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Thanks to our friend Brandi Jasmine of, you can get your free monthly horoscope here. Brandi is also a talented artist. Here's an example but you can find more of her awesome work at

Eye of Solstice

Embeadery: Eye Of Solstice by Brandi JasmineEye of Solstice is a tribute to the magical changing of the seasons at the Winter Solstice. At the four corners, the four elements are represented. This embeaded piece is mounted on artistic canvas board, and framed with a black wooden art frame. Art size is 10 x  10″ square. $800.00 USD, includes shipping in USA or Canada. Please contact me for worldwide shipping estimates.

 October Horoscopes

Aries Everyone in your family may seem a bit extra touchy this month, especially those privy to the dark family secrets. That kind of trigger point is extra sensitive, and not everyone is behaving rationally. It would be prudent to keep your own counsel, especially when speaking to someone who might not be in on the background. This is not a great time to open up and share information, though it is a great time to look inward, to learn, to study, especially on matters involving family psychology, abuse, and the challenges these present, even if this is not a feature of your family life.

Taurus Your friends and close associates, and people you share interests with may seem a bit extra touchy this month, especially those who have friends or family who have experienced some kind of abuse or trauma in childhood. You may hear rumors or be given a story in confidence that is rather challenging, or hear about it online, and it could lead to a great deal of introspection. This is a great time to learn or share information on how to overcome childhood challenges, and you may be reading about this kind of topic on social media right now.

Gemini The challenge for you this month is to deal with a difficult situation in the workplace. You may decide that your current career path isn’t fully in sync with your values and beliefs, or you may have to deal with a competitor who is abusive or unprofessional. Regardless, this is a good time to think things through and review your past decisions and what lead you to your current vocation. Whether you decide on change or not is not exactly the point. It is the process of introspection into your values itself that is the biggest benefit to your future.

Cancer You will be learning on a deep level who you really are and what you really want. Whether you choose to do that through travel or education of some kind, it’s really the deep introspection itself has the most value. A change in attitude may come from a change in perspective brought on by an opportunity to share with or teach others. Seek out quiet meditation time, study time, and opportunities to share with others who have common experiences and ideas. Let the information flow to you, stay open to ideas you may have once considered challenging.

Leo Mediation, dreams and sudden insights may help you open up to new and deep changes in your spiritual life. You may experience unusual psychic connections, and this could challenge you to reassess the very nature of what some call reality. There are more things out there than you have imagined. If you have courage, you will find this a highly productive, creative time. If you feel a vague sense of unease, you are probably choosing to deny something. Facing the tough questions of life is not always easy, but it can bring you to some of the greatest rewards in life.

Virgo If you have had some challenges in your relationships, this is a good time to seek out some sort of shared, group activity that provides a space to explore your ideas, biases, beliefs and assumptions about your deepest needs in relationships. An old childhood issue may surface now that brings you towards the information or resources you need to heal and move forward. If you are single, you may want to explore some kind of personal growth or spiritual group. This is a great way to grow as a person and attract people who are on the same path.

Libra If you are having health challenges, it may be that your chosen career and daily lifestyle are at odds in some way. You may have chosen your career to please others, or to avoid criticism, and if so, that bird is coming home to roost. This is a good time to re-evaluate your lifestyle, career, and how it fits into your daily life. Your childhood reflects your future, and whatever challenges you faced as a child may be echoing more strongly than normal right now. One of these challenges could actually lead you to opportunities if you are willing to take a risk on something creative or inventive.

Scorpio Your creativity and sensitivity are high right now, and while the subject matter may be dark at times, you have powerful and healing insights that you can use to transform your self-image and the way you express your inner self. You may be considering travel or education as a way to soothe an inner urge you do not entirely understand. Exploring your deepest self, your earliest recollections and your past challenges could be highly rewarding, especially if you are involved in the creative arts. Do not be afraid to stretch your boundaries, to explore or experience new art or music. You might not see it right away, but the impact will be healing.

Sagittarius There could be a family challenge involving inheritances, taxes or shared possessions. An old dispute over something of value could bring up buried feelings, issues or challenges. Ask yourself if you value the possession more, or your relationship more, before you make any challenging statements or ultimatums, especially with anyone you consider to be family. The people closest to you, siblings, friends and coworkers, will be highly sensitive and easily triggered, and you are not immune from that energy yourself. Take a deep breath before firing off any harsh emails or social media posts.

Capricorn If you have had some challenges in your relationships, this is a good time to seek out better ways to communicate. Couples workshops and personal growth seminars could be highly relevant and useful to you. The biggest problem in most relationships is communication, so you are not special in this regard, but this month, you or your partner could have insights and ideas that are extra sensitive and important. Your sign is renowned for action, but this is a time when introspection, receptivity and good listening skills will prove far more effective than trying to push things through.

Aquarius A change in finances could trigger an emotional response, and you could find yourself making impulsive decisions without entirely understanding what motivates you. If you feel strongly compelled to make a sudden investment, remember to take some extra time to do some due diligence. A sudden opportunity could lead to a windfall, but it might come with a challenging partner who can press your buttons with effortless ease. If you know that in advance, you may still decide to go ahead, but you will be better prepared to deal with potential challenges.

Pisces This could be a highly creative if somewhat emotionally challenging time for you, especially if you are involved with the arts. Channeling your emotional insights into art, whether or not you see yourself as an artist, could be a great way to gather self-understanding as well as a rewarding activity in its own right. You may find that it is also a great way to soothe, heal or assist a loved one who is going through a difficult phase in life. It could even be a great career move in the long run. Do not be afraid to experiment with something new.

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