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Ghost Pets

About 10 years ago, when I was 4 or 5, my dad accidentally closed our garage door on a stray black cat, killing it. We didn’t recognize it. I don’t remember this incident, my mother told me and my 13-year-old brother about it. Needless to say, my dad was ashamed and we burried it in our yard. Just last year, my brother said he saw a ghost cat walking around on three different occassions. The first time he spotted it outside, the second time the cat was sitting beside him inside the house and jumped through the ceiling to the second floor, and the third time was also inside the house. My brother told me he was scared of it, but the cat never tried to hurt him or showed any aggression toward him. He is especially afraid to go into the guest bedroom because he said he feels like something is watching him, and he suspects it is the cat. Would his impulsive fear of this ghost cat suggest that the cat was trying to hurt him in any way? What reason does the cat have for hanging around our house?

It didn’t belong to us, we already have two outdoor cats. By the way, no one else in the house has seen the ghost cat before, but my mother has seen other human ghosts before. Tori

I’ve seen and heard ghosts before, and seen a photograph of a ghost kitty. Ghost cats have jumped up on my bed just before I nod off.  They are very real, and can’t hurt even a ghost mouse, although I’ve never heard of one of those. They can’t even trash your furniture, and I’m seriously considering trading in my two real terrors for one that I can see through ;-)

Obviously, a significant bond can be forged between us and our animal friends, and I’m sensing that in a past-life your brother had a cat he was especially close to and fond of. In that life, I’m sensing around 1930 or so, he was also quite young and was killed in a house fire with this living cat in his arms. The cat thought that it would be protected in the arms of his beloved human friend while they tragically huddled together in a closet of that burning house. Of course, your brother is terrified of the ghost kitty because it reminds him – on subconscious levels – of his own death in that fire.

If your brother wants to find peace with the ghost kitty, he should call out to it when he senses or sees it, and see if the ghost kitty will climb onto his lap. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, but it will require some courage. That past life experience, and images of his own passing in that fire, might bring on an emotional outpouring, so allow him that space, and consider it a blessing. If the ghost kitty complies, and that connection is re-established, the ghost kitty will probably go away.

In the meantime, you know those styrofoam packing peanuts – those annoying things that can cling to you in dry weather and clog up our landfills? Call them ghost turds.
Peace, Phil the astrologer guy

Dear Tori…Animal spirits are around us all the time, same as human ones. The cat passed on your property and never had a proper home so sees this as his home  that’s why he is still there. He wont or does not want to hurt anyone. Blessings… Jody

  1. Hello, just recently I was standing in my kitchen and I saw the figure of a cat jump off of my dining room table. It jumped from the table to the floor, then vanished. That same week my husband told me he seen a cat run through our frontroom. I had not told my husband what I had seen until after he told me he had seen. Five years before this incident I rescued a sick homeless cat, I named him Grumpy. He had a wonderful home with us until he finally died from Aids two years ago. He was the love of my life, and I have never stopped loving him, or missing him. I do believe he misses me as much as I miss him, so he has come back to the only home he ever knew, and to the one,s who loved him dearly.

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows of pictures taken of ghost pets posted on the internet somewhere or has any of there own I can look at. Thanks Cindy

  3. I took a very sick cat into my home for the last three weeks of his life as I didn’t want him to pass over in the shelter he was in with all the noise and confusion.

    It was hard but I was glad. Have her ashes in a vase in my home.

    Poor thing probably never had a decent home in her life.

    I would love to have her visit me some time.

  4. For about 4 months now, I have been visited regularly by a ghost cat. It will jump on what ever bed I am lying in at my house, walk around on the covers and kneed. It does not do anything to me, but last night it touched my bare skin on my calf as it was crossing the covers. My wife has also experienced the cat on the bed thing, and once we were lying together and both felt it at the same time. We had a cat die here a couple of years ago, and we think it is him, since he was a character and always up to something.

  5. So, I’ve seen spiritual illusions in my life, but this is the first home I have experienced feelings of spiritual being. I thought I was losing it the first 3-4 times, but in the past 3 days the experience has multiplied and become more apparent. I have a ghost cat, thank God… I don’t have to clean a box and feed it, but it seems sweet. IT walks around me on the bed, climbs up near my pillow and lays against my side for a few seconds. Tonight, my cat and I saw it walk back and forth in the hall by my bedroom door. I have finally felt comfortable enough to tell my husband and ask my daughter if they have experienced the same, luckily the ghost kitty is only my pet. I questioned my sanity, until I read other stories on globalpsychics; ghost-pets. Since we have only been here a short time, I can’t help but wonder if this is one of my many cats from the past that have passed or if this is a cat attached to the home we are now living in temporarily.

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