Work is actually going a lot better than you think. Your personal energies right now are almost entirely responsible for your mood. You can’t make people change until you change your own belief system, and right now you just don’t have the energy. You’ll have to push yourself to get started, but once you do, you can accomplish a lot.


You could be offered a new job, or a promotion, but there will be challenges as well as opportunities. You may have to step out in front of the crowd when you would rather step back and rule from behind the throne, and it will be a lot of work, regardless.


You may feel that you are being put upon by a demanding or needy friend. You may find yourself begging off a social invitation because you just don’t have the energy to get all dolled up right now. Don’t let yourself be pressured into a party if you’d rather be at home relaxing.


You come out from under your shell right now and you are going to feel pretty good for the most part. One friend is being a pain in the posterior though, as there is some issue with a difference in your social standing or financial backgrounds. You can put it aside though.


A book or web site may bring words of comfort or inspiration at just the right time.  You may be feeling a bit out of sorts with a friend or sibling. Now may not be the best time to push for resolution, unless you are willing to give a lot of ground on your side of the argument.


You will find friends confusing and disturbing right now. Someone is trying to get a message through to you but you are not paying attention, are in denial, or cannot accept the big changes that would be demanded of you if you were to accept their ideas.


You are thinking about the deep mysteries of life, the world, and everything. You may be turning to the older members of your family or community for advice and insight, because you are feeling confused about your personal, social or cultural values.


You will be answering a lot of phone calls right now. You may have an old friend or old flame who wants to connect with you again. If this is a romantic connection, they may be calling to apologize for a past hurt. If it’s a friend, they may invite you to a local sporting event.


You may find that there are a lit of strange coincidences, synchronicites, unusual dreams and insights that are leading you to a change in life direction. Follow your gut feelings, they may be stronger than your head or heart right now.


A friend or companion may call right now to share some information, or to ask you to join them in a class or seminar that they are thinking of taking. It might be a little pricey but you will learn a lot, enjoy each other’s company and make new friends.


You are about to take on a leadership role in the education of the children in your family. If you are not a parent yourself, you may be helping to tutor a niece or nephew, or perhaps volunteer to help a neighbor child with a homework problem.


You may come down with a short-term flu-bug or have a touch of the “brandy ague”. You’ll be slower than usual, but this could turn out to be a good thing, because it will force you to look at some challenging things in much closer detail than you might have considered otherwise.

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