You need to get out and play, but you may have some challenges getting away from your responsibilities. You seem to be a bit preoccupied with worries and baseless fears right now. You need to find a distracting, entertaining movie so you can forget the mundane realities.


If you are single, someone wants to set you up. But their taste in relationship material may be dramatically different than yours. If the friendship is important you may feel you have to go along with their plans for a blind date even if you don’t have much enthusiasm.


You may encounter problems in communicating, or long waiting times if you have to see a doctor. Appointments may need to be rebooked at the last minute. Contracts or work-related communications may be confused or inaccurate. Double-check your appointment calendar.


You may be considering investing in a new hobby. You may be considering a new team sport or outdoor activity that involves large groups of people. If you are still single, this is a good way to get around active, energetic and healthy people.


A friend could pooh-pooh or put down your plans for a home move or home-based business, but it is beginning to look more strongly like the gamble you are making is actually about to pay off. You will be over-extended, though, and they are right that there are risks.


You may have to make some compromises right now between your family and your boss. All sides seem to have their ideas about how you should be spending your time. You may be able to compromise. Offer alternatives, agree to disagree. Don’t get wrapped up in “rights” or “wrongs”.


You would rather eat dirt than sit down with that pile of receipts on the dinner table this evening, but it has to be done. Your budget work is always a drama, but if you keep digging you may actually find that there is some good news at the bottom of the pile.


Never mind what your friends, siblings and companions think, you are going to do your own thing, right? Well, maybe they have some ideas that would be helpful to you, and maybe you are being just a wee bit stubborn about taking their suggestions to heart right now.


You will be on the phone or the Internet a lot of the day, acting as the hub for a wheel of delightfully cheerful gossip right now. Someone is getting married, having a baby or has decided to move to town, and you are busy letting the grapevine know all about it.


You may find yourself the center of attention in some way. While the spotlight shines though, it can cast shadows. A secret you are keeping could slip out. This could prove to be a blessing or at least a relief though. The reaction likely be anywhere as bad as you may fear.


Make everyone stick carefully to the budget. Your family members might resent you for being the official “stick in the mud” but persist anyway in demanding a value case be made for new and expensive projects. Someone is pushing for a vacation that you can’t afford.


If you are single, you want to consider one of those online dating services, or keep your eyes pealed for someone interesting in social media. A long-distance romance could be what it takes to break you out of a recent dry spell.

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