Sample Angel Listening


by Anatara


May 2/46… the basic issue is renovations… have some improvements I need to make around our home, nothing major, but it needs re-organizing and bathroom and kitchen need some work… would LOVE to also get new flooring, at least downstairs… and we need a new roof… what can the angels tell me about these changes? would also like to know what advice or insights they can offer about my son… Dec 7/69 – developmentally disabled – would love to find a suitable part-time job… seems to be pretty even this year – can I count on this to continue? is there hope for a job? Anything else that comes, about my work, my family  

Dear Danielle,

I offer this to you….as it always is , the Angels speak in terms and images which will be readily understood and accepted by the listener. I have not “dressed this up” or polished it for you as I might do for other “clients,” when it feels appropriate. I hope this approach is OK here. My preference in Listening is to do it live in person, or on the phone, I like the dialogue between client and the Angels.There is much more information available on all of these points. Perhaps we can talk and continue that way, if you wish to sometime.

It was a pleasure to do this for you. I would like to tune in with you present on the phone, if it feels right, to see what else comes through in direct discussion with the Angels.

I cleared some of the ‘congestion’ that I felt around your neck yesterday when I did this. As I check in today it is improved and lighter.

Welcome to this time together with us and to this time together with “yourself”. Take a breath, a deep soothing breath and know that you do not have to shoulder the whole load. There is nothing that you do or are involved wih that requires you to be the only one “in charge”. You are capable and beautiful in manner and countenace, and at the same time you are not alone. What makes you behave thus and in many ways believe that you are? You know that we are always available, always at your side, always willing to help. You do not need to demonstarte or ‘prove’ to us or any other group of human or other beings that you can “do”. We all know this to be true. Your ‘misson is so valid, so delicious in essence. Let this mission feed and nourish you…let it take you to the full extent of what and who you are in the big scheme of things…attempt not to strangle your life force and focus, by working so hard at simply being. Being is your natural state and flows so smoothly when you are relaxed and at ease with letting it all happen through the grace of all that is. We know that you know this.

We are not scolding or chastising, simply offering and reminding you about a flower to be opened and adored. You are a delightful human individual and woman. Remember your joy at being peace. It is what you exude at all times. Sometimes by choosing effort rather than being, you short circuit your purpose and your physical being. Let us love together so that this is not necessary.

Let us offer an image which may assist in this understanding… There has been a ‘strangulation’ of your life force occuring. This is literal and figurative. Not only is the life force blocked between head and torso, but between purpose and the expression of it. Who do you need to ‘hide’ from? Who do you need to protect yourself from? What aspects of yourself do you wish to hide from? What aspects of yourself and your brilliance do you want to ignore? And why?

There is a stiffness, a stasis in your neck, upper back, chest (even third eye). The energetic rigidity in your upper spine does not allow the suppleness of living, breathing and doing to which you are naturally attuned. This creates ripples throughout your whole body. You have come to a ‘make it or break it’ point of reference and moved through it. As you demonstrate this willingness to flow and breathe again, life will improve, pain will be reduced, purpose will be realized. The time frame in which all becomes smooth and easy is up to you. Your health wants to follow your heart…accept assistance and help from us and from the people that can help you.

There has been a be-heading in a past life. We can discuss this at another time. Why were you be-headed? You are holding on to this, not wanting to make the same ‘mistake’ again, and suffer similar consequences…this causes you to fear ‘letting yourself out’. But it is all right to put your head back on your shoulders. Let the energy flow again. This does not require effort. Effort maintains the blockage.

We would be happy to go more deeply into any of things if you would like to.

You are looking at renovation of your home space…this is thoroughly linked with restructuring your inner world. The renovations are a sweeping on all levels, a clearing and restructuring of all functions, their interrelatedness, the way they relate and function with regard to one another…the way they rely on one another. There is an aspect of appearance and functionality involved and reflected here. A clearing of the slate. An opening to being real, simple and apparent. The energy and universal support for this is available (The timie is right for you and for your home), and therefore the projects will flow smoothly if you don’t ‘try’ to make anything happen. Take time, let the order of ‘repair’ and change happen generically. Let the new face develop as it wants to, not how you may see it. This is not a time to define or prepare anything at all. One step after the next. One choice defines the next. All is perfect.

The roof will be replaced once your head is back in place. There is really no hurry.

