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Thanks to our friend Brandi Jasmine of, you can get your free monthly horoscope here. Brandi is also a talented artist. Here’s an example but you can find more of her awesome work at

Eye of Solstice

Embeadery: Eye Of Solstice by Brandi JasmineEye of Solstice is a tribute to the magical changing of the seasons at the Winter Solstice. At the four corners, the four elements are represented. This embeaded piece is mounted on artistic canvas board, and framed with a black wooden art frame. Art size is 10 x  10? square. $800.00 USD, includes shipping in USA or Canada. Please contact me for worldwide shipping estimates.

May Horoscopes


That makeover you had last month could really be attracting attention this month. You may be forgiven for thinking your career and social status is a bit chaotic the past few months, but this month, some of the chaos at least is likely to work in your favor. There is a flurry of activity, and you will be kept busy. There is a chance to turn some of this extra activity into opportunities to make more money, too. So keep your nose to the grindstone, and do not get too tempted by a pretty face and shiny baubles. Temptation can offer pleasure, but there could be a cost.


A slightly kooky, eccentric or unfocused friend who brings amusement along with their creative gifts could prove to be a real treasure in more ways than one. You love a good party, good food, good music and good times, and this month there could be an embarrassment of riches. Finding people to share it with should not be a problem. In fact, the main challenge could be fitting everyone into your schedule. Remember to book in some rest and relaxation for yourself at regular intervals, as burn out seems the most likely challenge. Someone with a musical or creative talent could help you find some information you need to make a big decision.


Creative, eccentric or unusual dreams or insights could help you come to terms with a career or investment dilemma. It is not really about the money, it is about what joy you get out of whatever you create in the world, whatever you contribute. And you may have a small crisis of meaning this month. You may feel that your current job or vocation is no longer rewarding, or that you are padding a nest that is not your own. You may or may not take a huge career detour, but you are likely to be at least thinking about it, and what it might take to get where you would really like to be.


The way you view partnerships, marriage and close relationships has been under pressure for a while, and right now there is a welcome breath of fresh air hitting you right in the feels. If you are single, this could foreshadow a new and important relationship. Your best haunting grounds are book stores, travel events and any kind of workshop or seminar that broadens the mind. Keep your mind open, not just your eyes. You may spot someone who is wildly out of your normal comfort zone, and they will be perfect. If you are already in a relationship, a little flirty experimentation could bring about a transformation in your love life.


Your health and daily activities sector has been under pressure lately and you may be feeling like you are burning out. But the energies this month will feel lighter, easier and there are opportunities for you to see the world in a new and positive way. One upswing will be in your career and social life, and there are opportunities to be had in investments. Art, music and drama are all good areas for personal enjoyment as well as investment, as long as you are careful not to get too carried away. Make sure you investigate the actual value before you slap down the cash.


Your partner may not be as impressed as you are with a big dreamy travel plan, but they can be brought around if you focus more on the educational opportunities or adventure. This is not the time to lay back and simply rest. Look for something with an opportunity to learn a new skill or hobby that you can bring back into your daily life. Art, drama, music, and creative sports or dance all offer the combination of energies that will get you buzzing. If you are single, workshops, seminars and lectures that feature a creative component or new hobby are also great places to meet like-minded people.


You seem to have soothed the savage beasts in your family or with your in-laws, and they have been won over by your legendary charm and creative talent. You may have helped beautify a home, or perhaps your talent for the art has impressed someone enough to overlook what they have seen as your eccentricities. Either way, there is an opportunity this month to build bridges between the fences that may have gone up last month. Your energy will have an attractive dreamy quality, and you may not always be at your most focused. Make sure you keep careful track of your schedule and appointments.


You may be spending a lot of time online putting out flame wars that you started. Your enthusiasm is high, but your situational awareness may be low. You could offend someone without meaning to. Granted, it is likely to be someone who is too easily offended. But do you really need the grief? Probably not. The political situation right now is complicated and confusing, and people you normally look up to may seem like they are losing their minds. This will calm down, and if you hold your fire, you may be able to enjoy the show in peace. Speak out, and you are likely going to have to deal with several people who do not appreciate your sarcasm.


There have been challenges in your financial sector for a while, but a change in housing or in your family could bring about opportunities you have been wanting. If you are involved in the creative arts, drama or music, the money opportunities will be particularly good. Just be aware that the pressure is still on to transform your values, and that you may not be at your most realistic right now. That translates to watching the pennies, and letting the dollars take care of themselves. You do not want to be too severe with your budget, but it is not a good time to go on a big shopping spree.


You may feel like the universe is forcing you to change your essential being lately and there is some truth in that observation. But are you resisting simply out of stubbornness and ego? That thought could bring some interesting insights over the next little while. You may even find, once the new you emerges, that you have not changed who you are in your true essence, rather, you are becoming a new and better you. And some of the things you will be forced to let go of will not be missed. You are going to like yourself a lot better once you get through the challenges this presents that you are a lot happier with yourself, and with your place in the Universe.


You may feel like you are on a train track running backwards lately, but you will come to realize that is not an entirely bad thing. A little life review from time to time can be a good thing. Yours will focus on the subconscious fears and insecurities that keep you from fully expressing your creativity and personal vision. Think of your creative talents as gifts in a larger sense. They are called gifts because we are supposed to share them with others. Sometimes people get that, sometimes they do not. But let go of your need to give to a particular person. Keep giving. You may not reach the one you aimed at, but you will reach someone.


You may be busy online, sharing and creating new things, when it suddenly dawns on you that a new direction is calling you. You may be adding a creative component to the way you express yourself, or you could be sharing more about your favorite artist, writer, actor or musician. The more you express your own creativity right now the better, even if not everyone seems impressed. Do it for yourself, for the sheer joy of self-expression, rather than seeking out likes or approval. Some of you may even turn an online hobby into a paying career or part-time income.

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