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March 2012 Tarot Card

Teresa’s Reading for March

I drew the 5 of Cups when I asked this question: What is the energy of this month and how will that propel us forward to become the person we hope to be at the end of this year?

Five of Cups/ Water, Spilling

We can sometimes be so overcome with a sense of loss we forget all aspects of life are transient. We should always endeavor to move beyond regret and self-recrimination, and have the courage to salvage something worthwhile from our shattered dreams.

You see, on this card we see five cups, three of which have spilt. BUT we need to focus on the two which have NOT. The sadness of the character on the card reveals they are focused on that which has spilled, but this is much like the ‘cup half full/half empty’ paradigm ~ it is all in our perception.

What I see on my particular set is the man covering his face, weeping over the three, not perceiving the remaining two (which on some cards shows them spewing forth great light). Cups is water, which is representative of emotion. On my card, the character stands in a courtyard in the evening. Most of the lights are out, but the three (interesting) largest windows are illuminated, as is the night sky behind, filled with bright stars What this says to me is that no matter how hard things might seem at this moment, the stars still shine, the earth still spins. “God’s in his heaven. All’s right with the world.”

I realize when 3/5 of what we consider important is wasted and broken at our feet, this seems a platitude not worth listening to. But the reality is there is enough Light to see this scene….enough Light to walk onward…a Light in the window, so to speak, to draw us toward hearth and home where we will not weep alone

Five may represent change and uncertainty, but in some understandings it represents creation, the beginning of something new being formed. only the third month, means we have made some great progress already in this year! And in any endeavor of true worth, we sometimes take three steps forward and two steps back. That is what I am ‘seeing’ in the three of five cups spilled at our feet. Years ago I was losing weight very rapidly on a special diet plan and one of the things I learned related to the scripture that states, “His mercies are new every morning.” On my diet that meant no matter how I messed up on one day, I didn’t have to pay for it with starvation the next day. I just started the next day with a clean slate. That is what March is. If you have made mistakes in the first couple months, no biggie. Pick up the pieces—the two remaining ‘cups’—and keep going. “His mercies are new every morning.” “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” All those things may be relevant, because NOT ALL IS LOST!

>Some things, by their very nature, are transient and impermanent. Do not rely so much on others, especially for love. When it seems the ‘cups’ of your life have spilled—and all your love (February?) has emptied out—you will discover you still have a major reservoir: your own source of internal love ~ Do not forget that!

March is calling us to let go of the frustration having expectations has brought. It is time to move to a deeper level of understanding in order to overcome that frustration. It’s only March! It’s NOT the end of the world! (Even if some think it might be in a few months—*wink*).

We are anticipating the experience of great pleasure already, but there may have been an unexpected disturbance, and the expected pleasure therefore was interrupted.

March will be the time to notice where we feel trapped. We will need to notice when we are concentrating on problems instead of assets and not seeing opportunities. We must blast away creative blockages or infertility and claim more positive things for ourselves. Pessimism or depression will tempt us, but we must recognize them for the enemies they are. Then we will have a growing awareness that relationships are what we make of them.

The ability to appreciate what one has—to drink of the two cups remaining, if you will—is the promise at the end of March.

After all, you know the old adage: In like a lion, out like a lamb. May that become our mantra as we enter March, knowing all is not perfection, but that does not mean it is not good—nor that it won’t get better.

When March has spilled everything out, and we are right down to the bottom of our cup, may we see our own heart reflected and realize which desires were based on expectations with no foundation in reality. Then the Five will show us its symbolism as the five dimensions of existence: modes of action, emotion, intellect, body and spirit.

Using these >we will answer the question for March: Are all the aspects of my Self in alignment with Divine Will? In so doing we will learn to overcome our tears…

Danielle’s Take on the Five of Cups

 I find this card most fitting for the energy I have seen flowing through the lives of the people who have consulted with us in the past few months. My sense is that the first three months of this year are about clearing – once and for all, facing the old issues that have plagued us over the past few years, and perhaps through our whole lives… core issues are coming up to be addressed… the good news is that bravery pays off… those who are willing to dig in and settle the past will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel…. clear signs that brighter days are ahead…

The 5 of cups tells us to let go of the past, to accept the “mistakes”, the losses and sorrows, and move on… the time for grieving is ending… a cycle of change is upon us…. and we have a choice… we can either continue to focus on the pain we have experienced, or we can make the most of what we have learned, turn our back on the old “uglies” to focus on the love and joy that is ahead. We are being told to accept – and make the most – of the changes coming. This is a good time to make a new beginnig, open a new chapter in your life.

That said, this month we could get news of the a serious illness or the death of a much-loved public figure, the sense here of a large funeral in the news.

If you’ve been in a difficult relationship, you could find that you are ending it this month… or that you are dealing with some rejection from your partner. But once we get past St Patrick’s Day, if you have been busily settling some old business, whether personal or with your career or finances, you should find that you are getting the go signal on some new plans. Expect to be a little restless this month – but use the energy to get busy with new projects…

The key message in the 5 of cups is that spring will come, love – and life – will blossom once again – and sooner than you think!

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