Sample Psychic Astrological Reading

by Phil


Customer Name: Janet Birthdate: July 26, 1961

Part 1- Three Questions

Janet, The first question you asked me had to do with your career. I hope I answered some things in the full reading, but beyond opening a toy store, no other single image popped into my head.

No planets are in your 10 th house (the house of career) in either your natal or Progressed charts, but Saturn is in the sign he rules (Capricorn), and this alone indicates you would be a great organizer or manager in just about any profession you have been in, or would feel inclined to get into. Of course, Adolph Hitler was an extraordinary organizer and manager, but his spiritual path was less than exemplary, to say the least. Managers can lead their people and projects to great heights, or deep into the abyss. The difference is always an exalted spiritual path, and always generating good karma. While there are no planets in your 10 th house to make things easy for me, there are several interesting asteroids there – out there in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. I usually don’t concern myself with them in a full reading unless a person has huge gaps in their chart – empty spaces with seemingly nothing there – or in your case when you ask for signals from an otherwise empty house.

The asteroid belt is a fascinating place if you consider the planets to be a system of evolving. Moving outward from the Sun (our sense of self), we hit Mercury and our ability to think, communicate and move about, Venus and our ability to love and harmonize with others, and then on to Mars, and our ability to motivate and act. Jupiter is where we expand into being-ness, and Saturn through Pluto can represent how we materialize, revolutionize, philosophize, and ultimately transform our lives into one-ness with the cosmos. But how we get from action (Mars) to expansion (Jupiter) is often seemingly left to chance, as if we need directions on how to get from here to there. And we often do, so the asteroids can fill in a few clueless places for us.

First, and potentially most important, is Hygiea, the Goddess of Health, and she has kindly lent us the word “hygiene.” Any occupation in the health care industry would be wide open, especially because your natal Chiron has been so much a part of your life in regards to your personal health issues. Most of us in the natural healing professions have gotten here because of our own health problems, and once we’ve discovered some success we want to share the benefits with others. Such is the essence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

Next is Circe, the Enchantress, daughter of Helios (Sun) and an ocean nymph. In the myths, she used sorcery to change people into animals, but this would be an unwise career path, as I believe such practices are illegal in Canada. I could be wrong, but better safe than sorry.

Next is Frigga, the Norse Goddess of the atmosphere, love, and fertility, and f that seems like an unlikely bunch of things to be in charge of, they are, The Norse pantheon is like that. The key is to be able to merge the elements of Air (atmosphere), Fire (love) and Earth (fertility), IOW, communicate love and growth will follow. Being the wife of Odin would allow her to have access to a lot of cool stuff, and from what I hear, she is quite the babe.

Lastly is Siva, the Hindu God of… just about everything. He gets a bad rap as Storm God and destroyer, and sure – he likes to break things, but any culture that has brought us sag paneer and curried lamb can have any God it wants.

Real-time Jupiter has recently moved into your 10 th house, and will travel through it until the end of January. He’ll go retrograde in April and back up into your 10 th house in June, before stopping and going direct again in August ’07. The problem at this time (10/06) is that Jupiter is currently Square Saturn on one side and Neptune on the other, and this energy is wanting us to put the brakes on all fronts, wade through Neptune’s fog, and look for obstacles that might be in our way. On the other hand, now is a good time to sort through the things and paradigms that no longer serve us, and 2007 should be ideal to throw them out and pick up new tools for growth.

Jupiter only moves through a house every 12 years or so, so you may find clues for the near future in what was going on for you back in late 1994, especially in October of that year. A cycle of some sort might show itself to be either coming to an end, or spiraling upward and onward, but not necessarily be fully revealed to you until late 2007.

Also on the near horizon is what some are calling the Scorpio overdose, “highlighted” by Mercury going retrograde back and forth (and back again) over these four asteroids in your 10 th house. Mercury will move all the way back to, and stop on top of your natal 9 th house Neptune in mid-November, and move direct back over these asteroids the first week of December. These might seem to be antsy times in terms of where your soul is calling you to deal with career issues, but Mercury and Neptune are calling you to go within, think outside the box, and carefully reexamine your motivations, and hopefully the exalted ones will show you the way.

Let’s review – three girls and one guy in your 10 th house, an emphasis toward the Divine Feminine and health issues, with a touch of Magick thrown in. And Jupiter is all over them from now (mid-October) through to late November. Their should be clues everywhere, but only if you keep your third ear to the ground. There are no asteroids in your Progressed 10 th house, but your Progressed 6 th house is full of clues. Most importantly in your 6 th house is your Progressed New Moon in Virgo, which I mentioned in the full reading. Virgo rules the 6 th house, so this placement is unusually strong and relevant. Also in your Progressed Virgo and 6 th house is Pluto, with Uranus and North Node in adjacent Leo, but also in the 6th. New Moons are great for new beginnings, especially for planning on what you want to see your life look like 14 years down the road, when you will be having a Progressed Full Moon.

Virgo is traditionally known as the sign of work and service to the community, and that will always apply despite any argument as to which planet rules Virgo. I give co-rulership of Virgo to Chiron and Ceres (growth through healing), and this adds weight to your asteroids in your natal 10 th house.

Your natal Jupiter and Saturn retrograde have stopped and will go direct in your early 60’s. I didn’t mention this in the full reading because those energetics might be too subtle. But career-wise, this might be a warning to not burn-out. Pacing yourself might be an issue, and you may never feel like retiring, as a lot of us can’t afford that luxury anyway.

In an ideal world, you will be saving our species by organizing a global effort to rid the world of all it’s ills. One person at a time ain’t too bad either.

***************** Question number 2 is about your daughter Trish, and whether she will find success in the next few years. Seeing as how she is soon to be 19 years old, I’ll assume she is currently in college, or receiving some other form of higher education.

