Pain is the teacher, our hearts are the compass and change is the solution. Matt DiLorenzo

I’ve been writing about this Surreal Summer, the numerous distractions and the unease that plagued me the past few months. In an attempt at identifying and hopefully clearing the nervous energy that so many of us felt, the Global Psychics team began sharing their thoughts, especially on managing the fear that was underneath our anxiety. We have been responding to a growing apprehension on the planet. With so many earth changes shattering so many lives, and 2012 rapidly approaching, a lot of folks are afraid of what might be coming next. So, we are sharing these excerpts from our discussions to support you in overcoming or at least working through whatever fears you may be holding.

Phil: Well, perhaps some of what we’re currently picking up on is what I was sensing in July’s forecast, it felt like July and August would feel like two tectonic plates were about to snap, eegs! I was also getting some hits about the stormy and rocky Southern Hemisphere, although this unusual heatwave in the US is certainly not helping our Canadian friends with getting much of a lock on how far South is South. (Editor’s note: earlier in the discussion I had spoken of the feeling that there would be a serious problem south of me.) But I gotta pat myself on the back for mentioning that plutocrats would probably be seeing time in Libra’s halls of justice, now that Saturn was beginning to move direct again, and there goes Rupert Murdoch’s empire crumbling all around his sorry and evil butt. The more I know about this guy and what his Faux News and News of the World have been up to, the more I cheer Saturn on.

Again though, the more these “coming Earth changes” are becoming more real every day, expecting the unexpected is becoming the norm, or at least it should be IMO. Along these lines, I did a ritual at the New Moon eclipse of July 1, and got a very mysterious message the team might be able to appreciate, or maybe not because I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. As background, we humans are simply hard-wired to fear unexpected changes, so my ritual was about releasing whatever fears were remaining, pretty much a standard request around here. The message I got back was basically, “Release the fears you can’t possibly articulate at this time,” which of course has left me scratching my head.

Any other head-scratchers out there? “The only thing we need to fear is fear itself” is a fairly reliable mantra but is sure getting tested lately, as is “This too shall pass.” Sheesh! The heck with patience, I want to renegotiate my karmic contract. Phil

Matt: “Release the fears you can’t possibly articulate at this time,” Couple possibilities came to me…..

A) There are fears we’re not aware of. Some are buried deep in our psyche and cannot even be articulated. These can be rooted out with EFT or “tapping” using the setup phrase “Even though I’m (worried or anxious or afraid – pick what seems most appropriate for you) and I don’t know why, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Eventually most of us will get a sense of what we’re really afraid of, sometimes in that “Ahah!” moment or in dreams etc. Then we can tap away the specific fear.

B) As you said, the fear of change is endemic. I’m not convinced it’s hardwired though. I think it’s learned and probably caused by a misunderstanding of what this earth is really about. For me this planet is a school planet and we all come here to learn. Pain is the teacher, our hearts are the compass and change is the solution.

Like almost everyone else I resisted change because changing meant jumping off the cliff, not knowing for sure what might happen to me. The more I resisted change the more pain I felt. Eventually I broke and started changing. I noticed that if I made the change that my heart was telling me, things eventually got better and the pain lessened. Often I didn’t get what I expected but what I got made me happier than I had been before. In time I learned to eagerly embrace change when I have pain. It’s never failed me. Every time I change in accordance with the dictates of my heart I find more joy in my life.

