A unique service from Global Psychics…  Put our team on your case… two or more psychics respond independently using different techniques

Special Team Reading $100 Now $65
2 psychics, two questions

Team Forecast for the Month $60 Now $50
2 psychics look at the next month

Team Monthly Forecast for 3 Months $150 Now $135
2 psychics look at the next month for 3 months

Team Life Reading $100
2 psychics answer your important questions

Team Money or Career Reading $100 Now $75
2 0r 3 psychics respond to up to 4 questions about money or career

Team Relationship Reading $100.00 
2 psychics respond to your questions about relationship.

Team Spirit Reading $100 Now $75
Two mediums connect with the spirits around you for messages and responses to your questions.

Team Tarot Reading $100 
Two psychics consult with the Tarot separately to answer your questions

Inner Child Team Reading $100
Two psychics connect with your inner child to help you remove any obstacles in your path and attract more joy and prosperity.

Team Life Purpose Reading $125
Two psychics or a psychic and an astrologer help you to indentify your life purpose.

Team General Forecast $100 Now $100
Two psychics using different disciplines, (eg, tarot, astrology, numerology) will alert you to the key events and trends for next year, and answer your questions about what to expect – and what not to…. !

Team Quarterly Forecast $135 Now $110
Two psychics using different disciplines, (eg, tarot, astrology, numerology) will describe each quarter for the next year, alert you to the key events and trends, and answer your questions about what to expect – and when you ought to lie low.

Dream Interpretation – Conference $75
Two readers interpret your dreams

Team Animal Reading $100
A Team of our Animal Communicators, will talk with your pet(s) individually and then confer, to find out s/he is feeling, or to ask whatever questions you want.

Team Past Life Reading $125
2 psychics in respond to your questions about past lives.

Pre-Birth Plan Team Reading $175 Now $135
Two mediums will independently analyze the key elements of your pre-birth plan including past life and/or ancestral issues to help you move forward with what you came to learn in this lifetime and why.

Business Team Reading $125 Now $85
Two or more psychics, using different specialties provide a general overview of where you are now and what you can expect in the next period, with answers to up to four specific questions

Team Business Forecast – $175 Buy Now $150
You get consultations with Danielle Daoust and one other psychic- evaluating your business as it exists today, your strengths and weakness, and what you can do to achieve your goals

Complex Team Reading $175 Buy Now $135 In-Depth Team Reading
3 or 4 psychics give you an in-depth response to your questions.

Payment Methods: All Credit Cards via PayPal, (YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT and you will not be charged to use their payment services), plus: PayPal account, cheque or money order or Interac Transfer for Canadians.