Like you, she has Jupiter retrograde in her natal chart, and her Progressed Jupiter has stopped dead in the air and is slowly turning himself direct. This, at her early age, is a marker for someone who is highly ambitious. Being in Aries, conjunct her Moon in the 9 th house, indicates she is highly suited for higher education. Jupiter rules the 9 th house, so her adventurous learning potentials are almost limitless.

The 9 th house is the house of education, adventure, and learning about foreign cultures. Moon conjunct Jupiter means she has a very forceful and persuasive personality. They are both trine her Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius and all are trine her Ascendant, forming a Grand Trine, an equilateral triangle, and one of the most sacred of the geometries. Usually, a Grand Trine indicates that all the planets involved are nicely flowing together, and she is probably the recipient of good luck. The problem with a Grand Trine can be a complacency to rely on her lucky stars to get her through. I usually like to see one of the planets to be opposed some other planet to provide a bit of an anchor, and fortunately Chiron is opposed Saturn and Uranus.

Unfortunately, Chiron is opposed Saturn and Uranus – yup, that’s a two-edged sword. This opposition can be susceptible to substance abuse, and transiting Pluto (at the center of our galaxy) was on top of her Saturn the past couple of years, and is currently on top of her natal Uranus. Pluto’s transit to Saturn may have allowed her to mature a few decades, but the Uranus transit carries a twist.

Uranus at the center of our galaxy in her natal chart poses some unique possibilities. Either she is all about becoming a revolutionary, and she’s going to help change the world for the better, or she’ll burn herself out by trying to do it all too soon. I’d pray for the former and fear for the latter. Complicating her Chiron is an Inconjunct to natal Mercury, indicating a bit of a challenge in communicating (Mercury) what might ail her (Chiron). A tendency to want tattoos all over might need reconsideration.

Chiron in Gemini, opposed Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius, are all Square her Nodes, and even though the Nodes aren’t planets, I’m sensing it may be a difficulty for her to know what she is bringing into this life, and what she senses is her life’s purpose. This is another case where I bring in the asteroids for clarification.

There are no planets or asteroids of significance near her North Node to provide a clue for her future, but her South Node is exactly joined by the asteroid Niobe (both at 28° 48′ Virgo), and her story is one of the saddest of all the myths. Niobe had seven sons and seven daughters, and was a little too proud of them. Her pride in her children angered the Gods and they were all killed. Perhaps Trish is great with children in this life, and wants to work for their betterment, and maybe she wants a bunch of them for herself. Niobe would be a good teacher in some mysterious way. Regardless, there may have been a similar tragedy in a past-life, and she’s being called to work through it in this life.

In Trish’ Progressed chart, there is an absolute clusterf*ck of planets at the center of our galaxy, so this might be a better indicator of what’s going on. Progressed Sun, Uranus (still, and always), Mercury, and Saturn, are all at the center of our galaxy, with her Progressed Moon about to join in this fun. All are opposed Chiron, and all are Squared her Nodes. This may be providing the focus/anchor that was somewhat missing in her natal chart, as these planets, at the center of our galaxy, where Pluto is currently loitering about, is telling me that she is keeping her eyes on the prize (or should be) – the search for the truths of all truths. That is, if she has the well established spiritual path that I belabor to the point of exhaustion. Moon, Mercury, and Saturn are all Trine her Progressed and natal Jupiter, so I doubt she’ll have a lack of motivation.

Her Progressed Sun will move into stable Capricorn in a few years, just as she’s going for her Master’s degree, whether she’s in college or has applied to the School of Hard Knocks. Of greater assistance for the shorter term will be her Progressed Moon preceding her Progressed Sun into Capricorn in mid-to-late 2007, and should provide better emotional grounding after her Moon moves past the Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Saturn party at the center of our galaxy. Any trend toward burn-out should be remedied by 2008-9.

One little fly in the ointment is that her Progressed (and natal) Chiron is Inconjunct her Progressed Venus, and female health issues might arise. A visit or two to an OB-Gyn might be in order.

**************** Question # 3 is about your sister Tina, and if she is happy (or not). Since I don’t have all of her natal particulars, the only things I can look at are her natal generals and a basic Progressed chart.

Happiness is always a matter of exercising our free-will, unless there are psychological issues. I can’t see that in a chart, but I can certainly see some challenges…

Unfortunately, she was born only two days before Michael Jackson (eeewww!!) was, so Tina and MJ share a lot of similarities in their Progressed charts. First to MJ’s stuff – he was born a poor Black boy with an abusive father. Abusive as Jackson Senior might have been, he was also an extraordinary manager (see why I worry about managerial excellence?), and he molded his family into what he never could have achieved in his own life. Michael attained super-stardom as a child with the Jackson 5, but he started his solo career with a very telling song, the #1 hit “Ben,” which was later revealed to be a love song to an invasive rat. Such a song indicates an appreciation and affiliation toward the downtrodden and maligned, qualities he saw in himself. A clue resides within this troubling paradigm.

Much greater success came in his (seeming) adulthood with LP’s titled “Thriller,” “Bad,” and “Dangerous,” and there’s no truth to the rumor that his next CD will be called “Creepy as Shit.”

The Progressed energetics he has been dealing with are similar to Tina’s. First, they were both born under a natal Mercury retrograde, and this marker is one that only one in five of us humans have (I have this too). Real-time Mercury retrogrades are a time to beware of communication and travel issues, and are a “good” time for computer crashes and car accidents, if there are ever any good times for such. For those of us with a Mercury retrograde in our natal chart, our communication skills are different than others, and we are often misunderstood and can feel isolated from the mainstream/conventional thoughts of others. The worst thing anyone can say to us is “Get with the program!” as we often have our own programs, and the color of the sky on our planet might be pink or gold.

Us Mercury retrogrades can spot a phony a mile away, as MJ most certainly did with his father. MJ has done whatever he can to distance himself from his father’s influence in his later years, but has tried to keep his siblings close in his past and present times of turmoil. Perhaps Tina has done the same on less global stages than MJ?

