Sample Business Forecast


By Danielle

My birthdata is: June 30, 1947  LosAngeles Calif  3:30AM
A. – May 24, 1942 Pensecola Florida 8:42AM

Question: How do you see our work/mission over the next year unfolding

Note: G’s feedback and comments on the reading are also included here.

Dear G. This is Danielle reading the Tarot and the energy around your request for a business reading. Please feel free to write back with any questions or comments that come up from the reading. I will be happy to reply to your feedback, to clarify at no extra cost.

Well, dear, this won’t be the easiest year on record, perhaps more so for A. than for you… the sense here that one of the biggest challenges will be biding your time… it may feel like there’s not a lot of progress or forward motion which can lead to some impatience…. but by the end of the year, I feel that you will recognize that here was a lot more going on under the surface… by then you may be working very hard to complete a project which looks like it would produce some solid results for you around the spring of 2007.
This is so true for what’s going on around us right now. A had an intense year last year. A lot of traveling with his book, internationally, and we thought a lot more opportunity would come out of this. 2006 has been just a series of breakdowns with very little, if any, breakthroughs. It hasn’t felt like forward motion at all!!

I am concerned that there could be something of a setback related to a health issue this year… this feels like A. more than you – something certainly appears to be out of balance around him, could push him into a bit of a depression, even cause some stress in your relationship… this is definitely the year to watch your diet, to sleep and eat well and take some time for play… to do as much as you can to maintain a balance this year…the concern is that this could be rather difficult, while work demands are high, the financial rewards appear to be somewhat delayed throughout the year. It seems you are both feeling very pressed to “put out”… The upside of the story is that this situation is manageable, and good help is available.. for example, the doctor has just the right medicine to set things back in balance… This is SPOT on!! When A was traveling in Austrailia in August he got a “healing” from this man who told him that he didn’t need to take his anti-depressants. He’s been flirting with this notion for the last 5 years. The healer told him to just eat chocolate!! Anyhow, towards Christmas I saw the “slide” and cautioned him to no avail. By February he was in a full-on depression. AND, we had to leave for the Bahamas so he could do a conference down there. It was REALLY a challange. When we got back we also found out that he has heart problems. Something called atrial fibrulation. His heart is out of synch. SO, he’s back on the anti-depressants, AND heart meds to regulate his heart. We’re not out of the woods yet. . .the depression is better. . .but he really suffers from terrors. . .about having made some really bad financial decisions this past year. . .which has put us DEEP into debt. I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to dig our way out this time. . .as the income is not steady. . .his funding hasn’t come through and my work. . .all 4 jobs!! doesn’t make it either!! Stress on the relationship? Some. . .I’m working hard here to stay positive. . .and be supportive. It does neither one of us any good if I’m grouchy . . .he just needs to get better. . .

I am also a little concerned that you seem to be under a bit of a cloud – the feeling here is that this is related to anxieties, old fears around past decisions that you have come to question. If you haven’t already – this would be the right time to look up that book I so often recommend “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn… this would be the right time for you to remind yourself about the Law of Attraction and get your feelings working for you. Thanks for that. I’ll look it up. . .I am feeling anxious about the present and the future here. . .

This is certainly a time to rely on your intuition – and to trust your inner voices. I feel that this definitely applies to both you and A…. and to trust also that you are well-supported in your mission… I must also note that you each have individual missions within the context of your joint work. I get here that A. has a more global focus while your work is more associated with the individual… I feel that you complement each other very well in your work, each inspiring the other with fresh ideas and new perspectives… and this also keeps your work fresh. You’re right about the division of “labour” here. . .he thinks on a global level years in advance. . .I’m more concerned with the present and the individual. . .we do compliment each other and have always felt that there is a Higher Source guiding us. . .though sometimes I feel like we’re hanging out over the precipice just a tad too much!!

