Marie or Owen tune into your body's energetic and vibrational state. Important Note: Our Medical Intuitives prefer to do this work by telephone. You can order a reading online here or call 1-888-509-9999 to book an appointment.

Health and Wellness Readings by Marie $100 Marie senses deficiencies in the body and can offer ideas on diet and supplements to improve overall health. She can identify if environmental factors are causing heath issues– such as off gassing of plastics, carpeting etc. and if the health issue is coming more from emotional origins than environmental or physical. Marie can also use numerology to find out of the health issues are karmic, which means less change of 'cure" and more work on learning the lessons being given.

Life Path Consultation By Marie $175 Buy Now 135 Includes: Overview: Your gifts, challenges, and life purpose. Physical and mental health concerns, Solutions based on your current lifestyle choices; Transits: “What the heck is going on now, and how going to last?”; Nuts & Bolts: Regular day to day problems and issues including physical health. Sessions run 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. All in depth sessions include FREE follow up questions. They are conducted by phone, recorded and later mailed to you. The price is per session, not per hour. We will contact you to schedule your appointment as soon as we receive your order.

Short Medical Intuitive Reading with Owen James $75

Full Medical Intuitive Reading with Owen James $200

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