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Dear Sound Healing Friends:

As we approach the Winter Solstice of 2012-December 21st-there is much positive activity planned throughout our planet at this time. I am pleased that there are numerous global sound events planned to help initiate, stabilize and activate the energy that is manifesting.

My wife Andi Goldman & I will be at the Uplift Festival in Australia leading a Global Tone-an “AH” encoded with the energies of Light and Love-at the moment of the Winter Solstice. Throughout the planet, at this time and throughout the following day, there are sound activities, some involving an “OM”, others with an “AH” and still others utilizing different sounds. From my perspective, it doesn’t really matter which sound we make as long as we create it with the intention of Global Harmonization-peace and harmony for our planet and all the beings upon her.

If you are able to, at the time of the Winter Solstice, December 21st and throughout the following day, whenever you can, sound forth with a tone encoded with the energies of Light & Love. This sacred sound can only amplify the already powerful and positive energies that are occurring. If it feels appropriate, please go to and to any of the Toning Chambers-the “AH”, the “OM” or the “HU”; whichever feels most resonant with you-and sound forth in that chamber with others throughout the planet, encoding Love & Light to our Mother Earth. The Temple of Sacred Sound was created for this purpose; a cyberspace sacred sound temple which can be utilized to project positive sound for Global Harmonization.

Thank you for your consideration of this. May you have the most extraordinary Winter Solstice possible. May love and compassion resonate for all.

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound!

Jonathan Goldman
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phone: 303-443-8181

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