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Sample Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle Reading

Sample Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle Reading

by Francine


for Danielle

Aloha Danielle! Here is my email reading for you. I have done a 5 Card Spread using the “Ancient Feminine Wisdom” deck based on ancient Greek/Roman myths of Goddesses and Heroines.

So, here we go!

The first card relates to finances. As we turn it over, “Eurynome” reveals herself. The picture on the card is of a very powerful spectral goddess coming out of an egg with a very large green snake coiled around her. Eurynome is perhaps the most powerful Goddess of Creation within the deck, this is why the main theme of the card is just that, “Creation,” but Creation of the highest order. Her myth is an ancient one related to the Aegean people. It is said that she birthed the land and sea out of Chaos from an Egg. This confirms all the hustle and bustle and rushing around to complete the new, much improved website will pay off. When we are in the middle of the birthing process is when all the magic happens! Though it is also strenuous and harrowing to birth a new baby ;) … so PLEASE remember to BREATHE, if only just for a second to fill yourself back up again with the blessings of the universe as you are calling to yourself and dealing with some of the most powerful creational energy of the cosmos! Sometimes it is hard to control and difficult to work with as it is so strong, in these times, intend to learn how to move with, grow and work with and along side this energy while simultaneously consciously directing it.

The second card relates to your love life or just relationships period, which could be family relationships/friends/coworkers/anyone. As the card is turned over, “Psyche” reveals herself. The theme of the card is “Soul Awakening.” The picture of the card is the Goddess stepping out of darkness into the light, surrounded by butterflies, with an added beam of light shining down on her with an angel coming out of the clouds by her head. The story behind the card is that as she opens a Beauty Box she recovered from the Underworld, the Butterflies are released and then escort her out of the Underworld to her beloved, Eros, the God of Love. Perhaps this means that someone of your past that was close to you has or will return again soon, or, more life and light will be expressed with someone close to you now and the burden of a dark event in the past will be worked through.

Through love and forgiveness within ourselves, wrongs of the past can be laid to rest and restitution and restoration can be brought to fruition. Though sometimes, the most darkest parts of the soul seem the most impossible to penetrate with light and love, it is not impossible and if we continue to intend to open our hearts more than we thought possible to receive of the blessings of the universe, we are then able to create the most wondrous of outcomes we would have never thought possible for ourselves and those around us.

And when you are finished rushing around for the website, you will finally get to sit back and actually relax and bathe in the light and reap all the benefits from the pressure you’ve experienced fighting to get it completed and ready to go!

The third card relates to your home life and environment. “Harmonia” is revealed, the love child of Aphrodite and Ares. On the card, the Goddess is shown standing tall within a peaceful meadow, high above the trees, with the shadows of her parents, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Ares, the God of War, swirling within the clouds, the theme of the card being, of course, Harmony. The appearance of this card in the reading signifies that two normally opposing sides will come to accept one another and learn how to work with and support one another in the dance of life. I feel with you too, that being a professional psychic, you continuously work for peace and stability in your home so that you can accomplish your readings from a most harmonious space as possible, but sometimes this space gets infiltrated and we can’t hold it for some reason or another. I feel like maybe someone you live with or someone that visits often or someone you talk to alot, perhaps clients, sometimes causes the energy to go sour.

I see learning how to allow whatever energies to flow in and out, without holding on to them, without judgment, would help. Don’t let the “control freak” side of yourself get the best of you. Learning how to hold your boundaries yet be fluid, be strong yet flexible, like bamboo, will help immensely with retaining peace within the house. It’s good to get our way sometimes, and yet other times, budging, if only just for alittle bit, can help us evolve and stretch ourselves and our concept of who we think we are and go on to embody another aspect of self and in effect, allow a whole new total self to emerge.

Also, I see that sometimes the pressure of trying to keep the peace can overcome you and almost feel like it’s a burden you must carry, like it is a part of your path and life’s purpose to create peace all the time, sometimes at the expense of yourself and your own feelings. Allowing our own feelings and having our own stance, even if it is different or seemingly challenging to others is OK, even if it is perceived as confrontational. It is the holding back of emotions, coincidentally, which ultimately causes the outburst. If we just let them flow when they come up, without consciously wanting to damage another, just wanting your emotions to hear in a safe place, all the more better for everyone.

Some people have a vision of “peace” that is an artificial view of peace, where no one expresses their true emotions and keep face, just to keep the false “peace,” while everything else boils underneath the surface. Maybe you experienced this when you were younger with your own family, and still do. Or, peace can be seen as two people or more, expressing their differing views to each other, in acceptance of one another, without arguing or without judgment and belittling or hurting the other. I see this is one of your hopeful visions for the world, and indeed, this type of acceptance, support and compassion is possible, on a global level, starting with your own life :)

The next card, which would be the fourth, relates to your spiritual world and life. The card that is revealed is “Medea,” who is the most powerful magician in this deck! Not surprising after getting Eurynome, the most powerful Goddess of Creation, as the first card! The image on the card is of a fierce looking woman inchanting a spell with a sacred tool, a small dagger in her right hand while standing next to HUGE 3 legged cauldron, which was often used by many magicians over the many centuries and across many different European cultures, including the Druids, which has been set ablaze with a glorious fire. A large Snake shows up again, lifting up by her feet. She also holds in her left hand a plant, a herb of some kind.

