As psychics, we are seeing this growing desire for a connection with self in your reading requests. More and more often, you are askiing for more depth in our readings beyond what is coming next, and what it will take to achieve your goals. Now you want to know what's been getting in your way, what's stopping you from getting what you want. You want to make sense of your circumstances, to understand what you came here to do so you can get on with the job.

Understanding brings enlightenment for the soul… awareness leads to breakthrough, whether in our personal lives or in business. At this time in our evolution, it seems that individuals in unprecedented numbers are seeking breakthroughs by reaching for greater awareness – self-empowerment.

In response to your interest, we have introduced a suite of new services, grouped under the category "Breakthrough Readings" – each with the objective of helping you make sense of your life, so you can move forward towards your goals. Inspired by the book Courageous Souls, we introduced Pre-Birth Planning readings. We have included Past Life Readings in this suite because so often, today's challenges are rooted in choices we made in previous lifetimes, and we have also included Angel Readings because the angels so often have useful insights to help us understand the why of our circumstances in life. Inner Child readings help you notice where healing is needed and Life Purpose readings are designed to help you get clear on what you came here to do, then our Life Coaching services support you in getting where you want to go.

Payment Methods: All Credit Cards via PayPal, (YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT and you will not be charged to use their payment services), plus: PayPal account, cheque or money order or Interac Transfer for Canadians. 

2 Readings – $100 Your choice of two readings from our list of Breakthrough readings (below)

3 Readings – $150 Your choice of three readings from our list of Breakthrough readings

5 Readings – Complete Breakthrough Package $225 5 readings, includes one Pre Birth Planning Overview, an Angel or Inner Child Reading, a Past Life and Life Purpose Reading as well as a Shamanic Spirit Reading.

List of Readings that can be included in your breakthrough package

Pre-Birth Plan Readings
Angel Readings
Inner Child Reading
Life Purpose Readings
Past Life Readings
Akashic Records Readings
Shamanic Spirit Readings