Tina and Michael’s Progressed Mars turned retrograde when they were both in their… right about now, which should tell us a bit about how a Progressed Mars retrograde works. Real-time Mars takes weeks to slow down, stop, and go retrograde, so a Progressed Mars retrograde takes a decade or two to develop. MJ’s Progressed Mars began slowing down around when he recorded “Thriller,” the peak of his creativeness, and one of the biggest selling LP’s of all time. His succeeding LP’s were relatively less successful financially, but the titles “Bad” and “Dangerous” were both very telling in his descent into darker, and weirder, places.

Mars represents everyone’s male side, women included. Guys who have a Martian imbalance are the overly macho men and bullies of the world. Because MJ was abused as a young boy, he carried a wounded male identity with him into adulthood. I don’t think he’s ever been comfortable with his male-ness. To give Progressed Mars retrograde a bit more perspective, another (and feminine) celebrity spin, Madonna was born on August 16, 1958, just two weeks before MJ and Tina. I am no big fan of either MJ or Madonna, but their life stories are so interesting and relevant to Tina’s life.

When anyone has a Progressed inner planet changing direction, there are ideal opportunities to recreate themselves, for better or worse, and both MJ and Madonna have reinvented themselves many times. Madonna was born at the beginning of the August ’58 Mercury retrograde, and MJ and Tina were born at the end of it. MJ and Tina’s Progressed Mercury went direct when they were both still in diapers, while Madonna’s went direct when she was 16, so she was old enough to “think” about it, whether she was aware of it or not.

Madonna ran away from home around that time, which is a typical Progressed Mercury retrograde-going-direct thing to do (Janis Joplin did too, just as her Progressed Mercury retrograde went direct). Madonna first hit the airwaves as the “Material Girl,” and she later morphed into the sex-bomb thing, turned into a nun, and along the way had a hit with “Papa Don’t Preach,” showing the built-in rebellious nature of her natal Mercury retrograde. Her Progressed Mars is just now beginning to slow down, and will stop to go retrograde when she turns 60 or so.

I used to joke that this is such a great country where a poor Black boy can grow up to be a rich white woman, and telling that joke to an astrologer let’s me add that I bet Madonna will morph into a poor Black boy. She recently adopted a poor Black boy (from Africa), so I guess I wasn’t too far off.

MJ has apparently had no discernible spiritual path, and his life has floundered around because of it. Reports are out now that he has converted to Islam or Scientology, depending on which tabloid one reads, and this is indicative of a soul reaching out to a spiritual path of some sort – any sort – that may lead him to figure out why he has become the freak-show he is.

Madonna on the other hand was thought to be a somewhat devout Catholic, and themes of her religious childhood have cropped up in her songs and videos. She’s since gotten into the Caballah (sp?), so I’d have to guess that she’ll be all set. Kind of. Whatever…

Of the women I’ve done readings for with either a natal or Progressed Mars retrograde, they are all major sweethearts, but they will be the first to admit to dealing with an inner rage and a crippling timidity. Most have had bouts with substance abuse, but have eventually developed a devotion to Goddess energy, and other alternative forms of spirituality. And this is interesting; most of them have beautiful singing voices, almost as if they need an alternative method of communication.

Otherwise, Tina’s Progressed Mercury went direct at age 3, and was completely out of his shadow by her early Twenties, and her Progressed Sun moved into Libra in her late Twenties. These could have been positive developments, as this was coinciding with MJ’s most creative phase, and greatest successes. As for transits, Pluto was on top of her natal Saturn for most of 2003 and 2004, and she either showed evidence of maturity or had a happy second childhood – hard to say which. MJ was dangling his(?) baby over a balcony and sleeping with boys, while Madonna was making a bad movie, so Tina may have been making some “interesting” career moves as well during that time.

Neptune (opposed Saturn) is currently on top of her Chiron (and maybe Moon) while Saturn has been doing his ugly thing over her natal Uranus and Venus this past August. If she is feeling like the Universe is pushing her around, it is. Need I mention the spiritual path? Saturn will stop on top of her Mercury in early December – a lot like he’ll do over your natal Uranus, and you may want to compare notes around the Christmas tree. That might be a good time for her to do some writing, or learning more about how to communicate with her higher self. Acting out in inappropriate ways at that time could be an issue, but even though she has a natal Mercury retrograde, no major life decisions should be made by anyone through the next couple of months.

Real-time Mercury will go retrograde on October 28, at 26° Scorpio, and go direct November 17. For most folks, the warning goes out to be careful while driving, flying, turning on your computer, trying to communicate anything of importance, and putting off signing any contracts. But for those of us with Mercury retrograde in our natal charts, this is when we are in our element. Mercury gets back to 26° Scorpio (out of his shadow) the same day that Saturn stops (on top of her natal Mercury and your Uranus) to go retrograde. I’m not sure why December 6 seems important for both of you, but I’m sensing it may be a kind of breakthrough for her. Have a conversation or two with her in early December, but don’t push anything.

Real-time Sun, Venus, and Mars will be in the same degree on October 25, almost on top of her natal Neptune. This is a rare event, last happening a week after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. I would expect a bit of an intense week for her as the Sun, Venus, and Mars walk across her natal North Node and Jupiter before the big set-up on the 25 th . Not a dull moment to be sure, but there should be moments of clarity, as the Saturn/Neptune opposition will take a relatively brief vacation during that time.

Her natal Venus is strongly conjunct Uranus, and consulting the asteroids finds Amor (the Love God) right there as well. This could indicate a lifelong learning experience with promiscuity, but with her natal and Progressed retrograde particulars may have shown up as an aversion to such things – difficult to say with us contrarian Mercury retrgaders. I mention this because Venus is an important planet for women, and Venus’ placement and movements are indicative of Tina’s sense of her feminine identity. This is especially critical with issues surrounding her Progressed Mars retrograde.

