The Akashic Masters keep the records of our soul’s journey through all lives. Over the last couple of decades available information about the Records has expanded, and the Akashic Masters are now increasing efforts to spread even more healing energy and information from the Records around the world. Why? To help more people create the best possible lives now; to grow spiritually; and to come into more exquisite alignment with the soul purpose and intentions that inspired them to incarnate at this time! Rebecca Ann Helgesen is one of the channels working with the Akashic Masters to help them accomplish this mission.

Rebecca has given thousands of Akashic Records Readings since beginning as a consultant in 2005, and now also teaches others to Read the Records. She began metaphysically as a Sukyo Mahi Kari Energy Healer in 1989, next became a Reiki Master, and graduated from the Barbara Brennan International Healing School’s 4-year Professional Healing program in 2003. Rebecca has also worked as a full-service Astrologer, and as a Psychic Medium, since 1997. She holds a B.A. in Communications, and had practices in the Washington, DC area and Miami, FL before moving to North Carolina in 2006. She now has offices in Raleigh and Wilmington NC, and also works by Skype and phone nationally and internationally.

In the Akashic Records readings, Rebecca will enter, with your permission, your Akashic Records. Akashic Records are the Universal store house of every thought, action, word and emotion since your souls’ inception. By opening these records you will receive guidance and understanding which will enable you to move forward and leave behind things that no longer serve you. Prepare your list of questions and send them along with your permission to enter your Akashic Records. Please note: Akashic Records readings may take a little extra time.

Akashic Records Reading – 2 Questions
opens the Akashic Records for guidance around 2 questions.  Regularly $60, or a special sale price of $45

Akashic Records Reading – 4 Questions
opens the Akashic Records for guidance around up to 4 questions. Regularly: $85.00  or special Sale:  $75.00

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