You may find yourself at odds with authority figures, possibly those individuals in your family, or the family of your partner, who hold the purse strings or the keys to the big parties you’d like to attend this year. You will not be in the mood to schmooze and may be forced to play the “genteel host or hostess”.


A family member could express some concern about your physical appearance, attitude, or the way you are treating yourself. You may have to work harder to reassure them that everything is okay, because if you are honest, you know you have been a bit moody lately.


If you are considering having a child, are pregnant, or know someone about to become a parent, it is a wonderful day to slip out to the book store or library to bone up on your knowledge. Children don’t come with instruction manuals and you may find yourself wanting one.


You will have a lot of energy and ideas and little patience. You could find your mouth running at a mile a minute while your mind struggles to keep up. You are not normally a “talker” but right now is an exception. You could find yourself gossiping on taboo subjects if you are not careful.


Your spouse or partner may bring up issues involving children right now. If you are not arguing about the size of your family one tip here – it is likely that whoever has the biggest “issue” right now is reliving some childhood moment. If that’s your partner, have a little compassion for their plight.


You could make a lot of money by hooking up with a pal, but one of you would have to live on a Caribbean island or something. Your mind will be on far-away places, escaping and adventure, and you may find it hard to focus on the daily realities.


The cash-flow situation is improving! You could have a garage sale or find there is more equity in your home than you thought. Home improvements, home businesses, or money that comes in from family members are all likely manifestations of right now’s energies.


You may have some issues involving house, home or family. An adjustment to your family relationships could turn things back around in your favor. Explore your options. You may be able to make a significant difference in your love life through travel or a home move.


If you have any say in the workplace, now is the time to demand that the antiquated phone, network, or computer systems be taken out and put out to pasture. Do plan carefully if you are just starting to develop a new system, though. There are apt to be unexpected changes.


You have a real gift for healing or teaching, and there could be opportunities for you to make a dramatic change in your life by taking a lecture, class or study course to improve your knowledge of alternative or spiritual healing techniques.


You are at odds with a family member over some sudden changes in their or your career status. Someone may feel you owe them a break of some kind, a break they have not earned, or a position you can’t trust them to hold. You have to protect your own interests.


It would be prudent to be extremely cautious with your driving, and pay special attention to the critical details if you are traveling. People will be cranky and unreasonable, and the “road-rage-warriors” are out in full and unpleasant force.

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