You are about to take on a new leadership role. You may feel drawn to some kind if revolutionary cause. Whether your goals are social, philanthropic, or political, you can move more of the mountain by creating other leaders than you can by creating followers.


You may have a sudden flash of insight or inspiration right now that proves to be incredibly helpful to a friend or coworker. You may come up with an idea that helps someone deal with a health or emotional problem. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you have ideas right now.


Financial changes and challenges are likely heading your way, but don’t let short-term challenges get you too flustered right now. You could discover that an unexpected financial challenge leads you to someone new who could be incredibly helpful in sorting out your bottom line.


You are feeling a little wild and crazy, and your imagination is moving a mile a minute. If you are already married, this could be a fun time to try out some exotic new fantasy. If you are still single, be careful what you wish for right now, you might get it!


You may find that you are the center of a lot of attention right now. You are something of a sex object, but you don’t mind! People find you attractive and irresistible. If you are single, you may have to pick from several ardent admirers right now.


There is tons of money to be made, piles of work to do, lots of people to obey your every command. Remember, you need to share the rewards as well as the responsibilities! A friend who demands a piece of the action should be given a good chunk of the chores.


Good financial news will boost your spirits. If you are employed in the arts, you may hear of a new financial opportunity that gives you a chance to showcase your talents. You are likely to have good luck finding bargains while shopping right now.


You are going to be wondering where your thoughts are coming from right now. It may be in some rare cases that you are actually channeling, but in most cases it is just that you are experiencing old thoughts you buried that are bubbling out of your subconscious.


You will be thinking about important spiritual or political matters right now. Your values and ideals are changing because your social connections are changing. They say as you get older, you get more conservative in your thinking, you are realizing there may be truth in that.


You’ll be thinking about the future. Which road do you want to take, and do you hope to enjoy the journey? You won’t get anywhere sitting on your behind, that’s for sure. If you want to make a dream come true, this is the time for action, not dreaming.


Someone in your family, most likely your mother or a mother figure is having a little trouble with her health. Stress is the most likely cause. If you want to help out pitch in some time to get her out of the house, or away from the father figure who is likely the source of her troubles.


An email message from an old friend or older person could contain some very good news. Expect a good news, a proposal of some kind or an offer for a new job, news about a promotion, or information you can use to better your career or business prospects.

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