Don’t take some unexpected criticism to heart. You may have difficulties relating to your coworkers, employer, or the people in your social circle right now. But the challenges you face right now may prove to be beneficial in the long term – you’ll learn a new way to communicate.


You are enthusiastic and energetic right now, and can carve a big swath through that growing mountain of paperwork on your desk right now. You may be a little overly energetic at times and this could lead to arguments if you are too insistent in resisting compromises.


The phone is going to be ringing off the hook right now. The positive calls will come from friends and loved ones. Your social life is on the upswing. The challenging calls come from coworkers, employers or demanding customers making last-minute changes to everything.


Definitely your day to play nurse, but it might be a slightly naughty kind of drama if you catch my drift. You’ll be highly energetic and your imagination is running rampant – along with your hormones apparently. Have a good time, but play safe.


Taking some much-needed time off could help you rebuild some perspective and give you some space to bleed off some hard energy you have been carrying home from the workplace lately. Make sure to treat yourself, you deserve a break.


You will find that no matter what you decide to do right now there are unexpected detours and changes in plans. A little spontaneous fun wouldn’t kill you. If you don’t think you have any time for recreation, you may find it frees up at the last minute.


Take a deep breath and count to ten before making any sudden, impulsive decisions. You may be more emotional than usual, and could result in a lack of judgement. Any rash decisions at work could come back to haunt you later on.


Someone weaving a magic spell at a holistic store has very nearly got you convinced that their magic snake oil can cure almost anything – but if you check into it from an unbiased source you may find there are additives or side-effects you don’t like.


You and your friends will be burning up the pone lines right now. You are all excited about some new electronic entertainment device, movie, or news about your shared interests. Just take any gossip about a family member with a grain of salt.


You have strangely ambivalent feelings. On the one hand you are anxious and fear that something bad may happen, on the other, you have a feeling something incredibly good is going to happen. Hold onto the latter thoughts. It is the good feelings that should be nurtured.


You are considering a last-minute vacation or weekend getaway, but the fact is that you don’t have all the pieces in place. Make sure you can get the time off, that you have enough money, and that all your medications, documentation and communications options are in place.


Big financial changes are coming. A business partner or associate is going to plug you into a very lucrative deal. You’ll want to share some of the windfall to buy yourself some time to spend with your family soon. Just get the deal in writing before you lay down any of your own cash.

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