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Thanks to our friend Brandi Jasmine of, you can get your free monthly horoscope here. Brandi is also a talented artist. Here’s an example but you can find more of her awesome work at

Eye of Solstice

Embeadery: Eye Of Solstice by Brandi JasmineEye of Solstice is a tribute to the magical changing of the seasons at the Winter Solstice. At the four corners, the four elements are represented. This embeaded piece is mounted on artistic canvas board, and framed with a black wooden art frame. Art size is 10 x  10? square. $800.00 USD, includes shipping in USA or Canada. Please contact me for worldwide shipping estimates.

 February Horoscopes

The month may start off both slow and chaotic in different ways, but give things time, keep your own council, and avoid the office gossip, and things will sort themselves out. You are under a long-term transit that has the forces of chaos and order doing battle over your long-term career and social status sectors, and this trigger point is about to face a bit of extra pressure. The Universe is calling and it is asking you to decide what you want to do with your life for the next decade or so. If you have any doubts, this is the time you will look back upon as a crossroads.

You are in a long-term process of deciding what is most interesting in life, in the word around you, and your own thoughts. If you are not in school, or cannot get into some form of formal education, you likely have an itchy travel foot. In the beginning of the month you may find that itching feeling becomes a roaring demand. If you lack the budget to make that happen, you may find yourself being drawn to travel books, websites, lectures and seminars as a way to sooth your desire to expand your horizons. Dive right in! You will find there are benefits you did not imagine.

Chaos and order are themes in your inner being at the moment. You may have experienced a life passage, or the passing of another has illuminated realities you had not considered before. Or, like one Gemini I know, you might simply be drawn to learn everything you can about psychic speculation on the past lives of celebrities. In any event, your inner life is extremely interesting right now. Take it all in, pay attention to the synchronicities that lead you to explore the mysteries of life and death. You will be rewarded in ways that you could not have imagined at the beginning of the process.

Relationships and partnerships are going through a long-term transformation. This does not mean that you are heading for lonely town necessarily, but it does mean that the old ways of doing things, the old ways and habits, simply will not satisfy anymore. If you find yourself belting out Rolling Stones tunes in the car ride from work, then you already know you need some satisfaction, but you may not necessarily know what you are looking for. Events this month will make the need to answer those questions even more pressing and relevant. Keep an open mind, be willing to experiment and go with the flow, and you will be happier than you can imagine now.

The energies of daily life, work and health are going through a period of transformation right now. The old ways of doing things, the old ways and habits, simply will not satisfy anymore. You want more stability and more freedom at the same time, and these things are not always necessarily harmonious goals. You may have to compromise on one side to get the other. Some of you will find ways to balance these urges though and being conscious of the reason why you feel discombobulated at the moment is only the first step. Next, you must figure out just how to make things happen.

If you are a parent, you may find that your kids are swinging from one polar extreme to the other, from chaos to conformity, and back again, sometimes over days, but sometimes in the same sentence! Their creativity and energy will fly off the charts, then crash down to Earth, and so will yours. That can be confusing. The best thing to do is find some way for everyone to express their unique nature in a safe, structured and supportive way. If you are not a parent, and you do not seek parenthood, be extra careful to take the necessary steps to avoid any unwelcome surprises. Seek out ways to express your own creative urges.

You may be considering a home move or renovations, and two competing urges have been keeping you stuck. On the one hand, you are craving stability, structure, safety and reliability. On the other, you want to dig everything up and throw it out in the trash. Whatever you do has to satisfy both sets of urges, and that may seem impossible. There are ways to have both, but you will need to get creative. For example, you could renovate one room at a time, so you keep the stability of your home, without needing to evacuate. The same forces are playing on your family. Keep the themes of chaos and order in your mind, it will help you figure things out.

You may find this to be a somewhat challenging time for communications, especially online, particularly when the subject is faith, beliefs, values and politics. You might just want to close up your cell phone and social media accounts while the tempest passes. You see things more deeply and completely than most, and others might not be ready for your more pointed insights. Take deep breaths before you post anything sarcastic. The pushback could be wilder than you expect.

You might want to avoid the big box stores, especially the big craft stores right now. Your budget might not be able to withstand the temptations. You will be highly creative, energetic and impulsive, and you could come to regret some over-spending if you are not careful, especially if there are children participating. If you do any art or crafts with kids, the main things you will need are lots of drop cloths, soap, water and aprons. The paint will be flying all over the place.

There could be unexpected changes in your home or family, due to unexpected disputes or disagreements. One side or party wants stability, sameness, and security, and the other wants adventure. The two may find it hard to compromise right now. This can be an inner struggle, or a family feud might burst out into the open, bringing you along reluctantly for the ride. Try to keep an open mind about a family member and their odd lifestyle or opinions. You might find you agree with them more than you expect, and they could be a welcome ally.

You may be feeling unusually frustrated or tongue-tied right now, and that is hard for any air sign. Try to be extra careful as you could find yourself attracting opportunistic trolls who amuse themselves by pushing your buttons, then blaming you for the chaos they started. Ignoring them is a great way to starve them of the attention they crave. Then the shoe is on the other foot. If you must respond to a particularly heinous challenge, take the time to back up your arguments, and be careful not to let your feelings show too much.

Your friends, coworkers and siblings all may be coming across as a little on the side of nutty right now. Everyone seems to have a bee in their bonnet about something, and you tend to take them all personally. Remember that not every drama needs you in a supportive role, and take the better part of valor. Refuse to get in the middle between to feuding sides, so you do not end up regretting a significant waste of time and energy. They will ultimately work things out anyway.

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