About your son… He is ‘relaxing’ as you suggest….some of the challenges of past expression for him have been mollified. There is a new level of trust which he feels for his life, friends (family), environment. Something has changed and he now feel srespected. There is a mentor who is meaningful and significant to him. If this person is not known specifically yet, they will be known soon. One of the biggest differences for him is that he has been able to feel that he is not being forced to do things, or pressured into anything. He does not want to be told what to do. Wherever he is allowed to form his own evaluation of a situation, and make his own informed decision, he will succeed. His own interests will develop and take form. Yes, a suitable ‘job’ will be available for him, but it wil not appear in a traditional way. It will come through the mentor we refer to. And it will be both fun and rewarding for him, and also long term.

With all things dearest Danielle, be peaceful, do your work with relaxed joy, there is no need for determination other than to be gentle with yourself and your chosen tasks….we do so love you as there is nothing else.

I find this to be a very interesting reading and fitting. For example – in the years when I used to camp a lot, I found that I couldn’t watch a man wield an axe… it brought up a horrid fear in me… had no problem seeing a man with an axe, or an axe by itself, but as soon as I saw him lift it to cut a tree, I cringed and had to turn away… always felt that I must have been beheaded or at the very least had my hands chopped off in some life… but since I have a lot more trouble with my neck than I do my wrists and hands. it would seem more likely that I’d lost my head somewhere along the line…

Your description of Pat is also excellent for where he seems to be at right now – and you are the second person to speak of a mentor – no one around him now, but there are some possibilities… Pat gets on well with older men, so I hope it is just a question of time.

I have had four spinal fusions and been in a couple of accidents that left> me with whiplash… the rigidity you saw is very real – although I have managed to soften up a lot over the years, and the massage, acupuncture and shiatsu help me to keep some energy moving through my spine, I am very conscious of the need to keep working on my body.

I also got a chuckle out of your comments around the renovations – had planned to get started on the kitchen this spring – until we discovered that our deck had collapsed over the window and instead I had to put in a new patio… and your comments about restructuring and simplifying were right on… have been observing the way we live, how we interact with the stuff in our house and the renovations are intended to make things simpler, to be more organized…. a sense also of things simplifying on the inner world with it…

I just have one question for you… I have recently found myself dealing with so many depressed people that I finally got what the universe was trying to tell me and recognized my own inner depression… (family genetics, a long story, but I have battled difficult chemistry all of my life and so have most of my siblings and nieces and nephews)… I have been lacking in motivation around a number of personal tasks, my home isn’t as orderly as I prefer it to be, and in addition my ex-partner left me with a great mess around the company accounting that I haven’t been unable to fully address… just kept my focus on moving forward which was appropriate under the circumstances…. since I realized what was happening and why I was stalling, I have been able to take a few babysteps around the personal tasks… dealt with a huge stack of paper that had been sitting on the kitchen table, growing since before Christmas… but it is an upward climb,…. any suggestions on how I can move this energy along a little more quickly?

Let us go back to a point of reference we mentioned previously…you are not meant to be shouldering the weight of life, business and ‘holding on’ by yourself. We will look at the question of the reason for depression in a moment, but first let us examine the feelings you have about being the ‘one’ in charge.

Because of life’s circumstances you have chosen to believe that you must be the soldier, must do the good work, must save self and others… we all, as conscious human beings have a bit of the martyr in us. Service is important to those of us who are sensitive and care about the outcome to individuals and the planet. When one such as yourself knows that they can help, this is what they want to do. But what is the ‘toll’ of directing the energy outward? You are experiencing this.

We see that in recent weeks you have taken back control of many things, on many levels. There is a lightness about areas of your being that previously were quite dark and constricted. During mercury retrograde you actually released many things that were holding you down and holding you back. Many of these things were unspoken and unknown. And the releases of greatest importance were those that lived in the mind and the personality.

The trick for you is to find a balance between accepting assistance, and wanting to soldier on by yourself because it is so much easier this way. As you share your truest needs and desires, either through direct sharing with people, or direct sharing with the universe, some of your “depression” will lift and abate…the only theme or story which rules your psyche is the one which has built up in your own mind about who you are, and what you can accomplish. The speed with which tasks are completed is not important, although we understand why it feels that this is so. As you are able to, focus on what you want, what the universe will have you do. Get out of the way of the natural flow of things… let the universe deliver the answers to you. You will then know what action to choose at every given moment. When you try to create, you abort the natural flow…

Do you feel some new lightness? Can you see some new ideas, colours, understandings emerging? Release the definition of depression form your story of who you are…things that feel burdensome and unfair can bring about the feelings of depression. We do not see that you are or have been actually depressed. But your mind has had you believe this. Be open and breathe in the beauty of each new task as it appears without the pressure of time attached to it. Blessings, Anatara

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