An important relationship is undergoing some significant and challenging transformations right now. You may find that your significant other is pressuring you to change your appearance, to get out more, or to stretch your horizons with a new creative hobby.


Others will see you as someone very important and interesting right now. Someone looks up to you and will see you as being the teacher or visionary they have been looking for. This may be a little unnerving but the truth is you can handle the responsibility.


Your mate’s crazy ideas are unlikely pay off right now – especially those involving dramatic changes to your social schedule or career ambitions. It may turn out that renovations you undertake right now could be more expensive than either of you thought.


You will be a big kid right now. You are full of playful, innocent energy, and your sense of humour has returned in full force. If you are a parent, get out to the playground with your kids. Any sporting event, art exhibition, or movie that you can explore will be seen with new eyes.


You will be getting news about your health or well being that makes it even more important that you start on a healthy diet and exercise regime. Your creative abilities could prove to be positive and healing to your general well being somehow – a painting class or musical interest helps you deal with stress.


You are anxious about an important personal relationship right now. Your decisions may be based more on subconscious fears than they are on the realities of available evidence. Before you make a choice you may regret, give yourself time to think it over.


If you are a parent, there is some secret about your children that will come out right now. It may be upsetting but you are likely to be making a mountain out of a molehill. You may actually find out that it turns out to be a blessing in disguise, so don’t panic!


Your intuition will be sharper than normal right now. You could actually have one of those strange psychic experiences people sometimes report, where they “just know” something good will happen to a loved one or relative, and it later turns out to be true.


If you are thinking about having a vacation soon, you will be strongly concerned with the traveling companions that you will have along for the ride. You may be thinking about buying a timeshare or cottage, but you may want to have another look at the costs.


You are facing a challenging decision about your career future. Do you bet the farm on a risky gamble, or stick with something you have grown out of? If you are feeling bored, you may find it hard to step outside a rut right now. You do need a challenge.


You have many social opportunities right now but your subconscious mind is interfering with your ability to follow through on the connections offered through family and friends. You may be afraid of social differences that arise from differences in religion, culture or politics.


You may be invited out to a lecture or class together with friends, but you may find that the content is boring, or too challenging. You will have better luck in getting together with your significant other for some cuddle-time together this evening.

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