So maybe that’s what the message is about, examining our beliefs about change, about chaos and the unknown and verifying whether those fears are justified. Matt

Danielle: I had the same experience with making changes… once I was willing to face my fear of myself… it is like the fear of change is rooted in our fear of looking within ourselves, seeing what is really there, being willing to like and love the “bad guy” we perceive inside ourselves… once we accept ourselves, the rest becomes relatively easy… the biggest breakthrough for me was about 20 years ago… until then I couldn’t remember much of my life before about 10 years old… yet when the memories came, it was clear that there had been no specific traumatic event to shut me down… my manic depressive alcoholic father had created so much fear in me through those early years that the little girl in me had shrunk away… once I reached out to her and she started coming out of her shell, the wall of fear in me began to break down… real change began to manifest for me… and an authentic happiness began to take over…. and you’re right also in saying that things didn’t turn out as expected or asked for… but in the end, better for me…

What I have learned about fear is that whatever danger I feel almost always feels bigger and more threatening than it actually is once I find the courage to face it…

Phil: The “fears I can’t possibly be able to articulate at this time” has much more to do with the upcoming energetics we’re all sensing, perhaps the “fear” of not being able to recognize the next dimension opening up when it will, or at least that’s been one initial observation, the messages keep on coming on an almost daily basis. I keep asking my spooks for their grace in allowing me to be in the right place at the right time for when it all does come down, and they keep trying to reassure me I’m already there, I just need to have faith and to keep on trusting. This necessarily (?) involves a review of the “just how the heck did I get here?” line of questioning, and fortunately a whole bunch of fellow travellers from the distant past have been popping up to add their affirmations.

Another “fear” I may be sensing is not being able to fully identify the Trickster energetic when it constantly shows up, the seemingly “bad” or “good” information that’s so prevalent in this Information Age, which demands we all remain as centered as we possibly can. And they’ve been pounding it into me lately, that we were never expected to achieve the impossible, just the highly unlikely. Also, the future belongs to the fearless, just like it always has.

BTW, I think it’s important to repeat that these observations are coming from my own level of awareness at this specific time, everything is subject to change when evidence to the contrary dictates otherwise. Peace out, Phil

Teresa: Good stuff! My own biggest fear is that same fear of not being ready when the time comes and whatever is happening opens up and ‘happens’. It’s huge, in fact. Especially since I feel like such a fraud when others tell me how wise I am or good at what I do. I have no idea how I know what I know or where it comes from. It’s a fluke as far as I can tell. So yeah, big time fear there.

I like this statement: we were never expected to achieve the impossible, just the highly unlikely. There is a lot of grace in that proposition. Do what you know. Do what you do. Do whatever in the realm of truth (as you perceive it even) and if you are open even the teensiest bit, you will have succeeded in being where you ARE… Where you need to BE when the time comes. If we could only remind ourselves of this and believe it as truth. But that’s the rub, as they say. We expect so much of ourselves. Hence the fear we aren’t doing enough. But see, ‘do’ vs. ‘be’ may ‘be’ just the answer we need to apply.

After all, for those of us who are parents, we only expect our children to do what they are currently able to do. Oh sure, sometimes we lose it when they don’t do more, but the reality (ha!) is that they are mostly doing the very best they can and that is really all we can ask. So why are we so hard on ourselves? Again, we expect more of ourselves than we need to.

If everyday I strive to do and be my best, if every time I see someone in pain and attempt to alleviate that pain in some way according to the power that is at work within me, then I am exactly where I need to be.

Let’s keep reminding each other–and ourselves–that we are worthy merely by the fact that we are giving it our best when we are called upon. LoLove, Teresa

  1. Hi, I read with interest this latest offering about FEAR.
    I noticed the words: coming out of one’s shell. The word Shell truly resonated for me, because when we hold a shell to our ear, we hear, the ocean.

    We use “shell” in many ways, in English, and within shell is surely, EL, the Hebrew name for God. She EL. We have this notion in Judaism of the shekinah, the indwelling spirit that’s within us all, the Divine in us all.

    I know, it’s ALL GOD. I think we’re moving, moving, into a new state of consciousness, and in reading your most beautiful words and about the universal struggle to embrace change while clinging to what we know, what is safe as it is known, is very deep, and very revealing.

    For me, there have been so many recent coincidences involving shells that I have written down in my Diary.

    I do perceive we’re all doing a cosmic dance with each other, giving and gifting each other constantly pieces of the puzzle, which is also, of course, mystery.

