Sample Pre Birth Planning Reading

By Cherie

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for Deborah Jan, January, 5th, 1959

Soul Agreements:

The first emerging pattern is around communication. Interestingly enough, it coincides with your agreement with your husband. He is a natural born expresser! He is learning to be more introspective, to go within. You do well introspectively, though expressing your thoughts and feelings, your truth, what you want for YOU is what you set yourself up to address in a big way this time.

Harmonizing with everything around you and doing ‘damage control’ is what you do well! Your mode with conflict is to polarize. You either hold it all inside or you blow. Your “soul agreement” with yourself is to speak your truth, your feelings and beliefs. In setting the stage for this soul growth, you chose players to act out dynamics that feed this soul agreement.

This is where your husband comes in. He is reflecting back to you a need and/or desire to express-communicate in a way that is healthy for you and for your family. The karmic backdrop for you is feeling frustrated about being heard and understood.

Another agreement is to be comfortable and FEARLESS around change. This brings me to the question about why you feel so much fear. There is this sense of foreboding that hangs over you all the time. It gives you this nebulous sense of dread, though nothing apparent is provoking it. There are memories from past lives that involve you being caught off guard in a violent attack. You didn’t see it coming, knew nothing of the attack and watched those you love die, then you did. On some level you blame yourself for not seeing it coming and “watch your back” constantly. Something or someone could come out of nowhere and do great harm.

Your soul wants to learn about feeling safe, trusting self and God.

You want to understand on a soul level that all is in divine order, regardless of the illusions and drama’s around us.

There is a fear regarding the safety of your children as well. This in part stems from this former life where you lost loved ones to a surprise attack/raid. The thoughts within your soul memory blame you for not protecting everyone or for knowing ahead of time the attack was taking place. There was no way you could have known, but you still have not forgiven self.

Something to address now would be the difficulty you have around communicating your truth, your thoughts and feelings and how it ties into your pre-birth plans. If the truth you feel inside could create disharmony and chaos, you see the price as to high. You would choose to sustain harmony around you as opposed to speaking your truth and ruffling feathers and egos. You do not want to be responsible for disharmony or upsetness.

In tuning into the children, there is a fierce determination to protect them at all costs. There is an over-protectiveness that comes from this former lifetime. Again, getting to a place in your soul’s understanding that you are safe, that your loved ones are safe and you can trust God and yourself is a major theme for you.

Why did this happen before? What lesson did you learn? The lesson at that time had to do with you trusting your gut instincts. It had to do with listening to the voice within. It had to do with speaking your truth regardless of what others around you said. You didn’t do it that time for fear of people not believing you, chiding you, being seen as wrong or stupid. So, though you didn’t consciously know the attack was coming, you had a sense of something not quite right. You had a sense of foreboding and something did happen. Now you are on guard always, vigilent, watchful.

Soul Lessons:

 Speak your truth regardless of consequences.

Trust your gut feelings and don’t doubt yourself.

Know that all is in divine order always despite what is being played out. 

The youngest child agreed to help you to be more fearless. The next to youngest is alot like you in that she is learning to assert herself with confidence. Your agreements are about reflecting back to each other the need to express the self without fear. Chase is a natural born leader, asserts self easily and is learning how to be introspective, comfortable with being alone. As you encourage her to go after her dreams, it will assist you in going after your own. Bernice as well is a powerhouse. She believes in herself. She is fearless. She is showing you how to be the same.

Your husband’s agreement with you in addition to raising the children is to encourage you, support you in expressing yourself without fear. He pushes you to be who you are. Blessings of love and light, Cherie

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