If you do crafts and hobbies, you could find yourself working on some strange projects that bring in new technological elements. If not, you may find yourself drawn to recreation on the Internet, or to a movie with a high-tech plot twist. Video games could suddenly pique your interest.


Ask around your circle of friends and someone may have the perfect holistic remedy or treatment for that headache or tummy-ache you or a loved one is suffering from. The main stress you feel right now has to do with finances, investments and debts.


A home-based business may turn out to be far more challenging than you expected. There is likely to be a lot more physical work involved in a home business or renovation project than you planned for, and it will be important for you to be careful with sharp tools.


You will be concerned about money, finances, or debts this morning, but the concerns you have will dissolve by the afternoon. The problem won’t be as big a deal as you first thought, and it may even be found that you didn’t owe what you thought you did.


There are strange energies in the air right now. You may feel confused or distracted, yet you know there is great potential for change, especially where it comes to your friends, family life, children, hobbies and romances. Go with the flow of life, it could take you unusual places.


You may have to make some compromises right now between your family and your boss. All sides seem to have their ideas about how you should be spending your time. You may be able to compromise. Offer alternatives, agree to disagree. Don’t get wrapped up in “rights” or “wrongs”.


You may find that it is too easy to slip into arguments with the men in your life right now. Try to avoid getting into deep or challenging topics around groups of men. Women on the other hand will tend to be more open to your ideas, especially in the more metaphysical topics.


You will be getting a lot of truly unusual phone calls, emails, faxes or letters right now. Don’t be surprised if people confess all sorts of strange things. You may find that there are changes in how you communicate with a family member or loved one. Someone may finally buy themselves a cell phone.


Taking a little extra time off could help you get some perspective on a job problem or career change. You may feel a bit stuck, or frustrated with policies or working conditions. A small or home business opportunity could change the picture.


You can be the voice if reason, a calming influence in someone, if you manage to keep calm in the face of their storm. If you realize the problem is not a personal attack, take deep breaths, and allow some silent pauses to think, you may help someone more than you realize or expect.


Keeping secrets is a critical issue right now. You may feel that you can help someone by spilling the beans, but it’s a sure-fire, one-way trip to disaster if you are not careful. Watch and wait a little while longer – the wounded party may surprise you by revealing their feelings themselves.


Believe in yourself and your ideas. You may have an insight that could prove profitable if you establish a long-term game plan. Make sure any financial planning is geared for stability and slow growth, but don’t be afraid to sink some time, effort and money into your hobbies too.

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