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Say Thanks By Paying It Forward

How many times a day do you say Thanks?

Chances are you say thanks without thinking much about it countless times in a day… you thank the servers. the bank teller, the doctor, the stranger who held the door for you…

Children with good manners say please and thank you… this is so conditioned into most of us that we automatically say thanks when someone helps us in any way… so we thank the store clerk who not only shows us where to find that part we need, but also how to install it easily, we thank the vet for treating our beloved pets, we thank the handy man for hanging our new folding doors… in the moment, we are usually quite sincere in our gratitude…  but how often do we really think about what we are saying, how quickly do we forget that we are/were truly grateful?

Gratitude and appreciation are good habits to develop, but we tend to take it for granted  that a simple thanks is enough… it can be if we are committed to paying it forward…

The holidays can be hard on some people… but there is a way to make them joyful…

For many years I lived at a great distance from my family so it wasn’t easy to get home for the holidays. Still, my son deserved a special day, even if I wasn’t much into it… those were the years I invited everyone I knew who would also be alone to come for a feast… If I couldn’t get home to my family, I could at least have the smells and tastes of home and an extended family to share it with!

That was the beginning of my learning to express gratitude by paying it forward, sharing what I could…  Whether you are enjoying a great feast with family, or sitting alone in your room, take a moment to be grateful – and then think of how you might help another, how you can pay it forward… perhaps with some random act of kindness or perhaps with some service to your community… many volunteers are needed during the holidays – to serve a great meal to the homeless, or to gather food for those who are struggling… by giving something of yourself, you will find that you have more to be grateful for…

Holidays like Thanksgiving remind us that we have a lot to be grateful for… while we gather with friends and family, let us remember all of the people around us who make our lives easier… and let us be especially mindful of the need to pay it forward, to help others where we can….

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