You have some ideas about vitamins, healthy lifestyles or alternative treatments that a friend or sibling could benefit from. Someone has a sick elder parent or a hyperactive child, and you know what might help. Encourage your loved ones to do some of their own research – it could stretch their horizons a little.


You need more “playtime” than you are getting. Even something simple, like a movie, or a new game for your television game station or your computer would help you break up the monotony right now, and give you a way to work off some of the stress of your daily life.


Don’t try to push yourself right now. If you have a shot at a self-indulgent day off, take it and run. Trying to run about to get shores, shopping, or work done will only make you frustrated and anxious. Don’t feel guilty about taking a well-deserved break.


Your intuition in nothing short of amazing right now. Your mind is clear and sharp, and you are filled with energy that seems to come from a higher source. You may find that you have inspirational ideas, dreams or impressions that can help you solve personal problems.


You may find some extra money is coming in soon. You have a lot of physical energy to work off and will need to find some kind of sporting or social event that gets your body moving. It may bring you unexpected social or career opportunities.


It’s definitely a “play day” for your sign. You won’t much feel like working, getting chores done, or getting anything organized. A trip in the car with the radio blaring loud could be just the ticket to chase away any sad corners in your mind.


A group of people will be instrumental in helping you overcome some hurdles you face in your health or lifestyle. You have a high degree of energy and while it is important you get more exercise, make sure you warm up to it slowly and carefully to avoid straining yourself.


You will have money on the brain right now and you do have some really good ideas. Write them down if you can’t get started on them. You may be too busy playing chauffeur right now to be able to spend too much time on your own interests. Everyone is asking for your help getting from one place to another.


You and your significant other need to get together, but it may not be the best time to work on those overdue chores. This is a time where procrastinating could be a good thing. You both need a break. If you are single, you may find yourself driving just for the fun of it.


If you can avoid spending money on computers, telephones or related electronic equipment right now the day will go far more smoothly. You will at least spare yourself a return trip back to the store to return some malfunctioning electronic device.


You may find that coworkers and companions attempt to take advantage of your good will right now. You have to make decisions about “boundaries”. What are you willing to do that is above and beyond the call of duty, and what are your motivations?


You are in danger of floating off into outer space, but that’s not entirely a bad thing. You have earned some “feel good” time. Some friends, companions and loved ones may be getting together to celebrate someone’s wonderful news this evening.

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