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Thanks to our friend Brandi Jasmine of, you can get your free monthly horoscope here. Brandi is also a talented artist. Here’s an example but you can find more of her awesome work at

Eye of Solstice

Embeadery: Eye Of Solstice by Brandi JasmineEye of Solstice is a tribute to the magical changing of the seasons at the Winter Solstice. At the four corners, the four elements are represented. This embeaded piece is mounted on artistic canvas board, and framed with a black wooden art frame. Art size is 10 x  10? square. $800.00 USD, includes shipping in USA or Canada. Please contact me for worldwide shipping estimates.

October Horoscopes


The focus is on family, home, partnerships and relationships, and the challenges of juggling a busy social calendar that can make everyone happy. This time you may have to be the one to make compromises and put aside your own wishes if you want to keep the peace, especially among family members who may be less than reasonable at the moment. Carving out some time for yourself could prove to be difficult. The upside though is you have an opportunity to show leadership, and you may find that your willingness to let something go proves to be helpful, even healing to someone who needs to feel heard and validated.


You may feel like you cannot open your mouth without offending someone right now, and could feel frustrated by your inability to get someone to see how they are getting in their own way. Say your piece as diplomatically as you can, but be aware emotions are particularly tender at the moment, and people are not entirely rational if their buttons are pushed. Misunderstandings are a possibility. The upside is you may have a recall of an old wound or challenge that you can heal if you are prepared to entertain the small voice within. A class or seminar in mindfulness or meditation would be a huge help to you right now.


Watch the spending, especially at those big box craft stores. You may be picking up an awesome new hobby, craft or taking an art class when you realize just how much money you are spending. And other people around you may not share your tastes or enthusiasm right now. That is fine, if you can afford it, but if the budget is already tight, do some online research before you commit to any big purchases. Maybe there is something more affordable available as an alternative. A group or workshop that combines art with self awareness could be a huge positive step to take in improving your wellness and happiness.


You may be considering home renovations when it dawns on you that there is a much bigger investment in time, money and materials than you can easily afford. If you are looking into contractors or designers, check them out online before signing on the dotted line. Anything major could prove to be challenging. It is likely to be rewarding in the end, but there could be delays or misunderstandings over the bottom line. Watch what you say online about that too, as people could react strongly in ways you cannot predict. Discretion is the better part of valor right now.


Watch what you say to people this month, as they will be extra sensitive. Some will be downright twitchy, especially family, siblings, close friends and coworkers. Your own subconscious is setting off warning flares that you are not quite in sync with those people right now. If you are wondering if the problem is them or you, it is likely both. Someone may come across as preachy or teachy, and before you strike back, remember that they see something you do not, and are trying to help, even though their approach may be clumsy and you may not see it right away. You will not regret taking time to listen to them, even if you ultimately decide that they have it wrong.


Before you make a time or financial commitment to some worthy cause or organization, make sure to check your own calendar and budget first. you could find that the actual demands are greater than you thought, or that there are additional requests for time and or money once you are in the system. You may have a sudden opportunity to step up the career or social ladder, though the opportunity may come with some pretty heavy commitments attached. If you are looking for a new source of income, consider the ways in which you can be helpful or healing to those who carry old wounds. Some kind of alternative medical treatment, supplement or vitamin therapy could be just the thing for you or someone you know.


An opportunity to boost your career or social profile could come at the expense of your home life, or vice versa. You may find it hard to be away from home or stuck there. In fact, when you are home you may want to be at work, and while at work you want to be home, and your conflicted emotions could be challenging for a bit. It will all work out, the condition is temporary. In the meantime, take comfort that you and your family are finding new equilibrium and that you are making a positive impact. You and your partner may find a class or workshop helpful, and these are places where you can find good partners if you are looking.


Watch your words right now, especially online. You feel misunderstood or maligned in some way and could be extra sensitive to taking offense where none is intended. It may be true that they are both wrong and rude, and they may be extra deserving of an epic smack-down, but your legendary insights could come back to haunt you. Just be aware of the cost you could end up paying if you let fly. You will not be able to take your words back later on. On the upside this month, you could come across an alternative medical treatment that could improve your life and could even help you make some extra money.


If you have been struggling to balance the books, or find meaning in the work you do, this could be the breakthrough period where you surrender to what looks like a challenging circumstance, only to discover that it was the exact thing you needed to discover the answers you are seeking. There may be financial challenges but if you ask what you are learning from your current circumstances, some pathways will open up leading to solutions that could be much better than you considered possible. It seems redundant to tell your sign to be open minded, but you may be considering a new career in an unusual workplace or outside of your normal comfort zone.


Your career and place in the world is always important to you, but for the past while, your career, social status, even your identity have been undergoing deep shakedowns. This month, that will be a strong theme. You like things to be steady, stable, and above all controllable, but that is not the way of the world, and your lesson right now is to know what fights to pick. Your battle with an authority figure or political ideology could be a source of friction with your spouse, family or business partners. Keep calm and soldier on. This will pass, and the stability you can bring will be recognized and appreciated.


Your subconscious mind may be extra active right now, and you may find yourself drawn to new people, ideas and to travel. If you focus on the latter, make sure you keep an open mind, stay flexible, and book extra travel time. Delays and challenges are possible. But if you are prepared to hike the road less traveled, the bumps, pot holes, and detours could prove to be more than worth the effort. You could be part of the healing process with a friend, co-worker or sibling. It may turn out that they have been extra challenging lately due to a medical problem, and you may have knowledge or information that could help them heal.


You may be drawn to a new craft or creative hobby that is innovative or not mainstream in some way. The challenge could be cost, acceptance in your social circle, or if you are an artist, acceptance from the general public. Your vision might not be appreciated right now, but stick with it, and you will discover that you were only ahead of your time. be careful not to take on too many volunteer jobs. You will likely be offered more work than you have time to complete. remember to feed yourself first. You cannot be helpful to others if you are starving yourself. your own health and priorities should come first.

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