You may have the opportunity to turn a friendship into something more romantic, but you just can’t seem to twist up the energy right now. Your get up and go got up and let you down, and you may be worried that the attraction does not have staying power.


Money makes the world go around, and you’ll be dizzy right now. You may be entertaining multiple job offers, a promotion, bonus or raise. You and do need to work out a budget, however, because despite the good news, it appears you are spending outside your means.


Take some time to treat yourself for a job well done. You may feel celebration is premature, but you deserve to pat yourself on the back for everything you have done, not just the outcome of your actions.


It is a good idea to avoid the shopping malls right now because you will be highly impulsive, energetic, and prone to fits of hyper-spending. Your budget does not need the hit that could result if your credit cards get too close to a till.


You may have a hot new business idea. It has the potential to bring in a lot of money, but you may find you need to make some sacrifices to get things off to a good start. A temporary delay right now could work to your benefit in the long run.


Watch your spending right now. You’ll be extremely impulsive, and won’t be thinking too clearly, especially where it comes to entertainment purchases. Your intuition will seem sharp, but it could be misleading. Avoid making any purchases that are not absolutely necessary.


Your work life is about to get a major boost in a positive direction. You’ll have additional resources and responsibilities, and will be happy for some guidance from an older coworker who will have some ideas for ways to improve your business communications.


You may feel like a paperquake has hit your desk. The damage, if you can really call it that, is likely self-inflicted. You wanted change, and you wanted it yesterday. Well, you got your wish, and now everyone wants you to be the one to clean up and smooth it all over.


You may have concerns about a child’s education, your own child, or the child of a friend. If it is your own child’s future on the line, you will probably want to charge into battle, but if it is a friend, you might want to be a little more tactful.


More changes and challenges in romantic partnerships are hitting your “love life” sectors right now. You will remain overly energetic, and your partner may be saying “enough already!” You don’t need a cold shower, you just need to take things a little more slowly.


You may have a sudden urge to gamble, but both the casinos and the stock markets are bad places to spend your time and money right now. If a really hot idea crosses your path, by all means consider it, but proceed with any wild new idea with the caution it deserves.


You will be getting a lot of emails, phone calls and drop-ins from friends and companions right now. Everyone is full of physical and emotional energy. There may be some special kind of entertainment or recreational event this evening to bring a large group together.

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