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UFO phenomena has unusual electromagnetic properties, which is why it is such a great subject for GOLD RUSH GHOSTS and our television show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN to evaluate with our advanced equipment to trace and track such activity. 

To this end GOLD RUSH GHOSTS and ITU, in conjunction with the Nancy Bradley TRUTH CENTER, has accepted the position of becoming the CENTRAL UFO TRACKING CENTER for NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 

Could you PLEASE SEND US YOUR possible EXPERIENCES and SIGHTINGS of a UFO kind in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA? Please help us track activity, species and types of aircraft by sending all your sightings, new and old, photos and all information about where, when and how, to: INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN with GOLD RUSH GHOSTS, PO Box 911, Diamond Springs, CA. 95619, or send to: GOLDRUSHGHOSTS@GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM  WE MUST have your name, email address and phone number to calibrate your sighting, but your name CAN BE KEPT IN CONFIDENCE if you let us know that is your desire.  Our goal is to compact data that will be forwarded to all other major tracking systems across the US, and we will share advanced accounts with you through the FRIDAY’S WITH NANCY PSYCHIC CLASSES, and through the NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC NEWSLETTER

(For information go to: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG)

WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ALONG WITH US ON ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATIONS of a psychic or UFO kind?  Please send us an email to: GOLDRUSHGHOSTS@GOLDRUSHGHOSTS.COM , call (530) 622-0977, or go to NANCYBRADLEY@NANCYBRADLEY.ORG and leave a message to get your name on the list.  There is a $20.00 charge to go along with the crew, and we limit to three people per investigation.

Thanks for your help and HAPPY HUNTING!

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    we have a persian weblog about UFO .
    please send your new news for us.
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