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Delve into the Past – Our mediums answer your questions about past lives and how they are affecting you today.

Ever been somewhere new that you swear you've travelled to before? Can't figure out why you're scared to death of flying? Met someone new and you feel you've know them for lifetimes? The answers to these puzzles are often rooted in past lives. Our past life readings can change your life, and changing your perspective will open a door to hope and healing. (Note: Regression work is by phone only.)

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Danielle and Cherie: Gee whiz you guys are good! This reading really hits home. You guys are the best, and you know you will hear from me again!! Love you. Cheryl

Thank you Danielle and Cherie!!!  Your readings did connect very much and has offered very good advice and encouragement. I do like that they are in an email as I can refer back to them and think about things. Julie

Danielle,  I thank you and Joyce for your insightful readings. What you both say doesn't surprise me- I think I needed to hear it from outside sources! Blessings to both of you, Dianne Hi Danielle, I just wanted to give you an update. As usual, you were right. Thank you for your guidance, as always. Natalie Hi Cherie, Thank You so much for doing my reading. It has given me a lot of clarity, but also a lot to think about. I feel that you were right on with every last word! Mary K. Hi Danielle and Cherie, I can't believe it's taken me so long to write to you of my gratitude for the reading I received. Those words were literally food for my soul, and before them I felt that I was starving. I hope that doesn't sound crazy. I've read through them over and over and each time I feel such a sense of relief and I smile. All of this is so true. Jessica C.

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"Another great reading and very helpful advice. I think I have a new friend and advisor. Thanks again." Hugs TL

"Thank you once again for your wonderful words of wisdom, your reading has definitely helped me to gain the clarity that I was looking for with regards to my next step." Warm Regards Lina