Sample General Relationship Reading



by Lisa

Anne Duguay: DOB: Jan 12, 1969 Time of Birth: 2:10 am Birthplace: Peterborough Ontario
Husband:  Joseph Duguay DOB: August 13, 1967 Birthplace:   Mississauga ON;

Reading Questions

1) My husband and I have gotten back together in August of last year, things were really good to start with but we have seemed to hit a rough patch now. I am wondering if we will be able to work this out or in the long run will we be parting ways?
2) I am feeling such a hard time to want to connect with my husband, and sometimes just want to throw my hands up in frustration. We have a real thorn in our side dealing with our children, will this be what breaks us up? Or will we find a way to work through it?
3) IF we are not going to make it will there be someone else for me in the future? thank you. Can’t wait to hear either Thanks Lisa

Hello, Anne. My name is Lisa, and it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to perform this reading for you today.

In completing your reading for you, besides tuning into your own divine energy, I shall be consulting with my spirit guides, as well as yours and Joseph’s, and I will also employ the use of the Golden Tarot deck in order to receive as much information I possibly can for you.

Anne, what comes up for me firstly here is the real strong sense that during your time apart from Joseph, even though there were perhaps some tough emotional and financial times for you, you really grew as a spiritual being. During that time Anne you were allowed to spread your wings – to explore, learn and grow (for example you experiencing and liking the new-found freedom that comes with separation). And as a result Anne you changed … changed spiritually and emotionally. Once a person learns and grows as you yourself have, my dear they cannot turn back the clock. They will never be the same person they once were – and yes oftentimes find that their emotional and spiritual levels surpass those of partners and friends. And what seems to happen as a result of this growth my dear is that many people find that what once amused them or attracted them to a certain person no longer does (for example little habits or aspects of personality like humor). In fact, it can prove to be extremely annoying! With you and Joseph reconciling, this very idea seems to be a central issue, Anne. You have grown and changed – and while I feel here that Joseph may have professed to you that he himself has changed – unfortunately hon I do not feel that to be the case. And I must say here that this “change concept” that I have described to you seems to be one of the major causes of your frustration and upset, Anne. I am being told and shown here that this is the main reason for you experiencing such difficulty in trying to reconnect with him.

With that said Anne I must also say here that Joseph did indeed try to put his best effort forward in trying to change for the better. I do feel that he was sincere in that respect … because I am indeed feeling tremendous love and comfort towards you hon. However, because Joseph’s attitudes, personality, and general values and morals are so greatly instilled within him, he could only change to a certain point. Furthermore he could only hold on to that change for so long. It seems here that he was okay for the first few months, but then unfortunately regressed back to his old ways. I do not feel that this was purposefully done – he just grew too comfortable and I guess you could even say “lazy” when it came down to putting that effort in with you. I must be honest with you here Anne and say that not only did he fool you in having changed, but he also fooled himself. There’s a real sense here of both of you literally walking blindfolded together – with each of you being rather ignorant of the other’s level of being (attitudes, thought processes, etc.). And the thing is, you started walking blindfolded together FULL-FORCE – almost as if you were trying to just pick up where you left off … and not really dealing with the underlying issues of the past … or for that matter allowing each other the time to get to know one another once again.

Anne I have to say that the potential is indeed there for the two of you to work through all of your differences. However, much more work is necessary. I am being told and shown here two very strong intertwined messages. The first is that you actually hold the success of this relationship in your hands – it is up to you whether you wish to truly move forward with Joseph or not my dear. The second message Anne is an indication that perhaps some form of help is required: therapy and/or marriage counseling for both of you. Those blindfolds need to be removed. You cannot continue on together with them on honey because it will be THAT which ultimately breaks the relationship off once again. Both you and Joseph need to come to a clearer understanding of each other – and you likewise need to learn about each other all over again because of the change that you yourself went through. Because of that growth both of you are experiencing an even more difficult time in understanding and connecting.

