Annual Forecasts: A general outlook for the next year or 12-month period, answers your questions about what’s coming, and what you can do about it.

Birthday Reading $60  Now $45

Astrological Birthday Reading, $60
including using your solar return , Birth Chart and transits.

Short Annual Forecast $35 Now $25
A General Forecast $60  Now $45
Team General Forecast $100 Now $75
Quarterly Annual Forecast $85 Now $75
Team Quarterly Forecast $135 Now $100

Short Annual Astrological Forecast $55 Now $45
Astrological Annual Forecast $100.00 Now $85

Monthly Forecasts: A look at what you can expect in the next month with answers to your questions about the period.

Forecast for the Month $35 –  Now $25
Astrological Monthly Forecast $35.00 Now $25

Team Forecast for the Month $60  Now $50

Monthly Forecast for 3 Months: $100  Now $75
Team Monthly Forecast for 3 Months $150

Astrological forecast for the next 3 months $75.00

Special Forecasts:

A Seasonal Forecast. $60  Now $45

Astrological Seasonal Forecast $60.00

Business Forecast $100 Now $85 

Team Business Forecast $175 Now $135 

Payment Methods: All Credit Cards via PayPal, (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT and you will not be charged to use their payment services), PayPal account, cheque or money order or Interac Transfer for Canadians.