The spirit world feels very restless these days, responding along with us to the transformation underway here on Planet Earth. So many people have reported various types of “hauntings”, encounters with spirits and ghosts, some of which are not so nice that I felt it was time to gather up the some of the more interesting letters and our responses. If you have been – or will be – started by spirit activity around you, the Global Psychics Team has some good advice on what you can do to help these spirits move on.

I have bad spirits following me and they about too ruin my life. I’m losing my husband with this! please help me get the good back in here. I have too much fear! I called the good spirits but they don’t answer me !

Say 3 times in a row and repeat often: “All Entities not of the brightest part of the light and not part of the divine plan are not welcome and ordered to leave now.” Amen

You have to be firm an stand up to the spirits you don’t want around. You need to learn to ground and protect yourself better. You are like a lit up window in the darkness, they seek you out for healing. It may help you to see yourself like an old oil lamp with a key on the side, and the flame turned way up, turn down your light, and tell your guides and angels you do not wish to attract these spirits at this time. Peace and joy.  Anthony

Last night I was lying on my bed and then I noticed a person coming towards me. I thought it was my boyfriend at first coming to give me a kiss and then I noticed it wasn’t him and got scared. It walked towards me and I screamed and called out for my boyfriend. When I went to go and kick the spirit, it disappeared. The spirit was obviously someone and it was a light blue/grey in colour and transparent. Who could it be? is it good or bad? Please help because I got really scared last night. Kind regards, Danielle M.

There has been an increased activity around me and many spiritual friends with guides making a more visible and pronounced presence. I had woken up this morning with a bald monk in my bed, (SOOO NOT WHAT I HOPE TO WAKE UP TO) LOL and he was SO REAL and not transparent. He had been chanting near my bed for months but now has become visible to eyes and I have had several emails from people with big new introductions to guides.

Spirit says this was not a guide and for you, is a random soul who was seeking healing and you need to ground and protect better. You had raised your vibrational frequency very high and you were a shinning light in the darkness. So he came, and quickly left when saw he was unwelcomed. He needs help to cross over, but wont come back to you for healing so no worries. Close down and tell them you are off duty. To BE GONE. See your self as an old oil lamp and turn the key down to a very low flame when you do not wish to be disturbed. Peace and love, Anthony

This question is for a medium~ A little over a year ago I had found this website and contacted you guys about a strange occurrence. Well lo an behold I was told I had medium capabilities… and they were right!! Since then I have overcome my fear of spirits and the spirit world and become very interested in it, and what I am capable of. I work for a family cleaning business, and I clean a lot of different places usually late at night when no one is there. These places are where I always run into something/someone lingering in our world. But lately, (past 3-4) months, I’ve only been coming into contact with some meanies!! This spirit I am dealing with right now at one place I clean is physically trying to hurt me. Having things like pictures on walls falling on my head…basically manipulating objects around me in a dangerous way. This spirit, and many others I encounter lately, will not communicate with me. I try talking to them, sending them to the light…an they don’t care. So I figured they just want to be left to themselves, and when i do that they start trying to in some way hurt me!! Why am I having trouble with communication lately?? Why won’t they talk to me?? Am I attracting bad/negative spirits?? Demons if I may (I don’t know)?? And one more, could places with a lot of electrical equipment, like an internet business that connects half a city with internet…be like an open door to the spirit world?? Because they do/can collect energy off of electricity/electrical equipment right?? I’m sorry so many questions. I just need to understand how to open up more I guess, without being scared of being hurt. I am very scared one will in some way hurt me or stick to me and follow me. Please Help!! Thank You!! Stephanie

Bad spirits attach themselves to people (like co workers) and places. You are new to your gift so you are also drawing them in. Right now there is a fierce battle between good and evil and frankly evil spirits are trying to weaken those of us with gifts and scaring new future powerful psychics away. For beginners, take salt with you to work. Kosher salt is excellent because it is blessed by a holy man. Before you begin to clean, sprinkle it all around. toss it up walls to the ground, don’t miss corners and sprinkle on the desks and floor. I know this will make your work harder for a bit but it needs to be done.