Progressed Venus moved into Virgo (the Virgin, oh really?) in her mid-Teens, and into Libra (ruled by Venus!) around the age of 40. This doesn’t necessarily mean she discovered her inner Goddess at that time, as the years directly before and after turning the Big Four-oh are also known as ones mid-life crisis. Astrologically, Uranus has moved to a point 180° from his natal location at that time, and this was happening when Mars had slowed down to stop in the same degree he’s now moving backward in – a very intense time. Again, it’s hard to say how this has been playing out, but a clue might be had by focusing on that degree, 3° Gemini, where Mars sits dead in the air.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and is the sign of communication, intellect, and transportation. The early degrees of any sign indicates a naiveté or innocence to the general energy of the sign. The most ludicrous example of this would be if she all-of-a-sudden reverted to baby talk, but it’s more likely she developed new ways of thinking and communicating. Perhaps she started channeling the Alien Empress She-Ra.

A more “sobering” asteroid of potential significance is Bacchus, strongly conjunct her North Node. I hope this hasn’t turned her into an alcoholic, but if she owns a winery and conducts proper tastings, this would be an asset.

Without an exact birth time I can’t tell whether her Moon is conjunct her Chiron or not, but her Moon is unquestionably somewhere in Aquarius along with the Wounded Healer. She’ll be having her Chiron Return when she turns 50 and 51, in 2008-9. If she was born in the morning, Chiron is currently moving over her Moon, showing her where she has been wounded, and hopefully allowing her to heal those emotional wounds. If she was born late at night, the potential healing that Chiron can bring will be happening at the same time as her Chiron Return. I could go on and on, but a healing place would be a good point to end at. Let me know if you have any further questions. Peace, Phil

Part 2


This will be a sample of what I do for a usual (full) reading. I’ll answer your specific questions in a separate e-mail.


Before I get into it, some explanations about my approach to Astrology would be in order.

In the debate over which is more important to our development (nature vs. nurture), I’m thinking that Astrology can account for a large amount of our nature. Nurturance (or lack of it) depends largely on our parents and family, environment, educational opportunities, etc.

Astrology is not a science, but we use the science of Astronomy to locate the planets. Nor is Astrology a religion, although it may have been one of the first. One can only imagine what our ancestors thought as they contemplated their place in the Universe. Even today, we instinctively look up to the heavens for guidance when we experience tragedies, or to give thanks for great joy.

Astrology is more about trying to find the meaning behind the science. The Law of Correspondences is the basis for Astrology. It states: As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul.

Astrology is also about cycles. The Sun has a 365.4 day cycle that is divided into season-cycles, the Moon 29 days (and eclipses), Jupiter 12 years, Saturn 29.5 years, Uranus with seven-year incremental changes, etc.

At birth, a snapshot of the Universe can be taken, and this is known as the Natal chart. It holds keys to ones’ innate tendencies, personal nature, and what can be seen as our life’s purpose. As the planets move, we can chart how they transit (cross over) key points on our Natal charts, and these can indicate opportunities or challenges over time. Another chart (Progressed) can indicate how we are evolving as we age.

First the Natal. The attachment is from my software package (Halloran), and some folks have found these helpful, but as the introduction states, some of the cookie-cutter definitions may seem contradictory when compared with the other thumb-nail sketches. This just points out how complex we all truly are.

No one planet stands on its own, but we were all first introduced to Astrology by the over-simplified statement that we are a Leo (or whatever), but this paints only one tiny picture. All of the other planets (Sun and Moon included) have their own energies and seem to have their own agendas, but they’re not ever operating by themselves. They are always interacting with each other, and in our Natal charts, these interacting energies indicate some basic tendencies that show up as strengths and weaknesses.

These interactions are known as “aspects,” where two or more planets can work with, or seemingly against each other. For instance, your heart (Moon and Venus) might over-rule your head (Sun and Mercury) at times. Or your sense of security (Saturn) might over-rule your desire to run wild (Mars). In this regard, the zodiac can also be seen as a big family that essentially loves each other, but often finds the time to bicker with themselves. And each of us has an inner family, sparking off inner conflicts and love affairs. In fact, the planets were all named for Greek and Roman deities, and in the myths, all are related to each other either through parentage or marriage, and they were all constantly loving or warring. Karl Jung and others have correctly identified these ancient archetypes (the Collective Unconscious) with our own inner psychological workings.

The Natal planetary aspects – the stuff in your birth chart – tell of how of how you relate to the world, and how the world relates to you. Each of us has a piece of all the planets within us – every male has an inner female (Venus, a feminine side) and every female has a Mars (a masculine side). Everyone has an inner Mercury (how we communicate, think, and travel about), an inner Jupiter (how we express ourselves and coordinate our egos), Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etc. While a planet might be in a specific sign and house expressing themselves in their own way, how they relate to each other can change their energies in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t, depending on what other planets are involved.

There are five basic aspects that I tend to concentrate on when I look at charts: the Conjunction, Opposition, Trine, Square, and Inconjunct.

If two planets (or a planet with the Ascendant, for example) are Conjunct, they are working together, for better or worse. Your Moon, Saturn and Ascendant are Conjunct, with Moon slightly above the Eastern horizon, and Saturn just below, but both are rising, as the Ascendant is also known as ones’ Rising sign. Just because these three are working “together” doesn’t mean that they’re always harmoniously doing so. Moon Conjunct Saturn can be difficult as the attachment points out, but there’s better news ahead, because this configuration doesn’t stand alone – there are always other planets and aspects to assimilate.