That said, you may find that there is an inner tension between you this year, especially through the summer months… this seems to be a function of the waiting I wrote about earlier – and the fact that the two of you aren’t taking enough time to relax and have a little fun. It’s hard to have fun with someone who is depressed. I do silly things to get him going though. We’ve been going out to Salt Spring every weekend. . .this seems to have a good effect. . .the water, the birds. . .the quiet.

There isn’t a lot of money in this reading… I feel that sales, work, will be steady through the year so that you are not depleting resources, but that you will have to manage the budget carefully… again and again comes the sense that you are finishing something, preparing for the next stages this year… As winter approaches and then deepens, the work you have been doing appears to “come out” and then life picks up speed all around. Hope so!! We just celebrated our 10th anniversary. . .this phase feels finished. . .and while I don’t have a clear sense of what’s coming. . .I’m hopeful.

Seek and you shall find… the message for the year… this particularly applies to dealing with any obstacles that come up – look for an expert, ask for help, you will get good advice this year… you could also find that an agent is especially helpful to you this year…

I am seeing an important meeting – could be associated with a journey – comes up later this summer, perhaps early fall… you may not be pleased with the results at first, but if you follow the advice that is given, you will prosper from this work… an easy example of what I mean is a meeting with a publisher and being asked to do some significant revisions… at first you are upset, but as you get into it, you see it makes sense… there are some book projects and film projects in the wings. . .we’ll see. We self-published A’s book. . .$$$$$ and that’s been part of the economic snag. . A is very coachable when it comes to revisions. . .his last book was edited and it was much better as a result.

There is travel showing in this reading, especially come summer and then later next winter…. We’re off to Montreal in May, then A goes to Hawaii for the dolphin conference. ..I’d like to go to S.F. to see my daughters. . .but I’m not planning any excursions until our money issues are settled!!

You may be a little dismayed at someone’s deception over the next few months, a sense of betrayal even showing here… but once light is shed on this issue, it can be cleared relatively easily from the looks of it. We get a fair amount of this through A’s work. People show up with some really strange agendas. ..i.e. A founded the whole field of Exopolitics. A man by the name of Michael Salla befriended him several years ago. . .picked his brain, plagerized a lot of his work. . .then turned around and set up the Exopolitics Institute in Washington,D.C. and started waging a war on A!! Tried to discredit him etc. . .A has attempted on numerous occasions to sort it out with M. . .but to no avail. So, A is just simply forgiving and moving on. But, I know it stings!

I see you celebrating some small success with friends by the fall. Some good fortune due by then… This may be something that especially applies to you, G., since you seem to be with a couple of girlfriends… speaking of which, on both a business and a personal level, you should find this year brings some pleasant relationships into your lives and deepening of the bonds with some of your current friends and associates. At times you may find yourself distracted by the relationships, but these are all part of the bigger picture. Thanks. . I have a women’s group that feels really close and good!

By next winter you may find that you are leading the way on some project or work and A. is following along, kind of dragging his heels… this seems to involve setting the stage for some changes you will make later in 2007 – and while A. may not be so excited at the beginning, my sense is that he’ll be very happy he went along with you. This is the year to stay focused on your mission, don’t get caught up in daydreaming, take action… hard work this year pays off over the next 10… and I am led to say also that the two of you probably have another 10 years or so of dedicated effort before you will be able to easily relax and enjoy some of the rewards of a work well done. What I want to say is that you each personally, individually, as well as your business, work and mission are really all about ” a life well-lived, well-loved”… from day to day it may not seem like much is happening or changing, and the struggle may seem endless… you are attempting to ground spiritual values in your work, to teach a kind of care-giving and personal responsibility – and to keep up your own inner work at the same time… it can seem like a slow process… but success is assured! When you look back in 10 years from now, you will see just how much real success you have achieved, how much impact you have had on others – and you will decide that the struggle has been worth it. Again, Thanks!! good words to remember!

This year feels a lot like the darkness before the dawn… be alert for subtle shifts and changes… avoid squabbles- you could find you are quarreling more than usual, go gently…. and allow your intuition to guide you to the hidden opportunities. Be realistic and practical.