My dear, should you decide to pursue this marriage further with Joseph – with the help of some form of therapy or counseling – indeed I am being shown tremendous success and happiness for BOTH of you. And what’s interesting to note here also is that some sort of change process will be initiated within Joseph as a result of pursuing this additional insight from a therapist/counselor! But what you must take note of here sweetie is that should you actually keep trying to move forward WITHOUT seeking that required knowledge of each other … where you continue to walk blindly forward together … I must be honest with you and say that the potential for overcoming the blocks you’re currently facing together will not come to be. The more you continue being blindfolded to each other, Anne the more frustrated and angry both of you will become. And Joseph himself will not break free from his “old self” to experience his own growth and change. It will not be the issue of your children that leads to the break-up Anne – it will be the misunderstanding and miscommunication between you.

Anne I feel that you literally jumped in head first without calculating the true depth of the waters there. Both of you did this. You moved way too quickly – and tried to move back to the past to pick up where you once left off. This cannot be done my dear. Recall what I mentioned a moment ago: when a person goes through such huge changes within themselves, they cannot turn back the clock. They will not be the same person they once were. Neither you or Joseph gave yourselves the chance or time to relearn about each other – and to likewise make the required amendments/changes to the relationship along the way.

In closing Anne, once again I do see here that yes indeed there is potential for the two of you to work through all of these differences. However, what the two of you need to do is to actually take a few steps back – and take your time. Take the time to relearn each other’s minds, spirits and personalities honey. And I must also say here that yes, while you yourself ultimately have the ball of success within your hands, I am being told and shown that should you initiate this re-learning process (preferably with some form of therapy/counseling added), Joseph will definitely follow suit. You have to initiate the process Anne because once again I am being brought back into saying that Joseph’s thought processes, values, morals, and so forth are too greatly instilled within him – as such it is making him “blinder” to the situation – and even more stuck. Like a truck stuck with its tires spinning in the mud, Joseph needs that little extra shove from behind to get out of the rut he has made. But Anne once again I stress to you that the decision is yours to make ultimately. I do feel you to be so very torn between making it work and going your separate way once again. Honey you can’t continue on this way – you’re causing yourself to feel like you’re literally hanging in the air … hanging on a string waiting for that string to snap. In turn Anne, it’s causing huge amounts of stress on you – I feel almost to the point where you wish to sleep the day away at times (if this isn’t occurring now I feel that the potential for it to is very near). So with that said, sweetie the quicker you come to a more solid decision about which way you want to go the better.

But in quick response to your question as to whether someone else is out there should you not decide to work through this, I am indeed being shown here a wonderful man – a potential life partner. He feels to be very creative, inspiring and actually quite emotionally sensitive. He feels to be an older gentleman with rather youthful qualities, and I am being told to say here that the relationship that he brings with him could prove to be significantly deep – a relationship that I am being told you have not had the opportunity to experience before. It would be one to definitely pursue Anne. However I am being told to tell you that those very same qualities can in fact be reached within your relationship and marriage with Joseph. So with that now realized, I suppose what it all essentially boils down to here is an effort and timing factor for you: Just how quickly do you wish to reach that wonderful and ultimate success? It is there for you regardless Anne – but a decision needs to be made in just how you are going to actually reach it. But as mentioned my dear, now is the time to begin this careful consideration on your part.

Once again Anne I must truly thank you for allowing me this great opportunity to get to know you and read for you today. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to write us at any time. I am here for you always. I would love to hear from you and talk about any updates that you may have … and I wish to help you in any way that I can.

I will be holding you close to my heart and remembering you within all my thoughts and prayers, Anne. I am with you in heart and mind, and you have my full support and love in all that you do.

Brightest of blessings, Lisa

Thank You Lisa for the wonderful reading. It has given me some confirmation of what I was feeling in regards to Joseph. I do feel at the end of my rope and because there has been so much animosity between us it seems hard to put it back into order. You are right though we can not keep going on this way. I guess my only question to you would be what time frame do you see this getting some help (which I really don’t see him going for) and now is the threatening to leave and such. Or the end of the relationship?

And this other man…do I know him already and if not what is a time frame for meeting him or reconnecting with him? Thanks so much again !! Anne.

