‘Twas Hallowe’en eve and the whole ‘Global’ team
Weren’t tricking, but treating, or so it would seem
The psychics were psyching with cards, stones and such
Keeping the people and spirits in touch
Danielle had them busy, so busy in fact,
Deb, Phil and Owen hadn’t notice that Matt
Had gone off somewhere for a healing, I guess
And somehow the party became quite a mess
Ghosts came to visit, all haunt-y and float-y
But angels came, too, and were seen there by Jody
Anthony informed us about our past lives
And told us that Christopher had had thousands of wives!
I don’t know.  Is that true?  Maybe Rhonda can tell us
But she says that Cherie has had lots of fellas
Oh, this party is beginning to get out of hand!
I’m lost here, I tell you and just don’t understand
There’s Robert, and Kara and Lisa and Sharon
They’re talking to spirits who are messing with Karen
Telling her things that could never be true
But Michael insists, he has seen this thing, too
What ‘thing’, you might ask me.  I know Laura knows
And I heard Anatara say she once saw it glow
They say there are goblins that feast in the night
Eating your innards.  Now That is a Fright!
Then in runs Teresa, ’cause this is her cue,
Screaming and yelling, “Oh what will we do?
The goblins are coming.  They’re coming for you!
We’ll need a ghost hunter before we are through!”
But then we all look and the only thing there
Is the figure of someone not wishing to scare
This figure is smiling.  Yes, smiling I say.
“It’s Hallowe’en, psychics.  I just came to play!”
“I knew that!” they cried out, because, let’s be honest
They’re psychics.  They knew it.  That’s why they hid in the closet!  ©

11:57 pm 10/27/09 Teresa Z Crane

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