Many are drawn to you for good advice, counsel… In some respects, this is one of the more difficult business readings that I have done because of the sense of esoteric products, spiritual mission and success as opposed to material results… from the fact that I had trouble getting my head around specific goals and objectives for you, specific events that I saw occurring, I would say that some of the most important work this year might be around creating a plan with clear objectives and goals… what I am picking up here is the feeling that you have defined the mission for yourselves, but it hasn’t been fully translated into an operating plan with specific goals and objectives… or that the two of you are kind of “between plans” right now… the sense here is that this is the year to make your dreams more tangible, at least in terms of their definition. That said, the sense also is that the material aspects of your mission are far outweighed by the personal growth that you achieve through your work…

One final comment: there are NO NEW BEGINNINGS in this reading… I pick up a strong message here that this is not the year to initiate new action, projects, products or services… rather to work with what is already in motion.. So, this is what comes up in the overall reading, now I will look at the five key functions in your business and see what comes up there:

Marketing: This is where I feel there is a need for some change of direction… perhaps letting go of some resources or approaches that are no longer working for you… certainly a need to mobilize here, to get into more action – the sense is that there are good ideas coming, but not enough action behind them… you may find that some resources you have depended on in the past are “bleeding you” – not delivering what they promised….still, you and A. seem to work well together in this area, and there is some good help available, someone who fits on your team very nicely, almost feels like family. Works well under your direction… implements your plans…. a new start in an old direction showing here. Take a look at some old plans or marketing strategies, with a bit of a polish or change in approach, they may prove to be the right solution for you.

Operations/Production: Is A. preparing to publish another book? While I see a change around your operations- and this seems to indicate a change around the products or services that you are offering… this is very positive… certainly your strength is in communications and you could find that some work becomes surprisingly popular over the next four years… A.’s leadership shows here – and strength…

Sales/Delivery: could be some disappointment around a contract “in the mountains”???? around July or later this year…. but overall, we see money on this aspect of your business… A. buying you a small gift in celebration of a success this summer and growing financial stability… I am mindful of Global Psychics here… having been around now 9 years, there is a certain stability in sales and revenue – repeat business that is a constant base on which we can grow – there is a feeling that this is what is happening for you this year… developing some consistency and stability around sales and revenue that makes it easier to plan for the future and implement changes as you go. help also being offered here…

Accounting/admin – this is where you need some expert help – the advice of an accountant? I feel you are worrying more than you need to, may be feeling a bit stuck around your systems and methods, finances and accounting… you may find that the fall brings you an apparent setback… but don’t get lost in the anxiety there, there is an easy solution, just ask for help… the sense that you want to make some changes here but are best advised to float along with things as they are at least until the spring of 2007…. In the meantime, get more detailed and conscious around the accounting, it will be useful later next year.

Management: there is a feeling that you are both a bit restless this year, focused on operations so actual business management is a bit hit and miss this year…. still, there is a sense that whether you are conscious or not of the actual principles of good management, you seem to naturally employ them… and you and A. seem to work well together, have fun together… efforts extended this year pay off over the next three years… there is a sense of a third person who participates in some way as a business manager with you – eg an accountant – and this person is reliable, helpful….Since your initial question was about how your work/mission would unfold over the next year, these cards would speak directly to your ultimate success and happiness with the results… but also clearly identify that there is more to come… neither of you is easily satisfied, neither willing to “rest on your laurels” – so there are new projects to come forward next year.

So, G., this is what comes for now. I do hope these insights are useful to you and urge you to write back with any questions or comments that come up. I will be very interested to know how this resonates and happy to reply to your feedback to clarify at no extra cost. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

All of the above is very good advice. And we’re taking it to heart. I have wanted an assistant for quite awhile. . .so let’s see who we can manifest this! This is an excellent reading, full of insights and great strategies. . .I have no further questions!!

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