Link.
    It’s an amazing book with a bunch of stories all collaborated together. You can read through them and see which one suits you or read them all for fun. It’s really interesting to read about.

  2. thanks for sharing the conversations you have with animals… it really shows us how they view things…

  3. I love them. they ARE what Love is. I would love to be able to communicate with their thoughts, I so often wish they could tell me their feelings, they probably do but I don’t know how to listen to them.

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