You will be focusing your energy on improving your health, well being and lifestyle right now. You may feel a sudden urge to change your diet, get a little more exercise, or to stock up on some of your favorite herbs, vitamins or alternative therapies.


If you send out letter to a customer with copies of your personal comments attached, or forget to spell-check an important document right now, don’t kill yourself with worry. Chances are that no one will notice – and if they do, it may actually work in your favor.


Friends and companions will be a source of pleasure and inspiration right now. You may be going out right now to an entertainment event or a get-together in a large group of people who could be lucky for your social or career future in some way you didn’t foresee.


A project you have been working on is about to pay off. You may get a lot of attention suddenly or unexpectedly and this could have a beneficial effect on your bottom line. Social networking could be an important part of future business.


Something hits you in the pocketbook this morning, and the problem could take a big bite out of your budget if you react emotionally. If you are calm though, and wait until the afternoon before committing to a solution, you may find a better deal.


You are still on pretty good terms with your partner or significant other, but you have some communications problems with authority figures right now. People seem to be in a bit of an authoritarian mood right now. Practice saying “yes, sir, no sir” because you may be saying it a lot right now.


You are chatty and talkative right now and that is a good thing for a friend who is suffering from stress-related health problems. All they really need is a good listener, a shoulder to cry on, and you will be at your compassionate and empathic best.


You will likely be on the phone a fair bit right now, nailing down the details to some plan or scheme. You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role if you are quick on your feet. Someone needs something only you can do, but you gotta move quick!


An interesting job opportunity could come from the place you least expected. You could be offered a different position at your workplace, or be given a shot at a job where a friend is working. Keep your eyes open for something new that better fits your skills and temperament.


Travel cancellation insurance is an excellent idea if you are booking any future travel right now. You may encounter delays, problems with communications or with a service provider’s scheduling, or have to take unexpected detours on your way to an appointment.


You will be bombarded with wild, challenging and exciting ideas right now. Keep an open mind when a friend or companion proposes something radical. A group or club may approach you with some challenges and your leadership could be critical in averting a disaster.


You may be the center of attention right now, people will be interested in hearing what you think or have to say. You may have an opportunity to be published or see your name in print, and you will find that writing, research, study and paperwork tasks go more smoothly.

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