So many lost, so many suffering, at last Haiti has come into our worldview. Almost as shocking as the earthquake itself, were Pat Robertson’s comments intimating that Haitians deserved the horrible disaster that has befallen them. How a supposedly Christian man can speak so of other’s suffering is mind-boggling to me.  No one deserves such pain. 

But what if the people of Haiti, as a National Consciousness outside space and time, chose this event?

We create our reality through our thoughts, feelings, the love we share and the actions we take.  And we create with purpose. Therefore, this monumental disaster does have purpose, great purpose. It represents a turning point. First for the people of Haiti, it clears the past, makes room for a more positive, more loving presence to take root in that beautiful island, and second, for the rest of the world, the disaster in Haiti serves as a harbinger of events to come, a kind of last call, to alert us all to the relevance of these times.

In my teachings as a psychic and philosopher, I urge us all to see purpose in every event and relationship. It is in understanding the purpose, that we are able to extract the good out of even our worst moments in life. Knowing Purpose enables us to see and accept the lessons from the experience so that we can make positive changes, so we can be more aware, and more loving.

So what could be the purpose in this horrendous event? Why would the people of Haiti create such catastrophe for themselves? Here are some interesting possibilities to contemplate, all or none of which may actually be at play. At the very least, these thoughts may help us to lift our eyes from the pain, so we take notice of the larger forces at work, and can then take appropriate action.

When I speak of purpose, I speak often of the multiplicity of purposes, values, that are at work. In any given event or relationship, there are layers of meaning.  Every individual, every group, has a unique and clearly defined purpose that has been agreed to, somewhere in the Universal Consciousness. Here are some of the layers I have seen around Haiti.

On a global, even universal level, the earthquake in Haiti serves as a Harbinger, alerting us all to the fact that the planetary shifts are coming closer, and getting stronger… for months I have been aware of a chaotic undertone in the core of the Earth’s energy.  Makes it very difficult to predict where it will erupt next, I just know it will. Haiti tells us to wake up, in so many ways, and especially, to wake up to the fact that our planet is in great distress, and that we need to be prepared for it to show the effects of this stress in some terrible ways over the next few years.  Predictions and visions I have had since the 80’s are now manifesting… I once said that our soldiers would be diverted from war-making to peace-making, to tending to the effects of disaster after disaster… and this is what is happening in Haiti now…

Still, I ask myself, why would a nation take on such a job, especially one of the smallest, and certainly the poorest among us…

The answer comes immediately, “Haiti has a noble heart”.

In my mind’s eye, I see a meeting in the Universal Mindstream, a meeting at which we were told that a massive earthquake was due to break very close to Flroida, that it could potentially destroy a large part of that state. And we are also told that there was a choice of where the earth would break… and so Haiti, noble soul, speaks up. “If this happens in Florida, the destruction and loss will be massive, and we have many loving supporters there.  We are already poor and suffering terribly.  We have felt defeated in our desire to make change for the better. We volunteer to take this “hit”. As a nation, we agree that it is time for a great cleansing, an opportunity to rebuild on a more loving foundation. We are prepared to sacrifice the past in order to reclaim our inheritance, our pride, and our joy. With this we can attract the resources we need to make our children’s lives better.” And so it was agreed.

Beware the Mass Consciousness

Being psychic has a distinct advantage. It enables me to read the various group, community and national consciousnesses so I can position myself to move with the energy. We co-create our realities, others choices influence our possibilities.  While you, individually, may not agree to a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti, you could find yourself overruled by a much larger movement.  When I tune into the Haitian National Consciousness, I see some very specifc, and valuable purposes behind their choice:

  • political corruption: the need for loving leadership: I found it interesting that the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince and levelled the presidential palace.  The Haitian government has been notoriously corrupt and weak for a very long time.  New leaders will step forth, new heroes… and a new strength, a new power, a greater than ever passion for life, and for good.
  • industrial revolution/rebellion: Haiti has primarily been an agricultural society – until corrupt leaders began attempting an industrial revolution, building factories and manufacturing facilities that barely function. This transition has crippled the country, increasing and deepening poverty – click on this link for more information about this story: Now those rickety, useless factories are destroyed and the poorly built housing that came with them, also in rubble.  Now there’s a chance to rebuild, to be strong again.
  • the children of Haiti: Haiti’s orphanages have been full for a very long time. And for a very long time, various small foundations have been struggling to support them. Some 400,000 children were homeless before this disaster struck. Finally, the children of Haiti have come into our worldview, finally they may get some real help… finally, Haiti’s heritage may grow up strong and sure, with passionate, loving leaders.

Now it is time for us to notice Haiti of the Noble Heart, to help where we can, and embrace the transformation that has begin. As you extend one arm to help Haiti, extend the other to hug those you love.  Look at the ways you can be more loving, more responsive, more productive, more…

Contribute what you can, where you can.  Here is a list of secure agencies that you can trust to see that your contribution makes a difference.

World Vision:
The  Red Cross:

Lots of Other Resources here:

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  1. I have seen and spoken to Angels all my life, but tonight I hear them crying in anguish and in mass “No Man” “No Man” “No Man” “the age of Man is over” they have been repeating this the last several hours
    Have you or anyone you know heard this ??????
    Let me know

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