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By Teresa

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For Jerry Jeff Muzsik

Readers, please note: these readings were provided as brief responses to larger inquiries and are NOT true representations of what you would receive in a paid name reading, except in terms of content and the type of information you would be given. Paid readings are more in depth, longer.

I think I have some type of special destiny is that for one my last name holds some special kind of energy in it. Its Muzsik which at least in America is pronounced with the m then you zsik. With the actual sound of you which is very rare in last names and I have been thinking about words and a lot of words with that you within are special ones. Music, beautiful, cube, mute, feud, human, huge, universe, cute and fume. I see all of these words as ones with some type of power because of the you within it. The main thing that occured this thought within me is that I read an article about the coming of MU on your website about the lost continent and such which really caused my mind to get all jumbled and blown in a way.

Is Muzsik a Russian or Hungarian name? Just wondering. In these languages I believe it is a word that generally refers to a peasant, or can mean something like ‘guy’ or ‘dude’ in American English. It is a beautiful sounding name, though.

The primary vowel sound of ‘U’ in your name is of the element of earth. The ‘oo’–which in many words does indeed sound like ‘yoo’, like the pronunciation of the vowel itself–that primary sound in your name is of the base chakra, linked to your basic life force. This chakra brings lessons in power and aggression. Of course, there are good things associated with it as well, if the sound is used properly. Spontaneity; it can stimulate greater discrimination and discernment; greater physical energy and vitality; a dramatic ability to heal. And much more. If is not kept balanced, though, it can make one aggressive, power conscious, sexually obsessive, impulsive, manipulative, and domineering. Lessons dealing with fear, worry, anxiety, and general disorientation may arise to be dealt with. That ‘U’ can cause the need to seek approval from others.

The other vowels each have their own ‘meaning’ as well.

Of course, my own ‘expertise’ is in the power of our given names, so I can only guess it would be the same in a surname. I honestly don’t know, because the giving of a name is different than the name of our family.

 I find it interesting you find intrigue in this part of your name. ;o) Jerry means ‘mighty spearman’ and Jeff is a short form of Jefferson which just means ‘son of Jeff’. (Odd, that–but if we were to say it was from Jeffrey, it would mean ‘divinely peaceful’.) Again, I see the need for balance there. . Teresa

David Peter Robert Causby

Well, “Sir” David Peter Robert Causby (I’m surprised there’s no The Third on that one!), I suspect an astrologer could tell you quite a bit based on your birthday, etc, but what I do is a little different. Let me see what I’see’, as you put it.

Your name is actually a very strong name. David is from the Hebrew for ‘Beloved’. Based on the Hebrew letters in the name, it would be the same as Dodi for a girl, the ‘v’ also being able to be a vowel. I don’t know why I told you that. Maybe because I thought you should know a name that would be a little embarrassing or bring a little humility into the mix. In fact, David in the Bible was a very humble man. We could all learn a great deal from his ability to lead, love, and his knowledge of Who it was that gave him victory. What WAS it that made him ‘Beloved’?

Peter means ‘rock’. A ‘small rock’, in fact. Not a boulder, not a stone, but a small rock. Peter in the Bible was a brash and impulsive man who at times was also argumentative. He forgot his ‘smallness’ and had to be reminded, “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” BUT! a rock in the hand of David brought down a mighty giant. We just need to learn when and where to use our ‘brashness’. ;o) AND our smallness.

Robert–the name of my son. I love this name. It and David are among my 3 favorite guys’ names. It means ‘bright, shining fame’ or ‘famous
brilliance’. What I see is the possibility of you learning the love David had for his God/Source and learning to use the ‘weaponry’ of small things to bring down the giants that plague ALL the people. In so doing, you, like David before you, will attain ‘bright, shining fame’. Without that learning, though, it is just arrogance and brashness and a trap set at your feet.

I don’t know if that tells you what you already say you know about yourself, but that is what I see in your name. It is a strong and powerful name. Use its power wisely, David. It isn’t a power meant just for your own ‘consumption’. Remember the ‘humble’ beginnings of the name Causby–humble just like David’s. Teresa Z. Crane

Thank you very much for that, what you wrote pretty much discribes me down to a T. I’m a 21 year old clairvoyant who the spirits have trained up to the level of a psychic. I’ve been asleep my whole life and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t leave this world. About a year ago I’d finally had enough. skipping a few chapters, someone , a psychic as yourself, came knocking on my door asking if he could please come in and have a yarn. wanted to make sure what he could see in me was true. at which it was and before you know it spirits like a sight I’d never seen before started appearing in front of me saying it’s time David, it’s time for you to be trained. I can do so much, mind control, reading future, reading past, reading present, reading body language down to every crease line.. They say I need to wait for someone to come up to me a say something. David

I am hoping you are not overwhelmed by all you have. All you have learned, all you have experienced. It’s good to have someone who will listen and help keep our feet on the ground. Remember, as I said yesterday, the small thing (Peter) within. Guard what must be guarded and relinquish nothing of yourself you are not ready to give up–by choice. Though you may have these abilities, to a certain degree you are NOT these abilities. Yes, I understand in some sense you are, but in a deeper sense, they are only part of you and so I ask again that you guard your heart and mind with positive and good images of love and unity. I think they are very present in the things you shared–to have ‘been one’ with those in the tower, etc–and if you could see and feel what they did, then you KNOW with your Know-er what it is to be One with them. This should expand your heart and your consciousness and give you even more room to grow. Be wise. Be kind. Be love, Sir David. Do not overwhelm, nor be overwhelmed. You have been given a treasure beyond price. Use it wisely. Later, tater, Much love, Teresa

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