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Use astrology to pick a special date, or to choose the right partner, or to find the right job…

Astrological Answers $60
Heather will use your astrological data to answer 3 specific questions.

Birthday readings including using your solar return , Birth Chart and transits. $60.00

Short annual $35

Important Cycles of Initiation Astrological forecast including using your progressed chart $100.00

Monthly forecast $35.00

3 month forecast $75.00

Seasonal forecast $60.00

Yearly forecast $100.00

Soul path, life purpose $100.00

Life lesson reading $85.00

Astrological Annual Forecast $100
E’lan analyzes the astrological influences for you in the coming year and alerts you to what you can expect

In-depth Astrological Reading, $140 –
includes a nine page software-generated natal interpretation (in an attachment), five pages of personalized information with supplemental natal info, recent past and upcoming transits, and Progressed chart interpretation. Upon request at no additional charge is a four page “cheat sheet,” with definitions of the symbols of planets, signs, houses, major asteroids, aspects, Nodes, theoretical points, and elements and modalities. Charts can be sent electronically or through the snail mails.

In-depth Astrological Relationship Reading, $180 –
includes much of the same info as two full readings, with emphasis on synastry and Composite charts.

Astrological Life Purpose Reading $100
Astrological Perspective on Your Life Purpose


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"Another great reading and very helpful advice. I think I have a new friend and advisor. Thanks again." Hugs TL

"Thank you once again for your wonderful words of wisdom, your reading has definitely helped me to gain the clarity that I was looking for with regards to my next step." Warm Regards Lina