None of us can escape the past. Whether or not you believe in past lives, if only in this life, your present has been shaped by your past, by the conditioning, the environment, the people and events that led to who and where you are today. It can be relatively easy to pinpoint events from what happened in the past in this life, sourcing our issues is made much more complicated when we consider the impact of past lives.
Most of us have had many different lifetimes on planet earth. Often past life memories can account for that sense of instant knowing when we meet someone new. More importantly, knowledge of our past lives can shed light on present day issues, enabling us to overcome negative patterns… but when an old love is involved, we can be tempted to get lost in the past… we risk repeating old patterns.
I’ve experienced some things in my past that I would like to know about. I’ve heard a man’s voice whisper to me. I became friends with a woman who says she is a medium. She told me that the man I heard was a love from my past who committed suicide because I left him for some reason. Is that possible? She said that he is always around and doesn’t want to leave. I saw him once while I was in bed with my eyes closed. He looked very kind and happy. I’d like to know if he is waiting for something? Also, is it possible for a spirit to still be in love with someone that they had a relationship with in their past who is reincarnated now? What’s really strange is that I feel I know his personality and I feel that I want to be with him and that I miss him.  I just wanted to know why I feel this way? Last question, is it possible for him and I to be reincarnated in our next life together to try our relationship again, I’m thinking no, since he wasn’t in this life. Please help me understand this. Thank you, Zoey.
The bonds of love transcend the dimensions of time and space. So, yes, it is possible for someone in spirit to still love and want to be with someone who is here on planet earth. However, whether or not there is a past life connection with this spirit, you must stay in present time…
I can understand your feelings – have myself felt that my true life-partner is not present on the planet at this time, yet I feel his presence and get to missing him from time to time… but he is not here, and I am, and I have a life to live… don’t let yourself get caught up in a relationship that can’t be. What the medium told you certainly is possible, and old bonds do carry over from one life to the next, from body to spirit and spirit to body…love is not bound by time and space… but don’t get lost in space… OK?  There can be a lot of reasons why he hasn’t reincarnated.. it depends on what each soul needs to resolve or to develop in order for it to continue to evolve whether or  two souls will reconnect in a subsequent life… In this case, where and with whom your spirit-love reincarnates will depend on whether or not he is able to shed light on why he chose to end his life and to heal, at least partially.
Says our old friend Phil, (R.I.P.): The thing about past lives is that we have the need and responsibility to move beyond them, so that we don’t repeat those same mistakes, and we get to live our lives in the here and now, not back in the there and then. In other words, the past is prologue, and every day we get to begin a new chapter. It’s also important to know that the only thing that stays the same about a soul after it leaves this plane is your memory of that person. Their soul has moved on to complete their cycle, unless they haven’t fully released their bond to this world completely. You keeping them alive in some way is working to the detriment for all of you, so I’d strongly recommend wishing them all a fond adieu, in order for you to move ahead.

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