If you’ve wondered why you haven’t heard much from us, I’ve been flummoxed since Sandy hit the East coast two weeks ago.  The November predictions were late and I haven’t been able to get at the newsletter since because I couldn’t wrap my head around “normal” or routine behaviour… – Sandy has changed the face of the planet… and the lives of millions…

I am sure many others share my unrest, unable to process what has happened to us in this time – and what it means..
We warned of the strong possibility of major flooding in our annual predictions (and also that Obama would likely be re-elected), but I didn’t expect that our comment “2012 will present a series of unpleasant occurrences, none of which are really serious, but they could add up…” would add up to Sandy… made much worse by a combination of factors, a full moon, an unusually high tide, another strong low pressure system opposing it and thus adding energy, turned Sandy into a massive disaster.

I have been telling people for many years now to get away from the coastlines because I could see this devastation coming… water levels around the city of New York have risen more than a foot in the last years, and this trend continues…flooding will be a chronic problem for the next decades as the poles melt… Massive storms like Sandy may become something of a norm until the planet can settle itself.

At the very least, Sandy is a stunning wake-up call for our leaders and should push all of us to be more environmentally conscious, more sensitive to the needs of this beautiful planet… and more responsive to the changes that are upon us.  Let us Pray.

Some of our clients on the East coast are still without heat and power, camping out with friends or family… Many of the shelters in New York and New Jersey are still  full..It will be months yet before any real recovery and rebuilding can begin.

Sandy dealt a terrible blow… while the economic losses are enormous, the emotional devesation is even greater.. lost homes and businesses… lost loves and lives… for millions of people life has forever changed.

As we approach the holidays, this time for giving thanks, let us remember Sandy and do what we can to help. Even a small donation matters… Make a difference! Here are three things you can do to right now….:

1. Donate to the American Red Cross – they continue to provide  relief after Hurricane Sandy  To donate, click here: http://www.redcross.org/

2. Donate to the Humane Society – Here’s a letter from them:

It is the second full weekend after Sandy, and many people are trying to move on with their lives and resume a sense of normalcy. But for the tens of thousands left homeless by the storm, normalcy is distant on the horizon.

Streets are still flooded, while huge piles of debris line the roadside. We will not lose sight of the urgent needs in these communities.

The good news is there is sign of relief. For some who have lost everything, we are caring for their animals in one of our temporary shelters — giving families a chance to rebuild, knowing their pets are in good hands. And they can come and get their pets, even just visit, whenever they are ready.

See our powerful rescue video. It is clear animals mean so much to all of us. The recent rain, snow, and flood waters mean we have to work even harder for them — and we are.

Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

P.S. If you are able, please consider making a donation to our Disaster Relief Fund today to help us continue our work after Sandy and future disaster

3. Go Green increase your attention and determination to be environmentally conscious – begin by subscribing to Earth Talk, the Environmental Magazine http://www.emagazine.com/article/category/earthtalk/

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