If two planets are separated by 180°, we get an Opposition, and the most recognizable Opposition is a full Moon, when the Moon is Opposed the Sun, with our Earth in the middle. Full Moons are the ideal time to be wrapped up in the arms of that special someone, but the Police know that crime and accidents will go up, and looney-bin attendants know that their wards will act up more. A full Moon ramps up emotional intensity, and whatever moods we’re in are amplified. Your Sun is opposed your Jupiter, and Jupiter is just South of the Moon/Ascendant/Saturn triad mentioned above, and just two degrees into Aquarius, 6° away from neighboring Saturn. In other words, you have a Sun setting on the Western horizon, with the Moon just peeking above the Eastern horizon, with Saturn and Jupiter making their appearances within a half-hour after birth. Just 18 hours later was a Full Moon on top of your Jupiter, and I’ll bet you were a cranky 18 hour-old! Actually, this waxing-to-Full Moon has been a bit of a marker for you in learning how to control (Saturn) your powerful and expansive (Jupiter) emotions (Moon) your whole life. But at an early age, you learned that tantrums worked only up to a point, and friends and family let you know when to stop. As you have grown, you’ve had to make adjustments with your emotions in order to survive, and Full Moon in Aquarius was just the inventive means to accomplish evolution, or so we all hope! Just be thankful this wasn’t happening in Scorpio…

Speaking of Jupiter and Saturn, both are retrograde in your natal chart (I’ll get into the astrophysics of retrograde motions below). Jupiter retrograde may be a bit contrary to what the attachment mentions, as this is a marker of someone who is unusually driven to succeed in life, while Saturn retrograde is usually a marker of a Peter Pan spirit. Both Jupiter and Saturn retrograde can lead to inner conflicts in regards to ambition, but would also be a strength if you wanted to open a toy store.

Your Moon is also opposed Mercury, and even though the attachment paints a bit of a dreary picture, oppositions can also be a bluntly polite way of specifying what we need to work on. Consider a boxing match – you would want your opponent directly in front of you, or 180° away, so you could see everything their doing, not to your side or behind you. The Full Moon (opposition to the Sun) is the only time we get to see all of her loveliness with the unaided eye, so we can take an opposition/challenge and use it to our advantage. Other folks don’t necessarily get this opportunity, and can fall into comfortable ruts.

Helping your Moon/Ascendant/Saturn is a Trine to your natal Mars. A Trine is when there are two or more planets separated by 120°, and the wheel of the zodiac is divided into thirds. The number “3” is considered sacred in many spiritual traditions, and three Trines connected to each other creates an equilateral triangle, one of the sacred geometries. Moon Trine Mars helps you get out of situations where a passive/aggressive attitude won’t work, and there are always plenty of those opportunities.

A Square is two planets separated by 90°, and are seen to be “afflicted.” Your Venus is Square Mars, and Sun is Square Neptune, and I’m sure you’ll read those sections and cringe a bit, but the Square is an aspect that comes with an escape hatch. The signs the two Squared planets are in have the same modality. In Sun Square Neptune for example, both are in fixed signs – Neptune in Scorpio (fixed Water), and Sun in Leo (fixed Fire). The fixed modality is involved with maintaining what had been started in the Cardinal signs. “Cardinal” refers to a sign that begins a new season, so when the Sun enters Libra, Autumn begins, the crops are harvested, and sets up the energies of Scorpio and the wonderful energies of Halloween, a very Scorpionic holiday. Neptune in Scorpio allows you (and our whole generation) to see the beauty of the changing of the seasons, and we tend to look at bright orange and yellow leaves falling as a measure of our own mortality. Square the Sun, spiritual Neptune provides an urge to uncover the mysteries as to why you are here in this mortal coil at this time. Too many folks don’t have this level of curiosity, but they’re dealing with their own issues.

Venus Square Mars is offset somewhat by your Mars Trine Moon, but your Venus and Moon have a very… “special” relationship with each other, which I’ll get to in the next paragraph. How’s that for tact? ;-)

The Inconjunct is a completely different animal – two planets separated by 150° – and the energies created by an Inconjunct aspect leaves the two planets with nothing in common. There’s nothing sacred about the number 150, and the Universe doesn’t divide well with this number. The signs they are in have nothing to do with each other, and seem like total strangers to each other. You have four Inconjuncts (Moon Inconjunct Venus stands out), and one author says that an individual with a lot of Inconjuncts in a chart like yours will have a unique and misunderstood sense of humor, and have an increased possibility of having ADD. Robin Williams (for one) has turned his Inconjuncts into a very successful career, so there is hope for all of us with these weirdnesses.

Your Saturn, Conjunct Moon and Ascendant, is Inconjunct Uranus, and this has been the source of some interesting times for you I’m sure. There have probably been many moments when you’ve said to yourself: I can laugh, I can cry… laughing is better.

The attachment doesn’t mention Sun Inconjunct Chiron, because astronomers don’t consider Chiron to be a true planet (yet!) but us astrologers have known how significant Chiron can be for the individual. And Chiron can be seen as an outer planet, so he also carries global significance. The planet shows up when the Earth is ready for it’s energies, and Chiron was discovered in 1977, just as Holistic and alternative health practices were taking off. Natural foods stores were springing up all over around that time. Chiron’s orbit is elliptical, passing in front of Saturn and outside of Uranus, so it is viewed as linking the outer planets (Uranus thru Pluto) with the inner ones, Sun and Moon thru Jupiter (Sun and Moon are referred to as planets for simplicity’s sake). Chiron was named for the centaur of Herculean myth who was wounded in a battle, but became a great healer because of his injuries. Chiron in a Natal chart can show us where we are hurt, or where we can heal ourselves.

Health issues have probably been a concern your whole life, but Chiron is also Trine your Neptune and opposed Pluto, indicating that you’ve been “forced” into a life of trying to come up with spiritual ways of healing yourself. There are positive developments with this, which I’ll get into in the Progressed chart.

