Sample Past Life Reading

by Anthony


for Danielle DOB 02/05/46

First Scene/life: Spirit shows a woman, she keeps her hair covered in a long shroud, she appears in her mid 30s., sort of hunched over, rounded back. Spirit shows her mixing powders in small clay bowls. She then adds a pink colored liquid to the powder making a paste. There is a man there who sits patiently watching her work. She covers the pasty mixture with a round piece of wood. She bows her head and prays over the bowl, then hands it to the man. He bows his head to her and she touches his head, no words are spoken. The man rushes out the door, almost running down a small path. Spirit says she is a medicine woman of sorts, spirit shows her home outside of town, near a small stream. Spirit shows this to be what is now Pakistan . Spirit shows her sweeping out front often , when people arrive from town. A slight smile, almost painful for her , but she smiles none the less. Spirit showing her un-married, and accepting of her loneliness. She has a few animals she keeps for company, and only ventures to town every few weeks. Spirit shows her sister who visits and it is the few times she, speaks in a long conversation. This is a life of prayer and service, and of giving . Spirit says this woman is an incarnation of your soul. Spirit says she lives to be 47 years of age. Spirit shows a huge gathering at her funeral. A deep respect for her. This life is 8 lives ago. Spirit shows this life to show you a choice your soul had made, that there is an experience of sacrifice, loneliness, and giving in your soul, they you still feel and emerges often in this life today .

Spirit shows your soul to be one of continuing re emergence, life after life.

Second scene/life: Spirit shows a man, falling trees around a stone foundation, spirit shows his hands bleeding and calloused from the work. Spirit shows the logs being shaped and worked, spirit shows days upon days of this work. When ever there is light, this work continues. Spirit shows a very petite woman, brings him water, he stops for a moment and smiles broadly at her. He points at the outline of the structure. Spirit says she is pregnant. And they are recently married. The structure is finished in time for the birth. It consists of only 2 large rooms. The man keeps the house clean as the day approaches, sweeping out the dirt. A older woman comes to help with the birth, it is her mother. The birthing goes late into the night, and never takes place the young woman and unborn baby die. Angry and distraught the man buries his lost family there, and angrily burns the house to the ground. The woman’s mother tries to console him, but he is broken. Never accepting this loss. He lives only a few more years. Spirit says this man is an incarnation of your soul. Spirit reveals this life to show the deep loss your soul had experienced, and chose to experience. Spirit says the resulting karma from that life carried to the next, where loss was repeated, and accepted. My guide says experiencing having a life as a man gave you a balance and understanding which you have today. Spirit does not give a time or place for this life. But this life is older then the previous one.

Other: Spirit says you are distracted lately and have lost some focus. To concentrate and guard, you know how to pacify the minds inner distractions, remember to observe that in yourself. You are being called to yet an even higher level of spiritual development, and your learning and already gathered wisdom continues to grow. As you know there is nowhere to return to , and you can only move forward carrying your experience and wisdom with you. You are being called to do more teaching, however you must tie up lose ends or give up something to have the time, and you will. Spirit says you have the freedom of needing validation from no one, but you feel the pull to serve and re emerge once again. Spirit shows you to be very caring and compassionate, welcoming, loving, and souls of all kinds are drawn to you. Laugh a bit louder its ok J

Many times past life reading is all about the why, why things are revealed at a certain time. I hope you found it useful.

Thank you for the opportunity to read for you, I really enjoyed your energy. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Peace and joy, Anthony

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