Avoid any large purchases or investment schemes that involve alternative healthcare products or medicines right now. You may find that they don’t work the way you expected, have been sitting on the shelf too long, or have unexpected side effects.


There are big changes coming in your career. Your boss or an important client has been impressed with your knowledge, wisdom or your recent handling of an important project, and will be giving you some important action items to take on soon.


If you are still single, you may have an opportunity to meet someone new and special in a bookstore or health food store. You could be looking for a special vitamin or supplement right now when you ask for help, and end up making a new friend.


Your workplace right now may seem challenging and you may feel plagued by an irrational desire to run away from it all. Facing the challenges with a “can-do” attitude will bring you kudos. Short time-out periods taken for prayer, meditation or simply to stretch could work wonders.


The day for playing is right now, but you will be best to focus on “edu-tainment” rather than pure diversions. If you go for a movie, make it one that is more of a documentary than a drama. Find ways to challenge your mind in enjoyable settings. You could be buying up a storm at the local bookstore.


The home has not been the most secure or welcoming place the past few days, but you are starting the see the light at the end of the tunnel. The key to communicating with your loved ones is to appeal to their values, and to their need for security and stability.


You will get strange phone calls out of the blue right now. Friends and siblings are calling to ask you for your advice or for help with unexpected problems at the last minute, and you could find it disruptive to your plans. You might want to consider screening your calls.


You will be hearing news about a health or lifestyle problem in one of your friend’s or sibling’s lives. You may be tempted to stick your nose in their business to try to help, but this could backfire if you are not careful. Hold off until the afternoon before speaking up.


Your interests, and the needs of a friend may seem at odds right now. One wants to play, and the other wants to work. Don’t get pushed into any unscheduled commitments if you are the work-a-holic one and if you want to play, make sure there are open spots in the calendar first.


Unions, coworkers and groups of people you deal with in the workplace could bring disappointing financial news right now, but you may be asked to take on a leadership role. That is good news, because while it means extra work, it also means you get to push the agenda.


You are going a bit over the top with that “workaholic” streak you have been indulging in lately. You need to get some space, some perspective, to get away from your work so you can see the forest for the trees, so you can leverage that hard work to greater benefit.


This is an excellent day to have one of those long chats with your significant other that you have been putting off. You have a lot that you need to share, to get off your chest, and you will find that it is a good time to speak your truth.

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