Transits are when a real-time planet crosses over any Natal planet position. For instance, your Natal Pluto is at 7° Virgo, and the Sun passes over 7° Virgo each and every year around August 31, so every late August and early September sees a bit of a power surge for you. These might not always be pleasant times as the Sun illuminates your inner Pluto, because Pluto’s energies are transformational, and transformation can mean endings or beginnings, births or deaths. Whatever is happening might be so subtle you’ll miss it completely, while other “outside” influences might whack you upside the head during/in late Summer.

One of the things I like most about Astrology is that if we don’t like how things are going at the moment – just wait – things change. Transits come and go. The Moon travels through a sign in 2.5 days, and the Ascendant changes every two hours or so. It might take a couple of years for some of the major stuff to move on, like outer planet transits, but at least we get to learn that patience is a virtue. Fun.

But first, a brief lesson in celestial mechanics (oh boy!). Planets are always moving counter-clockwise around the Sun – they only appear to be moving clockwise (from east to west) due to our Earth spinning on it’s axis. Planets never actually move backward (retrograde), but from our viewpoint on Earth, with our differing orbital speeds, planets seem to go through phases of slowing down, stopping, going backward, slowing down again, stopping, and then moving forward again. The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) seem to be taking two steps forward and one step back over a long period of time.

Slower moving planets like Saturn through Pluto can be more significant when they transit a sensitive Natal location. These transits usually come in threes, the first pass is always direct, and can be seen as a “shock” energetic. The second pass is always retrograde and can have a “reflective” attitude, and the third pass is direct again, leaving us with an opportunity to “assimilate” or learn from the experience.

Pluto transited your natal Neptune from 1986 to 1988, kicking the door to spiritual awakening wide open. Those years were major for a lot of us, and in some ways culminated in August of 1987, the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Pluto then marched across your natal Midheaven in late 1990 through to late 1992, indicating a time to make a career change or two, hopefully in an area that made your higher self happier. He then moved through your 10th house, the house of career and life purpose until late 2000, further broadening the potentials for career development. In 1995-6, Pluto moved from the dark waters of Scorpio into the crucible fire of Sagittarius, where he is today.

Pluto is currently moving slowly over the center of our galaxy, so he’s telling us that our species has come to a crossroads, and we have the choice to continue down the road of devolving into self destruction, or we can evolve and actually help our Mother Earth. You have no planets in Sagittarius, and for that you should be very grateful. Pluto won’t be effecting anything in your natal chart until 2018, so get another reading then!

Neptune and Uranus on the other hand, were both moving across your Natal Moon, Ascendant, Saturn and Jupiter (in that order) from 1993 through 1997 when Uranus “sped” off, and Neptune loitered around up to the beginning of 2001, indicating a seven year process of spiritual evolution that you are still learning from. Making these transits more remarkable has been because of Jupiter’s somewhat more hasty transit over your natal Neptune for most of this past year, and Jupiter has been the focus of the nasty current Saturn/Neptune opposition.

Outer planet Oppositions involving Saturn tend to bring out the shadow sides of each planet, especially on global and societal levels. The shadow energies at play these days are the spiritual health of our world and illusions of grandeur (Neptune), turning into delusions of grandeur involving authority figures and established institutions (Saturn). This Saturn/Neptune Opposition energetic will be strongest from now through to the first half of 2007, but I’m sure the ripples will continue well into 2008, and perhaps beyond.

Like a lot of us, you may have been experiencing the foggy nature of Neptune’s shadow, probably expressing itself as a desire to question a lot of the beliefs you have generated through the last half of the Nineties, and through to today. This should be seen as a blessing, as it is a good idea to frequently reevaluate those things we believe we know. This is especially true if people or events teach us evidence that flies in the face of our belief system. You know those times, when we say to ourselves: either they’re right and I’m wrong, or I’m right and they are full of hooey. The “truth” always lives somewhere in the middle, gently bumping up on one side or the other.

Uranus moved away from your natal Jupiter in 1997, and started his “shock, reflection, assimilation” thing over your natal Chiron from early 2004 through early 2005, and if you had been flowing with this energetic, you probably had some creative insights into healing methods you didn’t previously know about. A word about Uranus: he was discovered in 1781, at the end of the American Revolution and at the beginnings of the French and Industrial Revolutions. Again, the planet is discovered when the Earth is ready for it’s energies. A recent NASA fly-by showed that his poles are pointed at (and away from) the Sun, contrary to all the other planets. This guy can shake things up for our planet, especially if he’s opposed to Saturn, like he was in 1917-8 during the Bolshevik Revolution, and 1966-7 during Vietnam and the hippie days. These two will next be opposed exactly on November 4, 2008, when the voters of the US attempt to elect a new President, if there’s a true democracy left for us to enjoy…

For a person dedicated to self-evolution, a Uranus transit over a sensitive natal planet like Chiron can start an inner revolution, and completely change our ideas about what ails us. This might first show up as a malady of minor or major emergency in ourselves or significant other, but then be cured or resolved by innovative means. For a completely unaware person, Uranus can run over them, and minor ailments can take a turn for the worse.

The key is an active spiritual path, and when I use that term, I mean any activity that can’t be measured in purely physical terms. A spiritual path can be anything from delving into the Arts, psychology, philosophy, organized religion or alternative practices, the occult, or any permutations of the above. Simply reading a self-help book and owning the advice would qualify as well. A spiritual path allows footing for moving with the flow of change, while an unobserved life is like standing in someone else’s road waiting to get run over. The choice is ours, and by utilizing our free-will, we can rediscover why we’re here, and what we have chosen to accomplish in this life.

Throwing a monkey wrench into all of the above is that real-time Saturn has been clomping his ugly self all over your natal Sun from August of ’05 through to this past June, and is soon to be stopping on top of your natal Uranus in a few short weeks. Saturn will then go retrograde until April of ’07, and move back over your Uranus next Summer. In other words, you are soon to receive the “shock” and “reflection” phases of this transit almost simultaneously, while the “assimilation” stage will have to wait for about nine months.

