Sample Akashic Records Readings

for Danielle

By Sharon

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 Dearest Danielle:

Thank you for giving me the honour of looking into your Akashic Records. You have asked me to look into your records regarding your finances, love and your relationship to Pat.

There is such a strong connection between Pat and you. It goes beyond this lifetime and it feels you have worked together in many lifetimes as a catalyst to move each other forward. It seems just when things get their hardest giving you or him a chance to move forward you are both there to assist each other.

I’m sensing that it is you that is doing the growing in this lifetime through him. This was agreed beforehand. It feels like you may take turns in that department different lifetimes.

I know you know this already that you have both been together all in different roles. You are comfortable together in your growing.

I’m sensing a bit of a “break” for you in what some would consider a burden although I believe you to believe it’s a privilege being who you are. It feels like help may be coming in the form of outside help yet the help is someone close to you. It feels like in about 8 months that there will be someone else living at your home that will help you. It is a surprise so they are not letting me see who this person is as you are not to know yet.

I’m going to switch for a moment into your finances. It’s been a long haul for you hasn’t it my Friend. You give your all in everything you do and sometimes the more you push forward the more that abundance and prosperity pushes back. I’m sensing that you are coming to a time in about 9 months where you will let go and I see everything coming together.

This writing made me think of a book by Esther Hicks called “The Astonishing Power of your Emotions”. There is a CD in it where Abraham through Esther Hicks talks about how we get up each morning and we get in our boat and we go against the tide towards what we think is right when if we just let go we will get there easily and effortlessly. Although I believe this is not something you are doing to this extent in many things in your life as I feel you are quite together in most things I feel you may be doing this with your finances. Trying so hard and pushing away.

I do believe the reason that it is being pushed away though is not intention on your part but more of a past life type vow of poverty that is getting in the way of your current life. Some of us have these vows that keep us back and they need to be released. The reason is when you were a monk this was possible as bills were a collective thing. Not suitable for today’s world.

I do see you though letting this go through some work.

Ok back to your reason sorry for the sidetrack.

I have seen wording on the internet on how to get rid of vows I just can’t remember the wording at the moment.

I do see in about 6 months that there is going to be a shift in the money department. I’m seeing money at present coming to you but coming to you in dribs in drabs. Sometimes it pours through and then dries up. It’s odd. It’s almost like when you are in the zone it comes flying through and then somehow you get too analytical and it stops. This is about to change. I see it clearly. If it stops you will know how to turn it back on. This I am seeing clearly on your path. The message I’m getting for you is “Have we ever let you down before in anything else? Why would we want you to live in any kind of want?”.

(I have to assume here that you are not with someone already, otherwise this might not make sense) The other matter you asked about as Love. The records are saying that sometimes you let things and people pass by you as they feel like “too much work”. You like the safety of your aloneness. If the person doesn’t fit the bill it’s not worth it sort of thing. Have you been doing this.? They are showing me a man on your path. He has grey/blond hair. Almost feels like he is from Australia or England . He has an accent. He is very into the healing arts. I feel he is a writer although retired from some sort of high end job, executive of sorts. I feel him around you. Watching if not on earth through spirit. Like he has made his “wish” list in a woman and you are the outcome. Have you met this person yet? I feel relationships, especially when we are a bit older and have set all our own rules, are a lot of work. Sometimes we ask ourselves if having someone in our life isn’t more work then you get out of it. I feel if you allow yourself this little indulgence that you will surprise yourself how much you enjoy the fun and freedom that this relationship can give you.

Let’s see what else the records want to tell me so that life will move forward.

They are telling me to clear out some things in our life. I’m not sure if they are talking clutter, papers or emotions. I’m sensing that you are in the need for a vacation of sorts. Maybe even a spa for a few days but this is needed so that you can refresh yourself. I feel this vacation should be close to nature as you need to reconnect with your guides and teachers on the other side. You go from one thing to another and you don’t stop my Friend. They are saying even if it doesn’t make sense to get away for a few days, do it. There are lots of people that can help in the meantime. If it’s not feasible then just take a few hours a day that is “your” time and don’t let anything interrupt. Meditate, write do something that will bring you back to where you feel calm.

As I say write I get this strong urge to tell you that you are to write an ebook of sorts for your site. It will sell really quickly and have lots of humour in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t started already.

I hope the above reading has helped with your questions.  Sharon

Dear Sharon, I was certainly impressed with this reading. It rang true in many different ways. You are not the first who has spoken of my life as a monk and vows of poverty, so I’ll be interested in any information you can offer around releasing one from old vows. And you are the third person recently who has spoken of this man who might appear… I can’t think of anyone in my life who fits the description you gave, so I’ll be watching! I also agree around clearing the clutter, a goal for the past few months…. and it is all of the above, stuff, papers and emotions… You are right, I have several e-books in the works hope I can find time to finish soon, but clearing the clutter has become something of a priority… so thanks, this reading was very helpful! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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