Your subconscious mind is throwing all sorts of interesting thoughts and ideas your way. You can learn a great deal about yourself by paying attention to your dreams. Strange synchronicities and coincidences could bring you to new ideas and insights.


Group politics can be problematic right now. You may feel a lot like you are trying to herd cats just getting people together to discuss issue or plans, never mind actually get anything done. You may find that meetings or appointments have to be rescheduled or rebooked, and do not be surprised if there are late arrivals.


You may be invited to attend a party or social event, but there could be some problems getting to or from the big shindig. If you are bringing presents or wine, get someone else to double-check their appropriateness. You could end up making an unintentionally funny faux pas.


You may be having something of a personality crisis right now. Who are you, and where do you fit into life? You may be re-evaluating yourself because of some comments or concerns raised by someone in your career or social circle. You may decide to have an emotional makeover.


You may find friends, companions and associates are utterly unreliable right now. They are way off in a world of their own, and absolutely nothing you do seems to bring them back down to earth. Why bother? Relax and enjoy the antics. They’ll at least be entertaining.


You may feel that things are not moving along as quickly as you might like with regards to finances and income. You may need to have a look at alternative ways to boost your income that do not require a significant time investment. Brainstorming with friends and family could bring up some good ideas.


You will be having a busy productive day right now, when you are called aside by your boss or a “higher-up” and asked to take on a leadership role. You may be eager for the opportunity, just keep in mind that it is going to require adjustments in your work schedule.


Work-related travel looks particularly challenging. Commuting is likely to be a nightmare. You may also experience trouble with paperwork, documents, publicity or your work or education history. You may be asked to back up a challenging opinion or idea.


You may be the center of attention right now, but that may not be the most comfortable place to be. Other people may come across to you as depressed or confused, and you may find that family members and loved ones seem determined to make you responsible for their moods or well being.


You are having fun right now avoiding your financial troubles, but you have to face the challenges. You may be interrupted during a game or television show by a telemarketer or the local utility company – someone wants into your pocketbook in the worst way.


You may have some challenges with your significant other and your family in arranging schedules and plans for entertainment and recreational activities. You may be having trouble with electronic devices like televisions, computers and video games.


You may be thinking about traveling for health reasons. It may be you need the light and warmth of a sunny beach, but you can also get similar benefits at home from a good brisk walk. You do need fresh air and physical activity, and you’ll find a way to get it.

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