While this transit might initially seem terrifying, notice that this Saturn transit will last approximately nine months, a great time to give birth to some new level of creative spirituality. While Saturn asks us to grow up and be responsible, Uranus is where we want to be inventive and creative, and maybe start a revolution. A major Saturn transit like this may at first seem to keep you in a holding pattern (while Saturn is opposed Neptune), but it’s really a good time to go ever deeper into your soul and shine a psychic flashlight into the dark places. This is especially true as there will soon be all six inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) in Scorpio, creating what one writer is calling a “Scorpio overdose.” All six will be in Scorpio on October 24, while the Moon moves on to Sagittarius the next day, but Sun through Mars will be moving across your natal Neptune in the following weeks, as Jupiter already has.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and the Scorpionic waters are deep and dark. In the pagan tradition, Samhain (October 31, AKA Halloween) is when the veil is thinnest – the veil between the dead and the living. That’s why ghosts, Frankenstein, zombies, and other representations of the dead are always popular Halloween costumes. Pluto is all about the transformational nature of birth and death, and his mythical role as the ruler of Hades comes out in full force at this time. Samhain/Halloween happens every year as the Sun passes 8° Scorpio, and your natal Neptune is right there at 9° Scorpio.

Delving into your own “dark” side has probably been a favorite pastime for you, especially around Halloween, and if you’ve ever been aware that everyone has a dark side. It’s important to know that we can never really exorcise our inner demons, so it is preferable to exercise them – take them out and play with them. This way, they can’t kick our butts when we’re not paying attention. Of course, one of the biggest challenges for our Neptune in Scorpio generation has been learning to control drugs, alcohol, and other forms of escapism, but this marker for folks our age also speaks of alternative spirituality, and always searching for the illusive properties of our higher selves.

You are especially being prepared to explore the depths of the Scorpionic/Neptunian fog that his opposition to Saturn has been creating, and what you will find in the soup can take you to new levels of understanding. Just make sure your psychic flashlight has good batteries and you’ll be all set.

Neptune will be crossing over your natal South Node from mid-2010 into late 2011, just in time for 2012 when the Mayan calendar will end. South Node represents what we have brought into this life, and also all the karmic lessons we’ve learned since birth, so it’s a synthesis of pasts. Always opposite the South Node is the North Node, or where our souls have signed-up to evolve toward. Your natal North Node is at 29° Leo, and real-time Saturn will move to within 4° of your North Node, but then stop and go retrograde in early December. Saturn won’t pass directly over your North Node until August of ’07, but early December would be a tantalizing time to do past-life regressions to get some clues as to your life’s purpose, if you haven’t been doing so already.

If the Mother ship doesn’t take us good people home in 2012 (hey, I’ve heard all sorts of stuff) Neptune will transit your natal Chiron in 2013 – 2014, indicating a spiritual healing that would be second to none. Coinciding with that time will be your Chiron Return, when he returns to his location in your natal chart. You will be having all sorts of opportunities to heal whatever still needs attending to, but only by being in close relationship with your higher self and exercising your free will.

Natal charts and transits are all very important and interesting in their own ways, but the Progressed chart is my favorite technique to use to look at really meaningful trends as we grow older. I have some ideas as to how the Progressed chart works – too much to get into via e-mails – but I’ve seen it work so often. Basically, the Progressed chart is a year for a day, and a day for a year. At the age of 45, the planets on your 45th day of life show indications of where you are in an evolved way. I know, “evolution” is a tricky word that most folks usually define as progressing toward something “better,” but not everyone is truly moving forward. Evolving is more a matter of unfolding into what we are today, for better, worse, or stagnating.

The real-time Sun moves about one degree every day, or one Progressed degree per year. A day for a year implies that your Progressed Sun has moved 45° from your natal location, so your Progressed Sun has been in Virgo for the past 17 years. And if you’ve ever felt the need to shake off your Leo label, you can adopt Virgo as your new Sun sign.

Virgo has been traditionally ruled by Mercury, but this natal Gemini (ruled by Mercury) says you can’t have him. A lot of us are nowadays attributing Virgo rulership to Chiron and the largest asteroid Ceres, the Goddess of Agriculture. This co-rulership gives Virgo the bumper-sticker “Growth through Healing.” Perhaps there was a shift of consciousness going on in subtle (?) ways 17 years or so ago (1989) that had health implications. With Ceres as a co-ruler of Virgo, the healing emphasis was probably attributable in relation to your early motherhood.

The traditional shadow side of Virgo has been that of perfectionism, which should be avoided at all costs. Knowing that no one or no thing can ever be perfect allows us to avert frustration, a common malady amongst Virgo’s. Consider the Olympic female gymnast, an appropriate symbol for Virgo. They are obviously virgins, and they she spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week trying to achieve perfection, yet only two have ever received perfect “tens.”

Real-time Moon moves through a sign every 2 + days, so a day for a year implies a Progressed Moon moves through a sign every 2 + years. Your Progressed Moon has just made contact with your Progressed Sun for the second time in your life. Please recall that your natal Moon was waxing to Full shortly after you were born. You had a Progressed New Moon when you were between 15 and 16 years old, and another Progressed Full Moon at age 30 – 31. Something was happening in your mid-Teens that came to fruition 14 -15 years later. Whatever it was, has in some way, come full circle.

In pagan traditions, the New Moon is the ideal time to ritualize a new beginning for whatever needs to be accomplished in the next two (real-time) weeks until the Moon reaches Full. In other words, you are at a favorable time to make long-term planning that you may wish to come to fruition when you reach retirement age. By that time, your Progressed Sun will have moved into Libra, and balancing out your life will become more important to you. In some ways, this balancing process has already begun as Progressed Mars moved into Libra at age 22 or so, and Progressed Mercury moved there about 4 years ago.

