Hopefully you and your partner came together on your home improvement plans of late because right now you won’t find it easy to agree or collaborate on such projects. Best to put it off for a bit if you aren’t already into the “action” phase. A family member may confide a health problem.


Someone you care for may be hiding a health issue from you, or they may be in denial about their state of health. Dragging them to the doctor may not help. They will need to decide to change a lifestyle or dietary issue that they are not quite ready to address.


Your friends and companions may seem a bit dour or depressed right now, but that does not mean you have to be moping around down in the dumps yourself. You can get out on your own for a little distracting fun or a special treat and that will boost your mood.


Friends and companions are fun, interesting, and challenging right now. One is particularly challenging because he or she has financial problems that they are trying to keep secret. You can help by playing along, or by anonymously slipping a small amount of money in their mailbox.


Associates, friends, and people you know from groups or clubs make poor financial partners right now. Someone could disappoint you or be a problem that delays payment. You cannot successfully use “connections” to push for financial advantage right now, though that may tempt you.


You have a breakthrough heading your way, most likely a trip or vacation you have been wanting for a long time. Pick a place as far from home as you can afford. If you can’t afford to get away, see what you can do to get yourself into some night school or Internet course.


You will find yourself wrapped up in someone else’s social melodrama if you are not careful. Gossip is the road to ruin for you right now. Remember the old cliché, mom used to say, if you can’t say anything nice, then keep your big mouth shut.


Communication, travel and paperwork are all possible trouble areas right now. Stay out of the rush-hour traffic jam if you can by taking an alternate route. But before you do that check with the local radio station to make sure there are not unexpected detours.


Family members will bring mixed blessings right now. On the one hand, some relatives are receptive to your wild ideas and impromptu calls. On the other, they may express frustration with some aspect of your love life. You might want to avoid the in-laws if you can.


Romance brings mixed blessings right now. While you and your significant other are able to talk more openly and intimately, you may find there are family troubles that bring on stress. Keep the lines of communication open – there is an opportunity for a healing breakthrough here.


There may be many big changes coming in your workplace. There could be a shuffle of management, or a change in policies that dramatically impacts your workday. You may not welcome these changes at first, but in the end it will be to your benefit.


Turn the radio on, and tune it to a talk radio station right now. Your chart speaks of “learning during travel”, and since most of you won’t be vacationing, the best way to make the most of the day’s energy is to keep your eyes and ears open while you are commuting.

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