by Shelly Stokes

Beginning with Melwyn, One of Danielle’s Spirit Guides


SPIRIT DRAWING ~ for: Danielle

Your Spirit Drawing is a Lady who tells me her name is “MELWYN” and she was of Celtic Origin. She Guides you in Spiritual Development. She tells me that your Second Sight and Psychic Gifts were handed down to you from her. I believe she could be a very distant relation of yours. I feel a very radiant energy around her.

Shelly, I was surprised to find a Celtic woman as my guide… I expected an Indian male since my “gatekeeper” guide has most often presented as Native… but I have also worked with him as a part of a group that nicknamed themselves the Dust Bunnies years ago… a group of four… one was Isaiah the Indian, one gave me her name, Elizabeth, and one whom I saw as a light body only, named Yacob… I always knew there was a fourth and one day this one would be revealed to me… from time to time it seemed that fourth guide changed, at times a Healer energy that was male, but other than that I was never able to identify who this fourth guide was… perhaps that is Melwyn….. interesting that Isaiah used to call me Melchisadek when we were in deep work… Melwyn reminds me of relatives on my Mother’s side… her family came from France to Canada around 1652, so there are no doubt Celtic roots in the family… interesting, although I have a close and easy connection with nature, I have never had much interest in Celtic stuff… thanks, appreciate the work!!!! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Danielle, I did a search on the name Melwyn and it means shining, and holy. I see her as a tall strong woman and I get a very strong energy from her. It is a healing energy, so she can help you with those abilities as well. When you get the drawing notice the eyes, they seem so spiritual looking. I am glad you are pleased with her. Shelly

I forgot to tell you that I am pretty sure I have seen her a few times with Isaiah – one particular time when he came wearing full Indian headress and gorgeous buckskins, she was the woman at his side clapping as he danced… I was always wondered who she was… she too was dressed in gorgeous buckskins beads around her neck and wearing a haeadband similar to the one you included in the drawing… and Isaiah has the sensation of being 7 or 8 feet tall… so I am not surprised that she would appear as a strong tall woman… yes I was struck by her eyes immediately, seemed to see into me… I intend to hang her picture in my office where I can look up and see her easily… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle


Isaiah shows hiimself as Coyote Man to Shelly…


COYOTE – If Coyote appears in your life, you are being asked to look at yourself. Are you avoiding something that needs to be taken care of? Are you acting in a way that you should not be? Coyote is asking you to look at your actions and thoughts. Are you walking your road of truth or are you being “tricked” by yourself into acting out of fear or ego? Coyote is asking you to look into the mirror of truth and change any energy that is out of balance about yourself.

The Shoshone had many celebrations and ceremonies, but only one main religion They believed that the animal spirits Coyote and Wolf were the first beings on Earth , and that Coyote was the creator god and Wolf was his trickster brother.

One of the creation stories said that Coyote took a long journey to where the Sun rose, and found a wife. He had many children, which were all of the Indian tribes. He placed all of his children in a closed basket, and set back to the Great Basin. On his way back, he opened the basket and all of his children fell out all over the Americas. When he got home, the only two tribes left were the Shoshone and the Paiute. At once they fought each other, but Coyote kicked them apart and told them that they were his only children left, and that they would beat all of the other tribes, because they were the best.

Istaqa tells me that this lady in your vision was not Melwyn. She was Namid which means Star Dancer. Sometimes he brings her with him. She was his wife a long time ago when he lived on earth. They are still together. He wants you to see what she looks like.

Namid – Star Dancer


She is so lovely… funny, if there was a relationship between Isaiah and Melwyn, I was sure it had to be as siblings… and I wasn’t confident of that woman in buckskins being her… Namid is Istaqa’s softer side, she is very beautiful, I pick up a lot of gentleness from her.. Lotsa LLLove, D

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