A Sample First Date Reading


by Danielle

A good example of how our advice helped a client to avoid embarrassment. This is a situation where a client wasn’t exactly happy with the answer she got, but the advice given was appropriate, and ultimately the information proved to be correct. She was wondering if she’d ever get a first date with someone she seemed to have a serious crush on, and the answer was: “Probably not, and be grateful you passed on this one”.

I have a burning question to ask.. My name and birthdate are: Samantha Smits, 2-23-54. I am inquiring about Doug Sanders. I do not know his birthdate but I will tell you a few things about him. We know each other because we belong to the same cycling club. Doug is approx. 6′ tall with dark hair and light blue eyes. I am guessing he is in his mid to late 30’s. He looks like a handsome Robin Williams, but his build is more muscular and Adonis-like. He is quiet and not flashy in public but friendly when talking one to one. He appears to be shy (with me.) He lives in the country and seems to enjoy this. I like his persistence – he’s been cycling with the same club for more than 10 years. Here is a bit more information before I ask the actual question. I have been a member of this club for about a year. I first noticed him about seven months ago. I thought he was attractive right off, but, then there a number of good-looking men in the club. Still, I found myself drawn to him. I like his presence. I noticed that he seemed to pay close attention to where I am when we’re touring. He, his partner named Neville, and I started chatting a little. However, it was Neville who mostly began the conversations. I was scared of rejection, but pushed myself to say “Hi” and talk or ask for Doug to help me anyway By the way, I do not believe he is married. I acknowleged to myself about three months ago that I have major crush on him. I have the impression he is also attracted to me. So here are the questions: We appear to be interested in each other, but why haven’t we gone out so we can get to know each other better? Will this happen? When? Thanks, Samantha

This is the reading our Love Psychic emailed to Samantha.

The cards show him as somehow still involved or hurting from an old relationship – he appears “entangled” emotionally, a very nice man but probably would leave you wanting. That said, this is a very interesting reading… You should find some change developing in your life over the next few months – some very good news on its way to you, if not already arriving. Perhaps you will get a letter with some good news, an invitation to a good party in the mail…. And I see a new man entering the picture – this one I’m picking up as fair-haired, maybe a Capricorn or introduced by a Capricorn – the number 2 is significant here, 2 days weeks or months, the 2nd of Feb, March or April, could be significant days for you.

I get the distinct impression this is someone new, likely a professional or a businessman, possibly connected with the law or government – probably quite tall, slender and light on his feet – could steal your heart, but he’ll give you his in return… I get him as a kind and gentle man and also very sensitive, makes you happy from the inside out, brings you flowers… I see you taking a trip somewhere together, probably by November. And he is prosperous and generous….

I feel that spring will have you venturing on a new path and life unfolding in a more exciting and mysterious way than it has ever before – as if you suddenly find yourself in a lovely garden and as you step onto the path in the garden, you discover it leads to ever more beautiful – and mysterious- creations….

Around your friend Doug I am picking up an overabundance of male energy which makes me suspect that either he prefers other men or at least is one of those “Men’s Men” who find it very difficult to relate to a woman in any deep way. He is gentle and kind and very sensitive at the same time and really likes women. His confusion about what he really wants from his female relationships might not make him the best partner for you.

There is something that must be completed, ended, put away, before you can proceed here… Are you yourself perhaps holding onto some old pains that are preventing you from really pursuing the relationship you want? If that fits in any way, I strongly recommend you take on the physical meditation of clearing out closets and drawers and files – clearing the old, finishing off any old tasks, doing a royal spring cleaning this year – you should find that getting rid of all the dead weight now will really make a big difference in freeing you to have what your heart desires by next. That said, if Doug should fit the descriptions of the man I saw you with – except for the fair hair, then I would say, look for the spring to bring you some action, but be wary and prepared to have to work for this relationship… In the meantime, expect some big changes in your life this year, new beginnings and a love that can lead to something solid… if not with Doug, then with someone else who will truly love you…

I’m definitely picking up that there’s someone else in Doug’s life. If it’s past, it’s not finished yet – he’s not clear at the moment, best pass on this one.

