Expressing Love as Affection


Affection, says Webster: a moderate feeling of emotion; tender attachment; fondness; the feeling aspect of consciousness


There’s more than hugs and kisses and saying I love to showing someone we care for them. We express our love in the ways that we express affection. Affection is the way we tell those we love that we are conscious of our attachment – and happy about it! 

Affection  is: 

  • A reassuring squeeze of a shoulder, an arm, a knee
  • Preparing a favourite meal,
  • Bringing a cup of tea or coffee while they’re work at the computer
  • Sharing a story or a laugh, and wiping away the tears
  • Putting up with the cold to watch him play hockey at 5 in the morning – or being first to the farmer’s market so you can choose the best plants for her garden
  • Flicking lint off his jacket, or brushing a stray strand of hair from her face….
  • Helping her into the car, or massaging his stiff neck 

I could go on an on with a myriad of small gestures that express our affection, that show we care….Affection won’t replace the hugs and kisses and I Love You’s, but it reinforces them. Loving gestures tell someone you’re thinking of them, even when you’re apart, and more importantly, they make the object of your affection feel valued, wanted, trusted.


Because affection suggests approval and support, it is as important to be affectionate with our children, friends and family, as it is to be affectionate with that special someone.


Being affectionate with the ones you love won’t guarantee that the relationships will last, but an absence of affection in a relationship usually means it won’t.


Although for some, affection must be learned, once learned, it needs to become a habit, a way we are with people naturally … loving gestures identify us as warm and caring people… being affectionate says that I’m the kind of person you can reach out to when you are hurting, or someone you want to celebrate with… affection deepens the bonds of friendship – it acknowledges and reaffirms our love….


Express your love – reach out and touch someone…


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