Financial challenges may prove to be particularly distracting right now. You really would like nothing more than to blow a gigantic wad of money on some self-indulgent hobby or recreational activity, but you really can’t afford to do that.


Watch your driving right now. You are distracted, this time by some flattering attention. You may be asked to go on a trip, to speak, teach or lecture, and the implied compliments are indeed seductive. You just have to concentrate a little more than normal is all.


Romantic energies return to your chart, and while friends are supportive, family members may not be too happy about your lifestyle or choice of partner. Rather than worrying about pleasing someone who may be impossible to please, stay focused on your own desires and needs.


You are looking forward to some fun and entertainment this evening. You feel sexy and playful, and your creative fantasies are intriguing right now. If you are married and are trying to add branches to the family tree, this could be a night to remember.


It may be tempting to ask a wealthier relative for a loan, but before you do that, see if there is not some other way. You may find they are willing to help, but there are others in the picture who could make things tough with mean-spirited gossip.


You may buy a music CD or video right now. You feel a strong need to sing, dance or express yourself creatively right now. You may be invited to go to a music concert right now. You will be on the phone a fair bit and it is a good day to get your paperwork up to date.


That new leadership role you are thinking of assuming could turn out to have financial strings attached. You could get lucky and be voted treasurer of your favorite club, but you may also find out that the cupboard is bare, and you are the one in charge of the next fundraising drive.


If you are still single, get out where there is good food, good music and the possibility of good company. You’ll be extra attractive and lucky in love right now. If you are already married, take your significant other out for some long overdue romantic fun.


Romance is the flavour if the moment. You may want to get a bit carried away by flowers, hearts and unicorns but keep one foot on the ground. You may be floating on clouds and you need to keep at least one toe in the ground.


You have an intuition about the health or wellness of someone in your family. You may have an insight that leads you to a workable holistic healthcare option, or to an affordable service that will make their life and yours that much simpler.


You are even hotter right now than yesterday. Unforgettable energy is pouring from your love sectors, and if you have been waiting for a good day to make a secret passion known, this is about the best chance you are going to get. You will attract attention no matter where you go.


Your work, career and health sector takes in some much-needed energy right now. You will find that you are feeling healthier and more energetic and are able to get a lot of work done. You might be looking at a bonus or small raise, or at the very least a really good chance to impress the “higher ups”.

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