Part 7  in a series on applying the Universal Principles to psychic work: The Law of Karma – cause and effect, what goes around, comes around…

The Law of Karma is clearly reflected in Newton's Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Have you ever wondered why one person in a family seems exceptionally blessed, lucky, and the next is plagued with problems, exceptionally bedeviled by life? The answers are usually found in the Life Purpose each set and the Pre-Birth Plans that were made… these are rooted in the past, in the karma each has attracted in previous lifetimes. Yet each of these individuals must be responsible for the karma they create in the present and the future, in order to progress…. the lucky one must be respectful, sharing of their good fortune, grateful, loving and giving in order to ensure that their good fortune will continue… and the unlucky one must find it within themselves to get into service, to clear their karmic debts, to learn to live in grace and gratitude, despite their circumstances. Through the giving of love, a commitment to right action, being empathetic and compassionate, each of these people can be the cause of the positive karma that will make the circumstances of their present and future lives easier.

“What goes around, comes around” describes the law of karma, This law refers to action and the effects of action, cause and effect, which bring about cosmic justice. Several kinds of karma are common to everyone, personal, family, national, and planetary and each of us is responsible for all of them in varying degrees. Dues have to be paid when a lesson of life remains unlearned.

There are three ways to pay off karma – through grace, service, or pain and suffering. Grace is divine dispensation that waives the payment of karmic debt. It is earned by committing one’s life to truth, love, and integrity, no matter what. And it is earned by service, not by going through the motions, but rendered from the heart, through true empathy and compassion. Understanding the Law of Karma puts you in the driver’s seat. “keeping your karma clean” means being responsible for the effects you create, honouring agreements, keeping commitments, not cutting corners or compromising your integrity. Above all, it is through service and action that we reduce karma and restore resolution to the Big Picture.”

Applying the Law of Karma:

I watched the Law of Karma in action this year on several reality shows, but was especially struck by Luca, the winner of Master Chef… Luca stood out from the crowd from the first because he avoided the conflicts that came up from several of the women in the show who were quite hurtful to one another… he just kept smiling and putting out his best show after show… what was remarkable was that he was always willing to help out a competitor… even during the finale, when a competitor needed butter and was refused help by another, Luca gladly threw her the pound of butter she needed from his station. When one of the Judge's asked if he was crazy, that pound of butter could cost him the competition, Luca smiled and retorted that when he won it would be because of his good cooking, not because of the way he played the game…. and so he won… for his good cooking, and I suggest also for his good karma.

Old karma often contains the answers to relationship problems… When two people create karma through participating in a powerful event, good or bad, the energy in that moment will transform both of them, and if the event was left incomplete in some way, they will naturally be drawn to each other in some future life – or lives – to complete – to work out the problem, or to benefit from the lessons they gained together. Folks who find themselves powerfully attracted to another often confuse the concept of a soul mate with a karmic relationship, since each will produce a powerful, almost magnetic pull between the two individuals. But often a karmic relationship has a specific purpose and once the two have accomplished their purpose, cleared the karma (or, in some cases, recognized that it can’t be cleared this time ‘round….) the two will separate and move on to other relationships.

We are frequently contacted by folks who are desperate over an unrequited love affair. Often, they want us to cast a spell over the object of their affections. While it IS possible to temporarily fix such situations with a spell, and there are some among our team who are equipped and trained to cast spells, we invariably say no, and for good reason. Such spells are direct actions against the principle of Free Will and they create “bad karma” – it is no wonder that witches are depicted as ugly, with long stringy hair and warts on their noses. One must understand and respect the ancient Law of Karma in order to play in the realms of magic without creating “bad” karma… when spells are focused on controlling or harming another, on producing negative effects, dark energies are naturally set loose that will influence our lives in the future.

Sometimes a client gets to believing that they are cursed – too often helped into that fear by one of the psychic vampires/extortionists who prey on our fears, a scam artist wanting to clean out their pocketbook… however there are times when a curse does exist – and probably some old negative karma – a karmic debt left unpaid….. But you can't clear these old debts with a spell… while for a short time a spell or an aura cleansing may bring a little relief, the only way to clear the old karma is to get into service, to earn some Grace, to live your life with integrity, gratitude and a loving attitude, no matter your circumstances… thus you lift your vibrational frequency and free yourself to move on….

The Laws of Karma operate consistently around us without real deference to our pasts… When you accept the Law of Karma, you respect that there is a reason, a purpose for every event in your life, and you can begin to acknowledge and work with your Karma, to produce a happier life…

Karma tells us to be in the now, that it is what we do in the present that really matters… We can clean the slate, release ourselves from the past and any negative energy – karma – associated with it by taking a new attitude…starting with loving ourselves… taking better care of ourselves, being more noticing of the people around us, and by being uplifting in our interactions with others, caring and responsible…. accountable for our choices… and grateful for all that comes to us, the lessons and the rewards, all opportunities for personal growth and lightening the soul.

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