As for yourself, take a salt bath every day. you can fill the tub and put a cup of salt in it and submerge
yourself or take a gallon jug and fill it with salt and water and pour it over yourself after you shower.

Please keep us up to date on this one, hon. You do have your hands full. When you are at work say a prayer you believe in strongly and literally yell at them, SHOUT THEM OUT!!!!! Blessings Cate

I feel as if I am haunted. Everywhere I move or even if I spend the night at places I feel as if I am being followed. When I just walk around the house and do normal daily stuff I feel someone’s arm across my shoulders and always have. I always see people out of the corner of my eye when no one else is there or shadows in the light. Can you please tell me what to do about it? Do I talk to them do I ignore it like I have been?

Many people do not realize they can often get rid of unwanted spirits by burning cleansing incenses like sage and simply yelling at them to get out. Be sure you have windows opened and bring the incense all around your house/apt. Cate

My name is Marcus, I am 18. I believe very much so I can feel presence of spirits. I can look at places and get eerie feelings or happiness. I have recently lost a loved one, my sister’s boyfriend, Anthony. His own brother murdered him and I had witnessed it. I had a dream of Anthony as a ghost. In my dream I was sleeping on my bed with my girlfriend in my living room. I woke up in my dream because I thought I heard my older sister calling my name to go open the door for her. As I stare into the backroom, which is my room, waiting for my sister to call my name again, I see a ghostly face look at me as he peeked his head out. I was in shock, and said “HOLY S…”. After I said that he peeked his head out again and my body started, uncontrollably, floating towards him in my room and it sure enough was Anthony, so I screamed his name and went to grab his shirt at his chest, crying. His chest felt so real. All he could say was ” HUH? HUH?”. I woke up feeling that he was around me. For some reason i just thought he wasn’t passed over. I don’t know why.

Marcus! What a horrible thing to go through. Yes. You are gifted and Anthony is coming to you because you CAN see him. His death was sudden and could use some help crossing over. If you are Catholic, have a mass said for him. Do a rosary for him for nine days and talk out loud to him explaining that there is a wonderful place he needs to go to and that people are waiting for him

In any event light a blue and white candle for him for seven days.–the ones that come n a glass. Blue is for peace for his soul, white is for going into the light and crossing over. The large candle in a glass work best. If the glass gets smokey you need to keep repeating every week until it burns clean.

You have the power to help him cross over. You also have experienced an out of body experience in which your spirit went to the between realm. This is the how and why you saw him. Do not be frightened. In time you will learn and come to understand your gift. I hope this helps.  Cate

For the past 3 weeks, every weekend when I go to work (which is always after 9pm at night, by myself) I have been having a vision of a girl standing at the door, outside of the building. Now mind you, I do not see her at the door when I actually look at it, it’s when my head is almost looking and facing the door that this vision just flashes right in front of my eyes…like this is what I should be seeing once I’m actually looking at the door. I feel her right before I decide to turn my head around, I just feel it and I don’t know how to explain it. But I haven’t seen or really felt anything since I was a young child, so this is a bit new to me. But when I see this girl, she looks evil, very very scary… she is leaning on her hands up against the door just glaring at me with this smile, this smile goes literally almost from ear to ear with 3 lines of dimples on each side…she looks part animal!! Her eyes are glowing black, I believed at first that she may be a demon. But my boyfriend’s mother can see these things all the time, and she had told me there is no such thing as an evil spirit, that nothing will get me, they just want to talk or they want help and she knows I can feel and see her. But I just keep sensing that nothing good will come from this spirit…I need to know if this is true…that there are no evil spirits and it will not do me harm. Also, I am terrified of this girl, and I believe she senses it, because when got in a panic to leave when I was finished work, I walk to my car in a rush to leave and unlock my doors and my keys were stuck around my neck, I look down and somehow my necklace was pushed all the way through my keychain,all the way around until it was completely on the keychain. And my charm, which is a J was upside down sticking straight up…I could not get it off at all!! So I just bent down and used my keys while they were around my neck and my doors would not unlock, for the life of me they wouldn’t until I started crying and just yelled STOP!! And then I was able to get in my car. And while this was all going on, as soon as I walked outside I could feel something surrounding me, I felt as if I had something on my chest, I was having trouble breathing. It was unreal, I didn’t know what to do, and still don’t. Since then I’ve been feeling a lot more things…and just a few hours ago I was looking across the street to my neighbours cuz I saw a flash outside and I really saw a very little girl, like see through glowing white with a hint of blue and can’t make out her face, sitting at their top window. I just stared because I actually saw her whereas the other girl is a vision kind of and she’s a solid. Can you please help me understand and not to be afraid and tell me how to handle these things I’m seeing, knowing and feeling? -Steph

