You could find yourself in a disagreement with a partner or close friend about their personal hobbies or upbringing of their children if you are not careful. You do have an opportunity to learn, and you might have to acknowledge that you may have been wrong about something.


Your home will be full of people right now, all of them with different ideas and strong opinions. The only thing that everyone can agree on is that things have to change, soon and dramatically. What they can’t agree on is how, when, and who will pay for it.


There will be sudden and unexpected insights right now. You are thinking about making a dramatic change to your home, and could find yourself spending a lot of time at the local hardware store. Just be careful to take extra care with fuses and electrical circuits.


Sudden, unexpected work-related travel can bring mixed news your way. You like to travel, and you like to make money, but the last-minute flip-flops in your schedule could be a tad crazy-making. Leave extra time for the daily commute and double-check your paperwork right now.


You could be making or taking some interesting phone calls right now, focusing on a big entertainment event or a new hobby you have recently taken up. If you are a parent, you could be helping a child with their homework this evening and it could actually be fun.


You’ll feel conflicted right now, for reasons you don’t fully understand. Something you know to be true seems at odds with the facts you are presented. Focus on the solution, idea, or “truth” that feels right in your heart. Don’t worry too much about being “right”.


One family member or sibling may get in between you and a financial opportunity, while another proves helpful. Trust the one you have known the best and longest. Avoid making sudden changes in finances right now. You do need to make changes, but base them on facts not anxiety.


There could be unpleasant disagreement about play time, recreation, and love affairs right now. Do be very careful when you are discussing a friend, sibling, companion or neighbour’s children’s extracurricular activities, friendships or lifestyles.


This is not an auspicious day to put your house on the real estate market, to apply for a home loan, or to sign agreements with contractors for new housing renovations. Anything along these lines will likely have to be redone or renegotiated later. Avoid signing any family or home related documents until late in the day if you want the deal to go someplace.


You and your significant other need some quality time together but one or both of your careers keeps getting in the way. Today you will figure out a compromise that helps you spend some time enjoying each other. If you are still single, work is not the best place to find someone new.


You have made some new friends recently and will want to go out of your way to please them. You could find that this causes some jealous reactions between friends and coworkers who are also vying for your attention. You will have a lot of energy right now but little patience.


You may have an opportunity to try out some new technology, or an interesting new piece of communications equipment. An idea may come to you out of the blue. Just because it seems like a great idea at the time, doesn’t mean that it is really such a great idea after all.

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