    It’s very difficult to embrace a new way of seeing, and I think this is exactly where we are headed, all of us, as souls in a cosmic story we simply, did not write, but in which there’s a profound learning curve that’s entirely about compassion. We’re all of us, climbing Jacob’s ladder.

    Yes, as in Blake’s Tyger, it can be fierce some, and very strange, and scary, but I think, once we enter the Gardehn, we will understand so much much more, and that is: this entire story is about LOVE.

    Thank You as always, Global Psychics.

  2. Ruth,

    As always, a delight to see your response.

    False Evidence Appearing Real is another way to describe fear.
    I think there’s an overabundance of False ‘Evidence’ out there.

    But if we find a way to share what we know as True Evidence
    (True Righteousness Under The Heavens–TRUTH) (aren’t I clever?) ;oD we will see what you call compassion…compassion –perhaps ‘the passion of the christ-consciousness’, to coin a phrase. (Hopefully this isn’t an offensive term…X-consciousness being the singular consciousness or Buddha-consciousness, etc etc)

    Of course, that which is called “the Passion” is the X-ian theological term used for the supposed events and suffering – physical, spiritual, and mental – of Jesus in the hours before and including his trial. Perhaps we, in com-passion, will be seeing either our own
    suffering in order to be-come ‘more’ or understand more (hence, the newly coined phrase) …or the earth in the throes of such a ‘passion’. Or both.

    So, back to True Righteousness etc… Righteouosness means to be in right standing. Compassion seems a way to do that, certainly. But ‘right standing’ would include more than ‘before G-awed/ess’. I think it will include in the presence/midst of all of us, as well as with the entirety of creation. I apologize in advance for
    quoting Romans (from the X-ian bible), but it is a verse that fits here and was a difficult one for me in that I had to understand what it was saying in order to memorize it years ago. What it says is:
    “…For the earnest expectation of the creature [creation] waits for the manifestation [revealing] of the sons of God.”
    It goes on to say (and here I’ll skip a verse):
    “…Because the creature [creation] itself ALSO shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty [liberty of the glory] of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now.” (all emphasis mine)

    And right up front I have to tell you I see it so much differently even now! ;oD The outcome seems different now, I suspect is why. Now I see it as creation in the throes of her birth pangs, but it doesn’t have to be ‘the end of the world as we know it’ in the negative sense of
    Armegeddon, etc. BECAUSE, as the verses state, it is WAITING for the manifestion…the revelation of…the sons of God.

    Of course I also know there is probably something even deeper in the fact it says ‘sons’ in one place and ‘children’ in another. That is one of the many things I love about Judaism. They know there is a
    deeper connotation implied in words like this (I can think of an instance where it does this very thing with very similar words in therabbis’ commentaries on the Tenakh–I should look it up and see how it might apply to this).

    Anyway, I have gone off on a tangent and it is late here…I need to be in bed in 5 minutes! ;oD What was I going on about in the first place anyway? *eye roll*

    Perhaps more later…

    PS I LOVE Shekinah! I love that ‘she’ was exiled–or chose to be exiled–with us. She is that Divine Glory that rests with us, that hangs with us… And since the word ‘glory’ and the word ‘weight’ are similar in Hebrew, I think the ‘weight of her glory’ –ooh! I
    just thought of this…but when we are in labor, it is a great weight inside us, bursting forth to be free and alive! Oh oh oh! Shekinah’s weight/glory is what is waiting (weighting?) to break forth and as one of the verses above mentioned, there is Liberty in that Glory!
    And the groaning, the travailing, will bring forth a new and ‘glorious’ thing for us to behold! May we be ready, as midwives, to take hold of what is brought forth and rejoice! (OK, now I’m late to bed and I have to wash my hair! Oh, I wish I could remember what our recently departed friend Chris used to say to me when we’d be up past midnight and I said I just HAD to go… It was French) ;oD ~Teresa

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