There are spirits that are not enlightened. Some, ill-natured in life retain these traits after death until they move on.

What you need is a way to push her away. Do this: Light a white seven day candle for her everyday. Say a powerful prayer that you believe in completely. Talk more to your personal God, however you deem he/she/it to be and ask your God to bring this spirit to the light and to help her cross over. Say out loud that you are lighting this candle for her to light her path to the other side as she is causing you to be fearful whether she knows it or not but, in any event she needs to move on NOW! Be FIRM! Burn incense in your house and in your car–open your windows and burn sage which you can get from any mystical store. Be sure to sage everywhere, including closets, cabinets and in your car! If the candle burns black soot after seven days, you must light another one and maybe more until it burns clear to get of the influence she has had over you. If the candle burns clean, light another one but this time for self protection against the unknown…. Do not be afraid. Become knowledgeable… Cate

Oh my dear, I can understand your fear… but you need to understand that this is at the root of the problem here… this little spirit is something of a lost soul and amuses herself by scaring anyone who comes around the building she has decided is her property… she may have lived in this place or nearby when she died. Take Cate’s advice, recognize that she really can’t hurt you – you are your ow worst enemy here… if you see her again, or have a similar experience somewhere else, accept that this is your fears made manifest, smile at the images, bless them say a prayer for them and then get on with what you planned to do. Your boyfriend’s mother is right in saying that there are no evil spirits…. however there are spirits who carried their dark ways across to the other side with them… the trick though is remembering that you’re the one with the body – you have the power to banish them… again, this comes through recognizing that they are really just a manifestation of your fears. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

My grandfather died memorial day this year. A couple weeks later my 9 year old daughter began seeing him in the house where he lived and my grandmother still lives. He sits in his chair or wanders in the kitchen. Tonight she said he was there and when we left he was watching us out the window smiling. My grandmother has seen him one time next to her bed in recent weeks. My daughter now tells me that for a few YEARS now she has felt “someone” in her room. This happened after we acquired my great-aunt’s bedroom set. She was 102 upon her death and has been gone many years. Could my daughter be attracting spirits? I smelled my grandfathers shave cream a couple of weeks ago when my grandma was on the phone with my uncle overseas. I also saw my other grandfather 15 years ago on the day he died. What is going on with us? How can we find out if our Great-Aunt is with us and her things?

Your great aunt must have loved that bedroom set! Yes, she is hanging around with your family. You can send her on her way by speaking with her, telling her to move on to the light, but she seems a truly friendly spirit and in fact seems to enjoy being with you all. Be sure to include her in your prayers.

You and your daughter probably have some ability as mediums, so since you have your “lights on”, your Great Aunt is having some fun – and chances are there are other relatives hanging around, like your grandfather. I urge you to read the works of some of the famous mediums like Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh for some useful information on working with this ability… best way to find out if it’s your great aunt is to ask her, she will give you some sign if you acknowledge her…….spirits come to those who can see them… they want you to know they are OK, I think grandfather will stick around until his wife passes… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

You were so right! Before you answered I did a little reading on my own and we did ask her and she is my grandmothers’ aunt. I believe she is my daughter’s spirit guide. She has been here and comes most of the time when “called” by me or my daughter. My daughter is the only one who can see and talk to her. She feels very comfortable with her. I thank you for your advice and help. We will continue to nurture the gift. Brande

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