So you probably don’t have to guess what this card is about! Strong medicine women, sorcery, wisdom of the ancients, being intune with Earth and her powerful energy and the healing power of the Plant Kingdoms. This does relate to something I wanted to bring up before I started. There are many different types of herbs to help calm our razzed nerves, but also assist in streamlining our thinking and energy. I would suggest getting a tea blend that includes passion flower to help your nervous system and perhaps lobelia also. These are easy to find here in the States at most supermarkets in the Tea section though you may have to go to a health store and for well sustained energy that won’t drop you suddenly, I suggest ginseng. Being OK with our femininity and sensuality, being OK with our wild, unhinged parts of self is also coming up for you. Letting yourself go and letting yourself loose, for some reason, I see that you should sing more? Did you use to sing alot? Maybe go back to that … find a church group or find some people you could sing with that you resonate with, to sing some music that is uplifting, spiritual … Music is a powerful intention.

And now for the last, fifth card. This card represents all of you and who you are, the “overall” card. And it is “Hebe,” which is a wonderful Goddess of Youth and Innocent Beauty. Before I go into what the card looks like, something I see is that you need to get in touch with your inner kids more. Go out into nature for more walks to commune, go to the zoo, or go out for ice cream, something that you inner children would find fulfilling and that would allow them to come out and PLAY. Maybe doing something you think is nonsensical and without purpose would really shake up your routine alot. Not only spend time with children, but reawaken your own inner children within and let them help co-direct your life again.

So the image of the card is of the Goddess standing within a large steam, a waterfall behind her, an eagle flying right above her head. One hand is raised, pouring spring water from a golden, bejeweled vase into a gold cup held in the other hand, with the water overflowing into the stream below.

This cards signifies that a time of great struggle is over and your life will now overflow with abundance and hope for a bright, new future of renewal. The heart opens to new possibilities and new adventures to be had. Something else that comes to mind, when was the last time you had a vacation??? Maybe it’s about time to plan to spend some time someplace fun and warm, like Florida or the Caribbean or Hawaii :) Even South America … Make it be a part of your continued spiritual awakening, get lots of massage and spa time :) I would suggest getting a real good massage anyway after all the work on the website is said and done! No one can ever get enough massage!!!

Working too hard and when working, working overtime, taking on too much than you can handle and maybe being afraid to ask or help when you needed it seems like some things you have struggled with in the past. Maybe this is why I suggested to go on a vacation and let loose. In the past and probably still to this day, though I do feel like it was worse back in the day, working too much was the order of the day. I see that perhaps this started when you were very young, you did alot of work, both physically and mentally/emotionally/spiritually with your family and parents, maybe it was caring for other siblings physically when your parents couldn’t be there, being there for them emotionally but also being there for them spiritually, meaning you would use your energy flow to try and direct the flow of the family.

Maybe because you put your work first in front of you and your health and wellbeing because it equaled your “worth,” your inner children never got to experience the full extent of the joy they wanted to express and do what they wanted when you were younger because you were busy doing other things for other people and this then carried over when into your adult life. I see that perhaps in your younger years and throughout your life, there was much struggle just to survive and it became ingrained within you, in order to survive you must work HARD to get anywhere.

And being able to do all the work by ourselves is a wonderful trait, very noble, but the scales can tip in the other direction where we become the lone wolf in life, and sometimes become afraid to reach out and then this leads to lack of support. The lone wolf expression can be fun, but only for a certain amount of time! After which, we begin to want to reach out again and get some back up!!!

I think the main point I am trying to get at through all this is even though the life’s path you have chosen to live for yourself has at many times felt heavy and like a burden, trudging through, though not because you were necessarily living a life you didn’t want, for the most part you did want it, but still it was very trying, is to intend above all else more light and more joy into your life. To make your life’s path be more gentle upon the soul. You’ve attained your “spiritual warrior” medal, now it’s time to celebrate!

There is a particular type of energy flow I work with called “light waves” and they are loosely associated with the movements represented in some crop circles, why don’t you intend to bring in new rotational flows and movements into your field that lightens the nonphysical load, makes your field spin more evenly and smoothly, with a new density, also, draws forth it’s power from a new place within than you may have previously worked with before. A field that more easily spins off attachments and creates a centrifugal force that simultaneously brings in as much energy as it spins off and keeps off denser, slower energies, powered more instead of less with each spin …

Remember to take wonderful care of you and don’t work TOO too hard, you can do it, everything is coming along just fine, as it should, in divine timing, and make sure you get the help you need when you need it!

Namaste, Many Blessings
Francine Kalani

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"Another great reading and very helpful advice. I think I have a new friend and advisor. Thanks again." Hugs TL

"Thank you once again for your wonderful words of wisdom, your reading has definitely helped me to gain the clarity that I was looking for with regards to my next step." Warm Regards Lina