A technological toy you have been wanting could go on sale soon. Patience could not only pay off, it could lead you to other unexpected windfalls or to an opportunity to add to your collection of electronics. A new game or toy could also be on sale or prove to be a better bargain than you expected.


Your love life could get very interesting soon. They say differences make good sparks, and if you are married you could find yourself in one of those arguments that mysteriously morphs into passion. If you are single, you may be attracted to someone wildly different and exciting.


If you are a sexy single right now is the time to get out and shake your bootie. You will find that you are highly attractive and interesting to potential partners right now. You may find liaisons are short-lived, but enjoyable nonetheless. If you are married, bring a sexy gift home tonight.


If you are not single, you and your significant other need some time alone together. If you are single, you need to spend some time on your neglected love life. Either way, you won’t get what you need if you spend all day on the cell phone. Put it in a drawer and go have some fun.


It’s a perfect day for kicking back at home and doing absolutely nothing. Everyone should try it at least once a month. Just find a comfortable spot and park yourself there with some snacks and a good book or the remote control. You deserve a break, so indulge yourself.


You may have to take a bit of an ego-hit from a loved one or partner. They can see how you are not following the path of your true heart’s desire, mainly because you don’t give yourself enough credit. You are going to get that speech about not giving up.


It’s time for a little fun and recreation, and you may find that there are interesting learning experiences if you keep your eyes open. A change in plans could bring a blessing in disguise. You may find a detour leads you to a new and exciting hobby.


You’ll find yourself making something of a dramatic turn of fortunes right now. The financial struggles you have been through should be lifting, and you’ll find ideas, insights and information that improves your prosperity is easier to come across.


You may decide to go on a bit of a year with regards to the clutter around your home. You want to get rid of the old, and make space for the new. A charity might welcome your castaways. You might also look into Freecycle, a way to give instead of using the landfill.


Friends and companions are again insisting you spend time and attention on them right now and right now you have to decide what is more important – their momentary desires, or your all too real need to get some rest. You need some space right now.


You may find that you make a better point with silence than with argument right now, especially where it comes to the lifestyle choices of friends or siblings. Your assessment of the situation may be correct, but you will be likely to press the wrong buttons right now. They already know what you think.


You may find yourself working overtime when it dawns on you that there is another facet to life you are ignoring. your significant other is standing in your chart, arms crossed, steaming that you forgot something, and I bet I know just what. Quick! Flowers, candy, cards, hop to it!

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