Libra is ruled by Venus, one of only two visible planets (Luna the other) named for feminine energies. It’s interesting that astronomers have named the four largest asteroids (Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno, and Vesta), and the most recent “dwarf” planets (Sedna and Eris) after female deities/entities, giving our Solar system more gender equity. Your Progressed Moon will be moving into Libra late next year as well, signaling a furtherance of an awakening into the ways of balance, harmony, peace, and justice – aspects of the Divine Feminine.

Begin rant: There’s an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times,” and we are all indeed living in an interesting time where all the major religions of the world are male-dominated, and they are all currently at war with each other. Yes, the main component of the US military campaign/occupation of Iraq is about oil (“terrorism” is a fear-driven smoke-screen), but equally in the mix is the American version of Christianity vs. the Moslem world, in every bit of the sense that the Crusades were. If the Moslem world didn’t hate the US before, they do now. The Arabs hate Israel and vice versa, and the only two reasons that the US government supports Israel is their geographical location to all that oil, and the fact that Biblical prophesy predicted that the Rapture [Armageddon/the return of their Messiah] would happen only after Israel had become a sovereign nation again.

This planet NEEDS the Goddess to return – our Earth NEEDS peace, love, harmony, cooperation, beauty, justice – all these are aspects of the Goddess. Our distant ancestors honored a female Goddess and our DNA remembers those balanced and peaceful times, and a lot of us are remembering. It seems like 90% of the people who ask me for a reading are women, and I’m guessing that the Goddess is tapping y’all on your shoulders.

Interestingly for followers of Christianity, the original meaning of the term “Holy Ghost” has been utterly lost in translation. The language that this section of the New Testament was written in was Syriac, a language like French and Spanish that is gender-specific, and the “Holy Ghost” was originally specified to be female. So, instead of the Holy Trinity being “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,” it should have been correctly translated to “Father, Mother and Son.” Oh, what a bunch of male politicians (Popes, Emperors, King James) can do to make our world so dysfunctional… End rant.

Your natal Venus was in Gemini, but she Progressed into your natal Solar sign Leo around the age of 34, and crossed over your natal Sun a couple of years later. This indicates a period of time where you came into recognition of your sense of being a woman, and coincides with the previously mentioned seven year Neptune/Uranus transit of your natal Moon, Saturn, Ascendant, and Jupiter. If you aren’t currently a devotee of Goddess energy, what’s holding you back girl?

I could go on and on, but now seems like a good place to end.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Peace, Phil

Part 3

Note, this is an exceprt of a 9-page report…

The following pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete. Astrology can reveal many things about a person’s life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions. The descriptions that follow will give you a “thumbnail” introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements. It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other–and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction. If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions. Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages. These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals. Also, bear in mind that every “bad” aspect of a chart also has a “good” side. How it is expressed is really up to you. We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared. Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life. They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A “Strength” number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Capricorn Ascendant

No matter what your Sun sign, Capricorn Rising adds a conservative tone to your personality, making you more serious, ambitious, efficient, practical and disciplined. Although you seem to be timid and non-assertive, you are actually very tenacious and patient. With these qualities, it is no accident that you often excel in the business world.

You value prestige, honor and accomplishment, and you have a strong sense of duty toward those with whom you deal. You have a healthy respect for law, order and authority, and you seek a position in authority for yourself. But before you can accomplish this, or even seriously consider it, you must first raise your own level of self-esteem and stop whipping yourself with so much self-criticism. Try counting your good points as well as your bad.

As a child, you probably seemed older than your years; then, as you aged, you seemed to get younger as the years passed by. Even as a child, work, accomplishment and responsibility were always important to you. You may have been weak or ill during your early years, and this was in part due to frustration over not being able to pursue your ambitious dreams.

Children with Capricorn Rising should be assigned duties and responsibilities at the appropriate level for them. This way they feel they have made a contribution. By the time you are an adult, you have developed tremendous survival skills. As a matter of fact, many people with this Ascendant live a century or more.

Physically, your problem areas are the knees and skin. You are also subject to illnesses induced by a negative outlook on life. Don’t worry so much about every little thing. It is also possible that you will have problems with your teeth, arthritis, and other illnesses characteristic of an unbending, rigid outlook on life.

Once you choose a lover, you will provide a stable influence for your partner. You would find a fiery, volatile lover very stimulating, and you could help balance out their impetuous nature with your own practicality and stability. You need a long-term relationship for true fulfillment; you would not last long on the one-night-stand circuit.

Sun in Leo

The catch word for Leo is “ego.” This sign is well known for its self-confidence, pride, creativity and ability to lead. Just be careful that this combination does not add up to a domineering personality. Remember that others also need a chance to shine. Share the center of the stage with others and it will be much more enjoyable for you as well.

Leo can be a warm, loving and charming kitten but can turn into a ferocious lion when threatened, angered or hurt. They are extremely loyal and generous with their friends and love partners and can be very affectionate. This can be considered good or bad, depending on the partner. Sometimes Leo needs to remember that they can give out too much love and affection. Some people are not prepared to receive love as freely as Leo. Allow your friends and lovers to express their love for you in their own way, even if it is not so lavish as you would like it to be.

Leos carry themselves with dignity and convey an air of regality. They don’t like to have their ability or authority questioned. As a matter of fact, the best way to tame the lion is to flatter him or her. Vanity is Leo’s one weak spot, and the lion can become downright arrogant. Physically, Leos are prone to sudden accidents, high fevers and chronic diseases. Particular areas of weakness are: the heart, back, shoulders, legs, ankles, throat and reproductive organs.

In relationships, you need to be given freedom to be who you are. Anyone who cannot understand this about you will most likely lose you as a friend or love partner. Just remember, you must also grant the same freedom to others.

Part 4

Part 4 includes both your basic chart and your progressed chart, a useful image.

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