A Complete Range of Psychic Services by Professional Intuitive Counsellors


“You’ve made a world of difference.” Peter

What makes us different? Why, in the first place would you choose us for a reading? And what is it about Global Psychics that keeps our clients and visitors coming back?

You Get Follow-up on Our Email Readings

We go the distance with our clients. We’re so committed to being sure you get solid answers and clear, complete readings, we offer free follow-up on every email reading.

“What a treat to be able to write back to you with my reaction and for clarification.” Maria

You Have A Solid Team at Your Disposal

Unique to Global Psychics is our Team approach. Any time a reading is somewhat challenging, our psychics will reach out to other members of the team for insight and input. We are the only service on the web that is so confident of our ability that we offer team readings to provide our clients with a comprehensive outlook on a particular situation, from different perspectives.

You Get a Team with a Solid Track Record

We operate in an industry that is not recognized, does not license its members or have boards or associations to protect you, the consumer. In the psychic realms there is only one rule: “buyer beware”. Global Psychics has attempted, through solid consistent presence, and heartfelt work to set an example of “good business” for our industry. To this end, we alert our visitors to what to look for in a reading and how not to get scammed or conned.

We have an excellent track record, so our clients feel confident and safe when they order a Global Psychics reading knowing they will get what they asked for, and we will not “luck peddle” – (attempt to collect large amounts of money to convince you we can change your luck, remove a curse, make someone love you or various other “out there” suggestions.)

You Get Committed Messengers

Psychics, simply put, are messengers – we don’t create your life, we have no power to do anything about it – we simply read the probabilities based on the choices you have made and the energy already set into motion and then we allow for a view on the possible outcomes. Any changes come from you, the individual. We do not hold power over your lives – we are quite simply, the messengers.

You Get Honesty

You also have our commitment to honesty – you will not hear just what you want to hear, but what is truly there.

But please don’t shoot the messenger! We take our role as messengers very seriously, so we are honest about what we see. Sometimes you may not like the answers you get, but you will always be treated with great care and loving respect and you will usually be given some good ideas around how to change a difficult situation.

With Global Psychics, you can feel safe as valued and honoured clients in our care.

Choose us for our answers… and how they help you make better decisions.

Folks choose our psychic services for some very simple reasons. We offer answers, answers, and more answers, answers that enable you to make better decisions. We deliver those messages from your soul, from your Higher Self that will help you to live the life you want.

Choose us for our commitment to a loving service…. and how this translates into useful information to help you be happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser….

You have our commitment that we will continue to upgrade our own skills and knowledge, familiarizing ourselves with any advances in information or technique. Not only are we committed to learning and growing ourselves, but we are committed also to sharing what we learn with any who are interested. As we grow and prosper personally, so does Global Psychics, as a resource center and a credible leader in the metaphysical, spiritual and holistic communities.

You have our commitment that each reading will be visited with utmost sincerity, fully engaged with an open heart. We intend for each of our clients to feel better about themselves and their lives. Our clients feel empowered and uplifted by our readings, no matter their personal circumstances. We have adopted a high standard of professionalism; we will not judge, we simply report and offer whatever messages, insights, suggestions or advice we are given to offer.

You have our commitment to a high level of customer service. We are practical and grounded and won’t obliterate or confuse the issue with “high falutin” explanations that leave you less informed then when you started. And if, for some reason, one of us can’t make a connection for you, we’ll access other members of the team so you always get a good connection, and the answers you asked for.

We have saved many of our clients money and a lot of time. Many business have succeeded as a result of our input. We have advised clients on their best career choices, helped others to figure out who is the best partner, or how to repair a broken relationship – and at times we’ve advised our clients to pull out before they started feeling foolish in relationships that couldn’t work. We are sincere in our desire to provide a valuable service that empowers our clients.

Our Clients Speak:

“Thanks so much for your reply. It’s not the first time your readings have been right on the money (no pun intended). And thanks for the advice. I will take heed to it.” Mirta

” I was and still am “struck” by the accurateness and preciseness of your report. Yet is very caring and gently written. It feels good, and gives me a good platform to guide my life more gently through the “waves” + a lot of work on my part.” Marina

“Thank you so much for the information and insight. It will definitely help me in my decision. love,” Stephanie

“Many thanks to you. I have drawn back the troops. It is a joy to make contact with you.I send you Love, Love, Love.” Thomas

“I took your advice and went to go see my doctor again. I must say that it was a good idea. It turns out that I did have a problem with my neck and that was what was causing the headaches. He also said that it may have gotten worse with time. I also told him about the flashy image thingy and he sent me another doctor. He said that it was probably nothing and as you said a result from my injury combined with the panic I feel about going away to school. John