Be aware of what you wear…..

Everything around us is vibrating.  Colours, stones, metals, fabrics, – like words and numbers – all vibrate at specific frequencies – some lower, some higher. What's more, many objects will absorb the frequencies of what has been around them and then radiate this frequency back to us.  Great, if what you are wearing is vibrating love and enthusiasm, not so good if the object is holding anger and frustration.

Most materials will take in and carry the vibrations of the people and events around them. That is how psychometry works. I can pick up a ring, or even an item of clothing that someone has recently worn and tune into the vibrations of the person who wore it to know how they were feeling, what was going on in their life and even what they were thinking when they wore the item.

Jewelry is so often a keeper of the energies of the person who first wore it, or was the primary owner of it. Over time, it becomes imprinted with the wearers' thoughts and experiences. So, if you have worn a particular set of earrings through a traumatic time in your life, it is usually a good idea to take them off and allow them to clear for awhile. As long as you continue to wear these earrings, they will hold the pain you have suffered around you, making it harder to heal and move on from it.

Sometimes we inherit a very special piece from someone we have dearly loved and we want to keep the item near us as a reminder of their love. In a reading, these are the items that I most often notice and ask to be removed because the frequencies don't quite fit the wearer/inquirer. Too often these old items are laced with unhappy memories that the wearer doesn't know about. For example, you've inherited Grandma's wedding ring and want to wear it because you loved her so much… but this ring had seen many painful losses in Grandma's lifetime and although she was a brave and loving woman who hid her pain through the years, privately she held some deep sadness in her, or in another scenario, perhaps in her last years, she suffered quietly with terrible arthritis… chances are, once you start wearing this ring, you will find that you are unaccountably feeling quite depressed, or achy and sore all of the time… that's Grandma's ring acting on you… almost as soon as you take it off, you'll notice a weight lifting from your shoulders, your heart lifting, or the pain in your body leaving you.

When you don't know the history behind a piece of second hand" jewelry you pick up at flea markets, yard sales or antique dealers it is especially important to clear it, and clearing is easy.- soak the item in sea salt for  24 hours, or lay the piece in the sun for a few days..

 What we wear has a bearing on how we feel, and can even interfere in our ability to see clearly,

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to try and find out about good energy from a ring ?

    Everything I read refers to bad or negavite energy, I brought a second-hand ring from an antique store and have never slept better and not that I have won Lotto or found love after a bad marrige but little things have happen , baby steps to a better understanding of me and my surroundings and an inner happiness. Wore the ring from the moment I brought it and started feeling better staright away and for the first time in over 4 years, I didn't pay much attention at first as I thought it was because I was away near the beach and just relaxed but after returning home and by the second night I had realised that it was becoming the norm … no more between 1.30 – 3am wake ups never to fall back to sleep were a thing of the past.

    I did smudge my house which is normal occurrance because there is bad energy and sadness within the walls and I was scared that I would loose whatever was attached to my ring but happilly it has stayed.

    So my question is can there be good energy attached who seems to want the best for you and can guide you to the right path in life??


    • Yes, it is very possible that the ring was worn by someone who was very happy and loving in their life, and perhaps an old soul with a great understanding of human nature and the spirit that resides within.  I have a sense this ring was intended for you, a gift from someone who has loved you through many lifetimes.. synchronicity at work perhaps, perhaps the angels at work…  thanks for the comments. A great story to post with this article.  Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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