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Thanks to our friend Brandi Jasmine of, you can get your free monthly horoscope here. Brandi is also a talented artist. Here's an example but you can find more of her awesome work at

Eye of Solstice

Embeadery: Eye Of Solstice by Brandi JasmineEye of Solstice is a tribute to the magical changing of the seasons at the Winter Solstice. At the four corners, the four elements are represented. This embeaded piece is mounted on artistic canvas board, and framed with a black wooden art frame. Art size is 10 x  10″ square. $800.00 USD, includes shipping in USA or Canada. Please contact me for worldwide shipping estimates.

 December Horoscopes

You will have an opportunity to transform your life in a big way. An old or hidden wound may surface and could prove to be a blessing in disguise. You will find you are able to communicate about something that previously left you at a loss for words. A workshop, seminar or online class could be the trigger for a spontaneous past life or early childhood recollection. It may be challenging at first, but if you allow it, and you are able to share it, the benefits could be tremendous.

Volunteering for a local or online support group could be just the thing that will help you break through a personal issue that has made you feel stuck or challenged. Helping others to get past their own problems will help you better deal with your own problems. A friend or acquaintance who is having problems financially may approach you for advice, and you may be able to help each other by getting together with other people in the same situation.

If you are single and you meet someone outside your normal circle, do not be intimidated by their different social or financial class. You could be on either side of the divide but you have an opportunity for growth in both emotional and financial areas. If you have a partner, you may be feeling challenged by the division between your home and personal life. Work schedules may be a bit difficult to juggle. But there will be opportunities for you to come to a better solution.

If you are seeking to improve your home or family situation, this is a really good time to invest in new ways of communication, education, or travel. You may be looking for new ideas and ways to see the world. If you do not already have similar plans, look for a website or class that will challenge you to change the way you view reality. If you have children, finding a way to include them in your educational activities could be a great way to learn and spend some time quality time together.

A friend, coworker or a sibling may have ideas for you on ways to spend some of your free time. He or she could be on to a new idea that could really take off. You may want to spend some time together thinking of new ways to make use of this idea or project. You may even go into business together. Take out some extra time to ask all your friends what is new with them, and you may find the discussion leads to some very productive territory. Friendly brainstorming of all kinds is favourable right now.

You may be thinking about a way to improve your home or family situation. An opportunity early in the month to increase your income could be a big help. You may still have some challenges in deciding how to spend the extra money, but be careful not to break the bank. Increasing cash flow could be most helpful in improving your overall home situation. If you do not see improvement right away, it could come by a little later in the month or at a future date. Start planning now for ways to improve your home or family situation that do not break the bank.

An opportunity to change your daily life for the better will be coming early in the month. A call, letter, or email could hold the keys to a new phase in your life. You will be talking about ways to improve your health, daily schedule, or general daily work conditions. Open yourself up to new ideas and suggestions even if they seem a little extreme at first. You might not like all of the circumstances surrounding these conversations, but they will lead you to a much happier and more stable daily lifestyle. You might even be looking at a new and better job situation.

What seems like a karmic gift could actually be just the outcome of the past few months of personal struggle. You may be looking at new income from a new job, career, or client. There may have to be some adjustments either emotional or financial, But in the end you will be a lot happier. Do not be afraid to try out new ideas and suggestions made by friends, companions, coworkers, or siblings. They could be seeing things that you are missing. If your luck has not been favourable the past couple months, take heart. Things are about to change.

You could be the center of attention in a family drama, particularly if you do not share the same political opinions as a family member. Every family and each relationship in a family is unique, and you will have to decide how to deal with the cranky people who look down on your values. Is peace of mind important to you? Maybe take a pass on that big get-together, or find some way to cope with having your buttons pressed. Letting fly with all barrels may be satisfying for the moment, but somehow you may be made to pay for it, if you are not diplomatic in the face of a challenge.

Check out the Sagittarius reading this month for clues on how to respond to challenging people. Your most likely challengers will be friends, coworkers and siblings, and you may be under even more pressure to conform, or to play diplomat. If you have to, take some time out to take a few deep breaths, especially if your challenge happens online. People do not always manage to get the point in text-based communication. A lot of context like tone of voice and body language is not available. A miscommunication could mean a lost opportunity.

A friendly idea to take a class together could lead to some changes in your financial situation. You could meet someone who is hiring, take a class that improves your job prospects, or end up meeting someone who gives you information on better ways to communicate your skills. In fact communication will be as big a theme as possible windfalls. Perhaps there is an opportunity for you to make money using the Internet, telecommunications or even the radio to boost a business or learn more about your chosen profession. Friends and associations are good places to brainstorm money-making ideas right now.

You may be asked to take on a new leadership role in the workplace, or step out into the spotlight for a better opportunity at your current job. You will be looking for ways to express your productivity in a unique style that is all your own. Be aware that your desire to stand out could be threatening to those who might consider themselves to be competitors. You will not be able to hold yourself back, and nor should you, but be aware that envy could rear an ugly head or two, and keep your plans close to the vest until you are ready to deploy them. Use your discretion when deciding who to trust, especially if they have similar plans.

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