BTW – do you have a brother or some dear male friend who might be quite tall? If so, they will be showing you their appreciation by fall for something special you have done – you will be a bit mystified, feeling that the “favour” you gave was very small – but it had a big impact… a good year for male female relationships in all forms, old issues clearing away.

So, that’s my story for tonight…

Please let me know also if you find this accurate, useful – or off the wall. I’ll be looking for your feedback.

LLLove, Danielle

This is the “conversation” that ensued.

Thanks for the response to my questions. Your reading was very interesting. It fits very well with what I had sensed myself. Your response validates some of my thoughts. It also gives me more information. I, too, thought that Doug might be coming out of a relationship and is feeling confused. I think the “Man’s Man” analogy is a pretty good fit.

He definitely makes a good friend.

You also validated another psychic’s statements about a light haired man coming into my life. Your description of him mirrors hers. I’m looking forward to meeting him!

Good, so be ready!

As for a very tall brother or male friend…I do have a brother who is 6?”. But, we don’t keep in close contact. I will keep this in mind over time and will let you know if something happens with this.

I think you can expect to see him this year, probably after the summer.

I appreciated your comments about needing to do physical meditation around cleaning my closets and getting rid of my old pains before being able to enter a new relationship. I have carried around self-doubts and distrust of men for years. Especially the past 10 yrs. since my divorce. I had felt the need to literally clean my closets and drawers for a couple of weeks, now.

It is really amazing how the physical acts, when done with intent can serve to move some stuck energy away… let me know how it works…

One final thought about Doug. In spite of everything, there does seem to be a deep connection between us. It’s not one that we have been able to verbalize, but I feel it when we make eye contact. I strongly sense that he feels it, too. It’s intriguing to me, yet a bit scary. Especially since we can’t seem to find a way or the words to talk to each other. It’s as if we are both scared or self-conscious or something. If nothing else, he has served a purpose in my life by being my inspiration to cycle so it became a part of my lifestyle. I saw him last night and found it easier to enjoy being around him because I have let go of the sense of urgency to impress him. I can relax and enjoy him for the attractive, kind, nice man that he is.

 Difficult to account for these magnetic attractions, but my sense again is that the two of you may be relating to some future life together. On the other hand, I’ve watched myself giving readings for many years and there have been numerous times when my readings said “no” – simply to trigger the same sort of relaxing and letting it flow that I sense coming from you now. Sometimes, all it takes is to let go of the “need” and the communication can really flow.

Overall, I was pleased with the reading you gave me. There were some very accurate insights. The overall reading was pleasant and framed in a positive way. I appreciated the comments you made about areas of my life that were beyond my question. The only dissenting comment I have to make is the three week span of time between asking the question and receiving the response. I was eagerly awaiting the information. However, you already acknowledged that fact and offered the reasons that it took some time.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test out your service. I look forward to communicating with you in the future. Samantha And this was the conclusion: Danielle, This was a question I had been struggling with for weeks. Your response helped “clear the fog.” By the way, I have some further data to validate the accuracy of your response. I learned in a conversation with Doug last night that he is married! I had invited him and several other people to my birthday celebration this weekend and told them to bring their wives, girlfriends, significant others etc. When he mentioned he was married, he went on to say in a less-than-sincere tone of voice, “I’m sure she would really like to come.” He and his friend, Neville, then exchanged smiles. In addition to that, several weeks ago I had overheard him say to Neville that he had invited another girl to join the club. My assumption is that his marriage is having some serious problems. So, you were right. He is “entangled” and is not a good romantic prospect for me…..Married men are off limits. A friendship is fine with me, UNLESS I find out he regularly behaves like a cad. Bye for now. Samantha

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