Hello, Anne.

My heart truly goes out to you. I must admit that I found myself in a somewhat similar situation with my ex-husband not all that long ago. I know, it is so very hurtful and frustrating. The trouble is that the love is so strongly there and the wanting to work through it is likewise there – that’s partially what makes it so difficult in establishing some sense of direction. But you know, what’s interesting is that it’s also that very same strong love that is exacerbating the stalemate situation (i.e. conjuring up more anger/animosity for example while traveling in this vicious circle). It’s sort of fuelling the fire so to speak. And all this in turn is indeed adding to stress, etc on both sides.

In response to your first question Anne, from what I am being told and shown here unfortunately no – right now I think you’re very right in saying that hubby won’t go for the counseling. Not at this moment – because he’s still too blindfolded (as I mentioned in our reading). Anne, I am being indicated to here that the relationship itself may have to in fact break down completely again before he will actually go for it. I do see that yes in time he will … but it will have to take that major catastrophe to happen to him all over again in order to make him TRULY wake up and realize. Given what I am feeling just within your own heart right now Anne, I have to be honest with you here and say that if things continue on the way that they are (and indeed the potential for that is pretty much “a given” under the circumstances) – and because of the intensifying anger, animosity, hurt, and so forth – those emotions will GREATLY intensify between now and the end of summer.

I am seeing you as leaning towards leaving as it is my dear … so really the timing is just a matter of when you yourself decide to actually take those steps forward. There’s only so much that a person can take Anne – regardless of how patient they may be. So in short honey I feel that between now and the middle of summer is quite the critical period for you – it will be within this time where I see you as making a solid decision – you will wish to rid yourself of all this pain and heartache even moreso. There’s a sense of imminence here Anne – where truly the breaking off can happen at any moment. But I do see here that it will be you that makes this decision – not Joseph. Once this decision is made, I am being shown here that after 4 to 5 months of being apart again, Joseph will be attempting reconcilation – and it will be then when his eyes will be opened once and for all. At that time he will be open to counseling. However, I am concerned about you by that time Anne. I am questioning whether you yourself will allow Joseph back then. I feel that by that time my dear, the possibility of you having started to move on will be initiated.

With that said, I am now being brought into discussing this other man. No, I do not feel that you know this other man already, Anne. I feel it to be an entirely new energy. However he seems to be the contributing factor as to why I myself am questioning you and your heart when Joseph tries to return to the marriage. I am being told that you may meet this man approximately 3 to 4 months following your separating from Joseph – which may I add will be quite the critical point for you there too. You will just be starting out on this potentially wonderful and intriguing relationship with this new man just when Joseph decides to return. I can’t shake the distinct sense here that you will be really cutting it darn close in timing – between you meeting this man and Joseph trying to reconcile. Each event seems to almost overlap one another in their timing. So this could prove to be quite the stressful (yet interesting) time for you Anne … and where I must say that when this time comes, you will have quite the decision to make. In knowing this is coming hon, I have to tell you that indeed success is there for you with BOTH men – it is all a matter/question of just how you wish to reach that success (and with whom). The difference between the two Anne is that along the path with Joseph, although familiar to you, the two of you will have much more work to accomplish before reaching that success point together.

I do hope that I have helped to clarify your path for you Anne. Indeed the next year will be full of changes and growth for you – where some decisions on your part will have to be made. As mentioned though, the ball is pretty much being left on your side of the court throughout all this – it’s your ball to play next; and how and when you wish to play it is likewise being left up to you (however I feel that this is because last time you weren’t given this very opportunity – the “shots” were called for you so to speak in many ways).

Once again Anne I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to connect with you. And please know that I am here for you … my heart and mind will be with you always. You are such a strong and vibrant spirit, Anne – with such determination and self-awareness. Tap into all that strength and determination I see within you … you will see yourself to that happiness and success … no matter the path you take. Blessings, Lisa

Thank you Lisa for your kind words and visions to show me my path. I have a lot to consider now, and I have to tell you that you were amazingly accurate. I look forward to having a reading with you in the future. Anne

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