One night, I was in my living room with my sister. My mother was in the kitchen and I thought that one of our next door neighbours came in and was in the kitchen with my mom. So I asked my sister if there’s anyone in here and she said yes, and I knew she was joking so I played along, but then I went to look at near where my frontdoor is from my living room and I saw like a black shadow. I couldn’t make out anything like a face or body, but it scared me a little like there’s somebody here I thought it was a person. My question is WHAT or WHO? was it my spirit guide? Also I’m not sure I think twice this happened. I was going to  sleep and I closed my eyes and I saw a man with a long face I couldn’t really make out his features but he looked mad I think. Also how do you know if you’re psychic? J

You know you’re psychic when you start knowing things ahead of time… I don’t think that was your spirit guide, perhaps just some lost soul who saw a light on and wanted to connect… if it happens again, surround the energy with love, tell them they’re lost, say a prayer for them and tell them to look for the light and go to the light where they’ll find their own home. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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  1. Ghosts are usually kind of fluffy. Yes they can really cop an attitude (poltergeists) and can even hang around and bother folks. You can go into prayer mode and bring in God’s metallic gold light through the top of your head, fill your body and surround yourself in this light and program it to stay put… no ghost can bug you at that point. They don’t like the smoke or scent of sage or cedar, either, so consider smudging your home.

    Now… I have increasingly been running into something that seems etheric… usually likes to wear a shroud and may or may not show a face… and is actually a transdimensional alien. In other words, it is physical but on a higher dimensional level so it is confused with ghosts. If one shows up, call it down and tell it you know what it is and tell it to get gone. The important thing is to stand in your power and authority. I’ve known homeowners who had cowered in their rooms up until I told them about all this… they made a stand, and demanded “rent money” from the transdimensional, who then was late for the door!

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